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One of those days

One of those days

Totally unexpected - 6 weeks on and I could have ripped that ciggy from my neighbour's hand when we were having a natter. I sooooo wanted to have a proper smoke. It has passed and I didn't succumb, it just left me thinking "where did that come from?" I'm trying to look at the bigger picture, if I had one now I would have to start all over again. Oh well - glad I didn't but could still murder one!! ;) :(

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Well done you - that is so brave not to succumb. It just shows to me and should to yourself how great your grit and determination are. Sort some plaggy bags or bake a cake do anything rather than have that first cig after so long - from one who knows, please don't. Keep on doing what you're doing and stay strong - write a longer comment do anything other than have that first fateful cig cos believe you me if you have that one then you will want another and another and then when the time comes to stop again you will find it so much harder.

Stay strong, stay with us on here and rant and rave and scream all you like, but please, please do anything rather than have that first fatal puff of that first cigarette!

Keep smiling and even I'm certain you couldn't commit a murder for something so horrible and nasty.

Take care



PS Love the pic!!!


Aup Vera, that new hair style ya got, just love it gal :) :) :) :D :D

Hmmmmm I tell you another thing gal, your lookin more fanceable each time I see ya :) :)

Rite Vera, I will tell you now, you are a true exsmoking Lady now :) you flippin pat yourself on the back gal, and you get to them shops tomorrow and treat yourself to something LOVELY, do you hear me gal :) :) cos you have beat nic in an ultimate challenge , you said NO !!!! and you keep saying NO Vera :) :)

You are just one hell of a Lady, and I mean that :) :)

You take care now Vera, you know we are all here for you, when you want us :)

Nite nite gal, luvs ya :) Pete :)


Well done Vee!



Hey Vera, you've done the right thing and don't worry because we know exactly where it came from.... It came from those pesky cravings who work with those nicotine receptors in your brain :X

I've just popped up some information for you to have a read through within the questions section.

Try and see this episode as a positive, at the end of the day if you hadn't stopped smoking, you wouldn't have had that sudden onset of craving because you would normally be feeding those receptors with nicotine on a regular basis :-)

Try and look at it as in you don't really want to smoke, you just think that you do :-/

It is the cravings job to try and get you back into smoking and they are usually quite good at doing so, especially with those who are in the very early stages of their quit attempt. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and you are the addict, the cravings are the first signs of the dealer appearing...

The more cravings that you get under your belt, the easier it will become. The more times you say 'no' and turn them away, the easier it will become.

Jan (thenunn), posted the following article a while ago that is quite interesting;


Remember to stay as positive as possible, remember your reasons for wanting to quit smoking in the first place and no matter what, believe in yourself that you can do this :-)


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