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Just wanted to say thank you to the people on this site espeicially kath i wanna be smoke free love reading your blogs and i am sorry you are finding things so hard if it wasnt for you and the others i would be smoking again by now but i have managed with the e-cig to have been smoke free for 7 weeks now The only problem i have is that i cant see it has made any difference to me i am still falling asleep at 9 at night dont seem to have any more energy so what difference has it made other people can see it they say my hair looks healthier my teeth look whiter and my skin looks clearer but i still cant see why i have bothered to give up but i have and its thanks to everbody on this site

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Hi chocolatetimes

Love the name!

First, welcome and big congratulations on 7 weeks!!

I hope to get to 7 weeks too, a day at a time, it's the only way I can do it

This site helps me so much too, and Kath gives so much about how she feels, and us space to know we are all in this complicated life too, it's OK to feel the way we do, all different, but all plugging away together, with friends to listen, support and understand (as far as anyone can). Sharing experiences and a few words of wisdom too:)

I guess we all wonder why we're putting ourselves through this too, especially when the cravings kick in. The biggest plus for me is my lungs - I want them to work, to keep me alive and fit enough to get about for longer than they would if I kept smoking. That's my big answer to why. For me, my kids and if I am lucky for the grandkids I'd like to chase about with :) .

Hope you join in the chats, if you want to. The more the better. Great bunch of friends, I couldn't do it without them either :)


Hello and I also love the name - can't remember the last time I had a choclate lime but will be looking at our village newsagents and sweetie shop on my way to work tomorrow to see if they have got some - guess what - if they have, so will I!!!!!

Thank you so very much for your nice words about my blogs - I've said from the beginning that if they help just one person, they are worth while and the fact that they help me makes it a double whammy!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on 7 weeks that is sooo well done - hope your pennies are mounting up and that you are looking out for that special treat to buy for yourself. Any ideas or thoughts yet on what it will be or are you spoilt for choice?

Honestly chocolatelimes it does get better and like with a lot of other things you may not notice the benefits but they are there - true fact definitely. I liken it to when you haven't seen someone for a long time and you notice how they've changed because it is so long since you saw them but if you were to see them every day you wouldn't notice much difference if any at all. Remember, you live with yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but other people don't so if they notice the change enough to remark on it then believe them (and us) when we say that you are already benefiting from not smoking. Hey, things are looking up as they've noticed the difference in you that have happened in just 7 weeks, just think how much more of a difference every single week that you are quit will make. You could be the new you!!! and no, I'm not Irish but sure you get the drift of what I'm trying to say.

Think I've said enough now as you may be falling asleep with boredom but please believe us all when we say it will get better but like with everything else it takes time for your body to adjust to the change and stopping smoking is a really, really big change to your lifestyle, body and mind so cut yourself a bit of slack and take it slow and easy - it will most definitely be worth it.

We're all here for you both on the board and pm's, so holler if you need us or just holler cos sometimes that can make you feel better!

Take care and luv and hug



Hi Chocolate limes. Welcome. :-) Just wanted to say hi and agree with Betts and Kath. I adore Kaths blogs and Bettes is a day ahead of me in the quit status. 5 weeks and 2 days. 7 weeks is excellent. I do understand where you are coming from. I have and cannot have kids so also no grand kids. I have no one to really care if I go eventually except I have a great bloke....who is the antichrist of smoking which made the past hard. He used to moan everytime I had a cig. How I've stopped......nothing. He says he thought that if he said anything about not smoking I would think about smoking....male logic at it's best. I also use e- cig. Hang in there. :d Your friends are already noticing a difference and you will too soon.

Take care and join in on the site, everyone is really nice and friendly

Sue xx


Hi chocolate lime

Your doing great.:)

Don't let that devil drug nicotine let you think otherwise.

I went to Fag ends for the first time after seven weeks on the ecigs

My lungs were totally clear of toxins.

Keep doing what your doing and try to cut down on the ecigs

Good luck kevin.


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