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Eating your way into a smokefree life?

Eating your way into a smokefree life?

One of the most common worries when people stop smoking is the concern that they may gain a few extra pounds.

A slight weight gain will never do the harm to you that smoking can and once you have reached the 'staying stopped' part of giving up smoking, then you can deal with any weight that may have been gained over the months.

Remember that it's not always stopping smoking that puts the pounds on, it's more likely to be because since stopping smoking, it FEELS like you have more hours in the day and so find yourself having (another) nosie in the food cupboards or fridge. This is mainly caused by feelings of boredom or agitation. This then brings bouts of over snacking, over eating, over indulgence!

The key is to put healthy alternatives in place for those 'wanting-to-snack-moments and to have your 'things-to-do' list ready for the times you need to be distracted and fill those extra minutes up instead of filling that tummy :o :-)

Healthy snacks ideas:

Fruit and nuts are a good healthy alternative. Not forgetting some of the hints and tips that Jillygirl posted up in one of her blogs a while back, shall dig the link out again for you all :-)

Celery, peppers, carrots etc is always a handy thing to have chopped up and ready to munch, maybe with a healthy dip too –

Suggested things to have on your 'things-to-do-list;

- Clean out your car - (including sorting and emptying out your boot!)

- Sort out that (dreaded) kitchen drawer - Most people have one that is always filled with all kinds of things - batteries, candles, string, pens, pencils, plastic bag clips - (okay, I think I'm giving away the kind of things I know that are dumped in mine!)

- Clean a room of the house

- Sort your wardrobe out and wash the clothes in them - I always remember Pete (Monky) saying that after one of his quit attempts, he could still smell the stale smoke on some of the clothes he had in his wardrobe. Once you have given up smoking, start making your way through your wardrobe and wash the clothes through again, it will make such a big difference - and use up some time ;-)

- Crack on with some house work - you could even aim to do it in half the amount of time, this would mean that you are actually exercising too :-)

Remember though, have a think about what is more important to you, stopping smoking or losing any excess weight?

Deal with one thing at a time and you are likely to be more successfully at which ever option you choose

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I put on 3 stone but I don't care because I know now my lungs are healthier I can work harder to lose the weight ;)


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