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I have seen this medication mentioned in a couple of posts and wanted to give my experience of it. My MIL has been taking it since the early days of her diagnosis and it is very helpful for muscle pain and spastic problems. She is now PEG fed and, yes, it can come in a liquid form (all her meds are now) that can go right down the tube. What we have found with that and with another med she takes-Pregabalin- is that it is dose critical. Just right and she is comfortable and "with it". Tiny bit too much and she is totally out of it. The Pregabalin, which is used to help neurological pain was very much a trial and error thing when we first got it. We used to call her "the drunken sailor" when she'd had too much. Once the Baclofen bottle got dropped and it took a few days to replace as it has to be made up to order. She was in more pain but had more speech. Evil trade-off.

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wha tis baclofen for?

lol Jill



hi Jill

Baclofen Information from is a muscle relaxer used to treat muscle symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, including spasm, pain, and stiffness. Includes baclofen side effects, ...

Baclofen Side Effects - Baclofen Dosage - Baclofen Professional Patient ...

I had to Google it x


Dear all, my mum is on Baclofen as her cathter is ALWAYS leaking and they believe that this is due to ''spasming'', they started her on this to see if it helped.

To be honest, after several months on it, I cant see any difference - the catheter still leaks and she still has pain, spasms in her legs etc. It does show that all these medications work differently for different people and it is ALWAYS worth trying something to see if it works for your loved one.

What doesnt work for one may well work for another.

Best wishes



We used Baclofen -it worked a little in the beginning but then we had a plateau so he went off of it. We changed to a PSP specialist that told us that Baclofen works in a different part of the brain than where PSP is so it is generally not useful - we switched to VERY SMALL doses of clonazepam to help with spasms. Too much clonazepam can cause severe sleepiness so the dosing can be tricky. But for us -clonazepam was very very helpful.

Good luck!


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