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Sending Smiles to everyone


I trust you are all doing ok. We are doing the best we can. With coaching, Momma continues to smile, but we fight every single day as all of you. She continues to amaze me with her sweet disposition -- even with all of the loss she has experienced.

Mom can no longer speak, and I miss our talks so very much. I have to work really hard to get simple "yes or no" from her -- we managed a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Her right hand has curled, and I have to keep her nails short, and a small soft ball is what she tends to hold on to. I am massaging her hands daily. Her right eye, is closed most of the time; she has a hard time opening it --- it comes and goes.

For those that may not know, my Mom stopped walking quite some time ago. I am her caretaker 100%, and she is dependent upon me to do everything. We have managed to soften her diet, and now have a routine that we follow with chewing, swallowing, swallowing again, and one more time -- then we do small short sips. Its working and cutting the coughing episodes down. Whew.

We sing -- I read books to her - we do puzzles together, she struggles with the large pieces now, but we still do it -- my attempt to keep things normal as possible.

We are still using the stand assist -- my miracle worker, truly.

This has been a long journey, and this disease is consuming .. but, we face each day with a FIGHT, and continue to look for the slivers of joy whenever we can.

Tonight -- we enjoyed very cold CHOCOLATE MILK! Oh so good! I have also found some really good white cheddar cheeto's -- she loves them! (No more popcorn for us, so we have adjusted)

These covid days are overwhelming, and not being able to be with family -- we miss hugs, and I love on Momma every day -- I remind her that she is the best Mom, and I am blessed to be her daughter -- she smiles. I reminisce with her all the time -- I remind her of all the good she has done, the memories that she has made, and how she provided the very best childhood, any kid could have ever wanted. Her eyes twinkle when I take her down memory lane. Joy is a beautiful thing to witness.

I want to send virtual hugs to all of you -- and wish that we could sit down, have some tea and share our highs and lows --- Thank you to every single one of you on here -- I haven't been able to get on here much lately -- I myself, I am dealing with some horrible sciatica nerve pain -- almost unbearable ... but, I think of you all often, and I appreciate this forum so very much!

Stay healthy ... praying that this pandemic is over very soon!

Blessings -


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All strength to you, Kim!!You are making a wonderful difference for your lovely mum. I know it doesn't get easier.

You are such an example for all of us.

Big BIG HUG to your mum!

And lots more hugs to you!


bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

Aww Jen thank you! I love connecting with all of you ... Ya know, its amazing ... most people around us, including family --- pre-judge the photos I take, because she looks pretty good. Well, believe it or not, someone made a comment that I should have combed her hair a bit better --- my inner "Madea" almost came out, but I keep her in check most times. People can be completely clueless. (Scream)

I hope you're doing well.


Am thinking CPD chic hairstyle! Which, of course, your mum is rocking! I only ever see mother & daughter who love each other (and others) very much and who know they are loved.

Seriously though, screaming with you Kim at the thoughtlessness of people's comments and lack of awareness of all the little but oh so important things you constantly do - hand massages, diet awareness, treats like the new cheetos, keeping your Mum's dignity. We don't underestimate those and well done you, such an inspiration to us all.

Hope your sciatica eases very soon. Big virtual hugs to you all,


CBD chic!^ (Too many acronymns in life!)

Hi Kim, your mum must be a wonderful mum to have such a lovely devoted daughter doing the best you can for her. Knowing she can understand everything that you say to her it’s so good that you can talk of happy childhood memories. When my darling husband was still with me, it gave me great comfort knowing he could understand me and although he lost his lovely smile, until two days before he left me, he was able to laugh in a funny humming way and squeeze my hand. When a visiting speech therapist came to our house and my phone rang, I then went to Colin and told him a funny thing my brother had just told me had happened to him. He laughed. The therapist said she was so pleased that had happened as she visits so many people where the family carers just talk to their non speaking relatives to give instructions but never as a “conversation “. She said when someone stops talking, many think they also stop understanding.

I’m so sorry about your sciatica Kim . It’s not easy to stay upbeat when you are in pain.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and hugs to you all.


Hi Kim. With a smile like that, no words are necessary. Yes it's tough but your Mum knows you love her and you can tell that she loves you. Keep on keeping on. Sending Love and hugs to you both. 💖💖😘😘

bazooka111 in reply to georgeg25

Thanks George! I hope you're doing well and staying healthy!

Sending big hug and much love.Lots of love


bazooka111 in reply to Heady

Send hugs back Heady!

Love the smiles! Sending a big virtual hug to both of you!

bazooka111 in reply to Sebuly14

Hugs back to YOU!

Lovely to read this, sending love and hugs to you, your Mum and any body that needs one xx

bazooka111 in reply to Jimjam22

Same to you Jimjam22!!!!👍

A lovely thing to read first thing this morning, you and your mom have brightened my day. I agree too it is so important to keep talking and to share happy memories with her. Keep on keeping on and take good care of yourself too Love Sarahxxx

Such a gorgeous happy photograph of you both. Sending you both my love. Stay safe x

You are doing an amazing lot of caring and you are lucky to have each other. Just live one day at a time and take pleasure from the little things. She has such a lovely smile and always looks happy. Sending you a virtual hug in these dreadful times,.just keep safe and hope your sciatica soon improves. Sending you a virtual hug . Pauline xx

Such a lovely, happy, positive post. Thank you, it has spurred me on to try and handle this horrible situation in a better way. Hope your sciatica improves - I had it a few years ago and it is excrutiating. X

She still makes me smile, Kim. You are doing a wonderful job that offers very few rewards.

Tim X

Heart warming to see and know all you are doing to stay connected in small but such meaningful ways with your mama - inspiring to know that she is responsive despite the lack of speech xx

Hi Kim, love seeing your photos as your mum has a lovely smile, plus your posts are always upbeat and a joy to read. Sorry to hear you are in pain, hope it clears up soon.

Sending lots of love to you both, Nanny857xx

Your commitment to Joy is infectious! (I too developed horrible sciatica pain around the time we moved mom to her facility - it took a year+ to resolve after everything settled down with the transition of mom’s care).

Great to hear the update from you Kim, though of course heartbreaking to see the inevitable decline/progress of this cruel disease....and white cheddar Cheetos? The "Simply" ones? Your mom is my kinda gal - party on! 😆

Anne G

Keep on fighting, keep smiling 🙏 thanks for the lovely photo that made us happy ❤️ Take care of yourself and your lovely mum x

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