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Our new palliative case worker came today for our first visit and it went very well. She respected my wishes and explained everything in a very positive manner and I asked her to explain the feeding tube option pros and cons. He has indicated he does not want one. It will not improve the quality of life just extend it for more suffering. She was very good and I did interject with a few comments as well. I am quite pleased with her and think that things will go rather well. We now have all our ducks in a row without too much upset for Jim. He listened and answered when he could. He has a bit of a sore on his butt so she is getting a nurse involved right away for this. We are now registered in the hospice and palliative units in our area. Not many changes happening here at this time but he has had quite a few good days in a row so hopefully this is not leading to a downturn again which is the normal after a few good days.

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  • That is very good news! I'm so glad for you.

    I have some, too. The VA sent over a physical therapist for a home visit today - not much notice, but that just made it a pleasant surprise. I was able to dash home for it. The therapist seems very nice, smart, competent and cheerful. He said my guy is an excellent candidate for the type of help he can provide, with a goal of keeping him mobile and safe at home as long as possible. It will be great to have someone come by the house, so I don't have to lose more work for it. My guy liked him right off, which is very important, of course. Such a relief all around.

  • So glad that went well and you have some degree of comfort now!

  • So happy to hear such good news cedar

  • I so glad things went smoothly for you. My husband doesn't want a feeding tube either when the time comes.

    Best wishes,


  • Jeannie, Asked mine and he said no as well. But he not close to needing it don't think, so I am not going to worry about it.


  • Mine either, Audrey. Lots of choking and coughing. And he insists on eating crunchy foods. And will not slow down and chew thoroughly. So I cannot help him if he will not be helped.

    Today he is having an up day so the wonderful crankiness and mean attitude with verbal slaps is back. Funny how an up day for him is a down day for me! :)

  • Don gulps everything down and won't cut things into smaller pieces jmhk. Not a lot of coughing or choking. He was told that by the speech therapist jmhk. He can't eat bagels which really upsets him. She told him and me they are not good for him. Wonder why, maybe because they are very doughy. I am so very tired today and my poor legs are so weak. Have to get my watch fixed, needs a new battery but it looks like rain again and I really need to get that nap in. trying to get him to exercise more. Stubborn he is.

  • I have heard on this site not to use a straw. But some people do so I tried it. He definitely chokes less with the straw, although he doesn't want to use it. And I keep telling him about the small pieces also. He won't let me mash anything either. He loves bagels also and he still eats them. I'll have to take note of it next time he eats one but I can't say he chokes any more on those.

    Sorry about your legs. Mine are the same after all the laundry trips up and down the steps.

  • Doesn't it make a difference when things are going well? Long may it last.


  • Glad to hear you are feeling supported. It makes such a difference, doesn't it ?

    C. doesn't want a feeding tube either.

    Jean x

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