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All going nicely???????

Frank seems to have settled in to care home, the staff are very kind to him, and helped celebrate his 89th birthday. A hoist is no longer needed to get him from bed and he is now able to have showers and be "walked" to the toilet. Another bonus is he has started feeding himself and taking drinks from a normal cup (still thickened). It is still hard when i leave him, but with encouragement from the staff and the rest of the family I think he realises the situation. All going nicely???? Following an endoscopy yesterday now told there is a tumour in his bladder, could be benign, could be enlarged protate protruding, now we have to experience a biopsy general anaesthetic and a two day stay in a different hospital. All going nicely???once again lulled into a false security .

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hi kay,

hope your keeping well glad to hear frank has settled in

to the home, im sorry to hear about the tumour as if he

hasnt got enough to put up with i hope everything turns

out fine for you both and take care,



thank you Ray x


Communication is the key word to a smooth transition into hospital for any treatment. In order to help communication there is a section in the PSP Association's Carers Information Pack about Going into Hospital which is a very useful section to help you to inform the staff on the ward to enable them to care for your loved one. There are a few pages specifically designed for you to complete and take in with you so the staff know about the situation as regards communication, mobility, eating, drinking and sleeping. You can add individual information which you feel might be relevent and the staff should be aware of. You can also pass the contact details of your area PSP Nurse Specialist to the ward manager in case further advice is needed. Some hospitals also have an in house Disabilities Nurse who can liaise between patient and ward before admission to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


hi Kay

sorry about yoru latest problem fpr Frank-

keep strong

and thinking of you both



Dear Kay,

So glad that Ray had a lovely birthday and seems more settled. Hope this latest problem is just a minor blip on the radar.

Before he goes in for the biopsy I would ask what their intentions are regarding treatment, if it is required. If he is not in pain and they don't intend to treat aggressively is it worth "upsetting the apple cart" and disrupting his routine by putting him through a hospital admission and general anaesthetic?

Just a thought....

Love and hugs to both of you

Kathy xx


Thank you all for helpful comments and information, all very useful. Kathy, you have managed to put into words my thoughts, i was struggling to get them in the right order though ;) He doesn't seem to be in pain, and was marked as high risk............


Hi Kay

I am happy that Frank seems so good with the transition and has seemed to make good progress. I would like to reiterate Kathy's words. If Frank is not in any pain and will not experience any pain from this tumor in the future then why put him through any of this. God bless and take care.




thank you Judy x


hi Kay

i agree - do nto put him through any "unnecessafy" treatment if it si not going 2 improve his life

love jill

take care and tell him u love him!


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