Dad's not going too good..

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not blogged properly in a while! I have still been reading all your blogs and as ever, you're all amazing & my thoughts are with you.

I came home this weekend for a few days, to take my brother to a concert, and immediately noticed how bad Dad is. He looks like someone pulled at his skin and squashed him. His speech has changed to murmurs and moans. He told Mum he's not happy.

He also told Mum he doesn't think he'll make it to Christmas. Mum sat down with him and planned his funeral with him, and last night she came back from church & prayed with him, letting him know that it was OK.

It's not looking good at the moment but we're getting through. I'm going back to Sheffield tonight so I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for him and my family.

Thank you


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  • dear hannah

    I am so sorry about your dad

    I feel 4 you and your brother and mum - it is worse when a close family member is ill esp with thisi PSP

    If your dad is not looking fwd to xmas then it isi not good in that HE does not want an unhappy zmas unabel to speak or eat ..... i cannot say more than wa s he last xmas?

    w'hat a good jhob you came home to see your mum brother adn od course your dad

    plz remember we r all thihking of you on the site

    love jill

    and a nig hug xx

  • Dear Hannah,

    GREAT BIG CYBER HUGS to you, your brother, your Mum and Dad xoxox

    You are in my thoughts at what must be a very difficult time for all of you.

    Take care of your selves...

    Much Love

    Kathy xxxx

  • Hannah

    we are thinking of you and your family. It's difficult for all of you, especially when your dad is feeling low.

    Hugs and all best wishes

    Fiona x

  • Hannah,

    Of course I will pray for you, your Dad, Mum and brother. It must be so difficult for you being away from home most of the time and I am sure you notice the changes much more because you are not there every day.

    Take care of yourselves and God bless


  • So sorry to hear this Hannah..thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Dad

    Jan xx

  • Dearest Hannah

    As ever, Tony and I send our love to you and your family and BIG hugs to you all. You are always in our prayers along with all other sufferers of this dreadful illness. Take care of yourselves and try to stay strong. We are all out here thinking of you.

    God Bless...............SuzieQ xx

  • hannah im sorry about your situation i will keep you in my thoughts.

    israel zehavi

  • hi Hannah.

    thinking of you - i'm right with you and feeling your pain. my dad was atrocious at the weekend too for his birthday- unrecognisable!

    love and thoughts

    fran x

  • Hi Hannah

    Sorry I am so late in replying to your blog. I'm so sorry about your dad it is so hard to deal with this condition and how the person you know changes so much. You are a strong family and your mum sounds a wonderful person who is dealing with what your dad wants at a time when she will find it difficult to do. Bigs hugs to you and your family. My thoughts are with you all.

    Lesley x

  • hi hannah

    how is your dad after a difficult week for u all..??

    plz keep on the site = it willl soon b time 4 you xmas holiday from Uni and i hope your dad will b pleased ot see you

    love jill


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