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PSP : More complications : After stroke and peg tube

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Dad went to hospital with lots of hallucinations. He was also diagnosed with stroke couple of weeks back. He had Pneumonia after that. We got the peg tube as well. He went out of hospital and currently in rehab.

He is currently having 1800 calories via peg tube and he also eats orally. Our speech therapist at rehab is concerned that he will get pneumonia again. He is mostly tired and active for few hours only. He does not want to watch tv or anything. In therapy he shows interest but his body is still weak and he is losing weight. He has four blankets and he still feels cold.

His memory is fading as well. Sometime it takes 15 minutes to wake him up. One thing that he is still doing well is to eat orally on puree food that he gets at rehab. What should i do to make him comfortable? Is this sign of advanced stage of PSP?

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I have a feeling you are already doing what you can to make your dad comfortable...

My only thought is just sit & hold his hand & share happy stories of your life together. The sound of your voice will comfort him.

I know it is a difficult time & heartbreaking... but l want to share that mom & l had some our best giggle stories in the nursing home. Sending hugs... Granni B

I agree with Granny B, just be with him and let him know you are there. Unfortunately he is dealing with PSP and possible post-stroke symptoms making it harder to determine which symptoms are caused by which ailment.

He is still eating so that is a good sign.


I agree with Granni B. Holding your dads hand and talking to him, reminding him of memories you have shared will bring him happiness.

My mum no longer enjoys the tv I think she finds the glare of it too bright but she does enjoy soothing music when she is relaxing.

It's good that he still enjoys food and has you looking out for him.

I wish you both well

Lynda 😊

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Lynda has your Mom tried wearing sunglasses while watching tv.?

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dollydott in reply to

Hi Granni B

Well I have tried the sunglasses. Mum's been laughing but the film on tv is Marley and Me . She has been out today and usually just flakes out till bedtime

I'm not sure whether the glasses have helped or not but we've had a giggle

I will try them again when the chase is on her favourite

She has glaucoma too which affects her eyes so never know whether it's that or CBD or both

Hugs Lynda ☺

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Giggles are priceless! I love Marley & Me but won't let my dogs watch it.

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