On a good evening like this...

Gosh folks

I have been reading posts here this afternoon. Too many I wanted to reply to and so many wise, informed and compassionate replies. I just did a lot of likes and kept reading. Feeling the sadness, love and the fight that folk put up, but nothing to usefully add.

I'm a little short of sleep right now as Liz's bladder refuses to read the carer schedule. I told her this and she gave me an impish smile and told me it never really did do well at school. Sometimes my lovely Lizzie comes through.

The house is peaceful now.

Liz's friends, all women, have been up all afternoon. They all met through a swimming pool in London, formed into a swimming group, became friends and now they meet up here every couple of months for a 'Girlie' afternoon. Their words not mine. They are an odd bunch from research biologist, Enterprise Training Manager, to warm hugable Lizzie.

They bring wonderful home cooked food, (they're all great cooks and the range is Polish / English / Indian and everything in between). We put on the wine and I used to play waiter, but they know the way around our kitchen so well I now just retire to my 'room' with the P.C. or a book and the cat. (The cat can't read but she is pretty good at walking up and down on the keyboard when she wants attention).

Later on I went down and joined the chat. Lots of humour, though I think they tone it down for me. ;)

They've gone now, leaving the house full of warmth and love.

Liz is watching a series on T.V. next to me with head phones on whilst bravely doing battle with a large piece of left over chocolate cake.

And I am of course typing this.

There is tranquillity and warmth here tonight and I count myself fortunate.

Hugs and love to you all.



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  • Kevin I am so pleased to hear you have had a good day! Hurrah and I hope you carry this good feeling onto tomorrow. and beyond! Sending you lots of love Martina x

  • Hi Martina

    I hope you're doing OK.

    You are still in our thoughts.

    Good to see you here.

    Very warmly



  • Glad you and Liz have had a good day lets hope that tranquility and warmth stays for quite some time. Nanny857x

  • What a lovely post and lovely group of friends Lizzie has. I hope you have someone you can turn to Ken.

    I am missing DC so much today I feel so lonely this evening. I have been in to hospital to see him today, but just want him home as soon as possible.

    Oh well guess I'll have a drink go to bed and have a read.

    Take care hugs x

  • Y'know Tilly?

    A well observed sociological fact: Most friends drift off when a major illness enters the picture. I have seen it many times and we experience it now.

    I never really developed proper friendships this last ten years... long hours at work with a great crowd all there for each other at the tough community end of the NHS.

    But I retired early to look after Liz and after a year I sort of let them drift away. So many offers to come and assist, but I no longer fitted in with the 'issues' they were living through.

    Being seriously ill or a carer is an isolated thing for many of us.

    I've got great down to earth neighbours who have all ensured I have their telephone numbers and to 'call them at any time'. Some have offered to do our shopping too. When I see them on the street we chat. So its not all bad.

    I am a bit of a recluse anyway... I was very suited to single handed sailing which I did for many years. (Though I complained to myself volubly about the previous watch and the state of the course and sails all of the time and of course I was the previous watch.)

    But isolation with full on care is another matter... Its tough.

    We will get through.

    I hope the glass and the book are good.

    I'm chilling here right now with a beer and waiting for my next call to go up and do whatever care is needed,.



  • Actually it was only coffee!! I don't drink alcohol.

    I have fantastic neighbours too.

    You have plenty of friends here on the site.

    Take care and hopefully have a restful night x

  • Hey Tilly, D will be how soon, use the time wisely, get stuff done but also r charge your batteries and have some 'you' time, you'll be busy soon enough. Try to rest even if sleep doesn't come easily. Sending you thoughts, love jingles x

  • Glad you both had a good day, Kevin.

    Its an emotional roller-coaster here and on the site.

    Chris is deteriorating but I so admire his courage. Its so sad.

    love from Jean x

  • Hi Jean

    Roller coaster says it all...

    Y'know people I read about with PSP and Liz included seem so very strong and brave.

    I wish you both the best and a peaceful and good nights sleep if you can.

    Hugs and love



  • Ooh how nice, sounds so lovely. GW

  • A thoughtful and heartfelt post

    Thx you Kevin x

  • Its mellow and lovely here right now.

    So good to feel that again.

    Your in the mill of it right now Amanda... I guess I may be tomorrow.

    I like it that people are here with me. Seeing the likes is great - means I am sharing my good times too.

    This place is a home, a place of friends and its good to be able to share nice things once in a while.

    Hugs to you and your lovely Dad and Mum who you have brought alive for me here.



  • Big hugs to you too. So pleased the day went well.


  • Hi NannaB

    Thanks. Good to 'see you'.

    We think of you and Colin.

    Warmly with hugs



  • Glad you have had a good day! And pleased Liz's friends are there for you both.

    Hope the good vibes stay for a while.


    Jen xxx

  • Kevin so happy you had a good day, and you are feeling relaxed long may it last Yvonne xxx

  • Sounds a great day full of warmth and love, that's what makes the world go round. I hope that feeling keeps your and Liz's chin up and lasts a while, it's surprising what a bit of love can do.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Sounds like a lovely day. Please god you'll manage more of them. Lifts the spirits a bit. Marie

  • Lovely to read about positive things. There is still lots of love around in this world and it`s good to hear about it. The goodness of others can give us an amazing lift - treasure it.


  • Hi Kevin. Good to hear you had a good day. It's these peaceful moments we take for granted before PSP but enjoy so much after PSP. I wish you many more. Hugs Maddy

  • Oh that sounds so wonderful....I feel pretty good myself. Not ready to talk about it but happy? Not happy just ok ....I really have no words for mine and Bruces last experience...I'm glad Liz has friends who hang out with her....

    My cat used to do the same thing with my keyboard. She once stepped on something that either changed my font or the size of my font....whatever it was it was a nuisance and I had to endure it till I got another computer....the literal catwalk!


  • :) I've had that with Liz! She would bring things up on the screen that were so deeply hidden in the operating system I sis not know what they were and she too used to change settings which took me ages of Googling to fins the solution to fix it.

    Give yourself time... and know you are very well loved and respected by us lot here.


    Kevin and Liz


  • So good to hear from you you that you that you are doing well just now. We need those good time with friends and family to see us through. It is uplifting for all of us when one of us is experiencing some thing good. It made me smile and I can almost feel the warmth and love. Hugs to you both. Thanks for sharing this.

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