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Weight loss 2 and a very big thank you.


Hi all

Thank you for your wonderful support to my post about Liz's weight loss.

I passed all of you love and well wishing onto Liz. She raised an eyebrow and smiled.

She still values this forum highly. I still tell her about posts, trials and tribulations, insights and breaking news. I also tell her the poster's name. She is so keen to hear and she takes it all in.

Your posts did a few things for us. They supported both of us through a difficult awareness, they formed part of the discussion between us about what was happening and what we might do.

Finally they led to another discussion about beliefs and fears of dying.

It's been quite a process and we are both much more comfortable now.

This is an amazing place. A place where we feel understood and one where we feel we can turn to when the going gets rough.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




P.S. Liz and I enjoy a lot of humour... As we were talking I mused about whether cats went to heaven.

She told me that I shouldn't worry the gates are bound to have a cat flap because how else would we have them here? :)

She loves cats. :)

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Pleased you can receive some advice from everyone when we all get so much from you. Love Pauline x

Hi Kevin,

Lovely to hear about your talk! So great you can be on the same page, so you can know you're doing what she wants.

I hoe you have managed to find a care treatment with the nutritionists for Liz. Make sure they add the best chocolate to the diet!!!!

Kevin_1 in reply to daffodil48

Hi dafodill

Yes the nutritionist is coming May 12th and the cook (who is superb) will be there too. Chocolate will def. be discussed! :) Hotel du Chocolat do finely grated chocolate in a tub which can be put into hot milk - that will be given when she can no longer manage chocolate buttons. I think iy was you who put me onto those - great idea. :)

Thanks :)

daffodil48 in reply to Kevin_1

That's great! Nope I can't take the credit for the buttons. that was someone else.

Oh Kevin such a lovely post, so happy you are both able to talk about important things and be so comfortable with each other. What would we do without all these wonderful people on here? Love to Liz and a big hug for you Kevin, you are there for everyone, you are a wonderful person. Yvonne xxxx

Oh Kevin - Liz must be such a treasure - What a wry quip about the cat and the gates of heaven :-)

So glad we are here to be with you as you make an inevitable transition with Liz. There is so little we can do to help each other: we're all going to have this tough journey no matter how much our friends care about us. The only thing we can do is walk along side each other...

Big Hugs! XXX

...and one for the moggie ;-) xxx

Anne G.

Kevin you and Liz are both so brave and with a wonderful sense of humour. Discussions on how things proceed are difficult to have but necessary so you can do exactly as Liz wants. You have been been a tremendous help to all on this site with your invaluable advice. Sending you both a bear hug. Love Jxx

Big hugs to you both!

Think it is so wonderful how the two of you still find a way to communicate with each and crack a joke!

You are both legends here!


Jen xxx xxx

Great Liz and Kevin.

A big hug and "miauu"


Aww bless you both Kevin

I’m pleased our replies helped

Much love to you both x 💕

Sounds good, Kevin. Its so good that you can share that closeness and humour.

Big hug to you both and I look forward to following her progress.

love, Jean xx

Lovely sentiments Kevin, wish Ben and myself had that view as the bleakness of the future are sometimes hard to bare. Ben has deteriorated considerably over the last few weeks and there have been frank discussions with both the physio and Parkinsons Nurse. It's all about comfort, pain and dignity now, I am preparing myself but know this could go on for months. I only hope, for Bens sake that it doesn't as its unbareable to see him trapped inside his own body. Glad you and Liz are still able to share humour together, I miss that.

Sending much love to you and Liz

Kate xxx

Kevin_1 in reply to Katiebow

Oh, Kate

I'm sorry to hear hear about Ben.

It's miserable isn't it.

Liz too is becoming more trapped. The conversations we had took many days. After a little while she is unable to squeeze my hand and we switch to blinking. It's amazing how much conversation we can have like that. But we are loosing it.

Liz too is at the point in herself where she wants to let go. However I sit and read to her and just occasionally I look up to see her smiling. That makes my day.

Hugs to you




I’m glad this site gives the two you something back for all you contribute.

Kevin_1 in reply to Jeff166

Thank you

But y'know, I get an awful lot back.

This site is my almer mater.


When Don was in the nursing home during his last days here on earth,I would take the newspaper with me each day when I went to be with him.He always liked the comics,so I would read them to him and as best I could,describe the pictures .I will always cherish the fact that he enjoyed that and said that I described them so well.His sense of humor is greatly missed in my life now.Your journey with Liz touches my heart and I hope the best in all things for you both!

Kevin_1 in reply to JantheNana

Hugs to you. I carry Liz around in my head. I expect you do with Don too. I hope you can hang on to his humour in your thoughts. It's not easy is it.

And thank you... we are getting good times where we can, while we can.

So much sadness tingeing the remaining joy, but at least there joy.



I think her weight loss might be a cunning plan... She means to slip through the cat flap. ;)

JantheNana in reply to Kevin_1


So glad to hear that you and Liz are able to talk and laugh about things,still!

You’re an inspiration!


Much love to you both.

Thank you. :)

Hi Kevin,we are glad to help as carers and you will never do this journey alone ,Liz will get the love and support from you and you will get the love and support from all of us xx Peter and Kathy

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