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Corona Virus is in the Nursing Home


Richard recently posted about a hard choice for him and his wife. Should she get C. Virus, should they consider using a ventilator if necesary? He had superb replies. I have thought about this for most of the day. The decisions C. Virus forces upon us and the difficulty in making the right decisions, if we have choices at all.

Today I heard that Liz's nursing home have a number of cases, both staff and residents. Liz is still clear, but for how long? Barrier nursing in a home is not so very easy.

Will I be able to visit her should she be at end of days?

I am determined to be there if I am allowed.

Will I catch it... possibly, but in time I will anyway, I think.

Such thoughts!

This must be throwing up major issues for many of us right now.

And there are those who are struggling financially and with reduced care support.

So, I reach out and and send a little love to all.


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Oh Kevin thinking about you, it’s a sad time for you Kevin, not good to hear that the virus is in the nursing home, but I think it was expected, there as many nursing homes with the virus, praying that Liz does not get it, and praying if she does you will be allowed in. Sending you a big hug Kevin, stay safe and strong. Yvonne xxxxx

Thanks Yvonne

Hugs back to you.

These are difficult times eh?


Yes Kevin very difficult times, I am pleased that George is not around at a time like this. Xxxx

I am so sorry to read your news of Liz's home. Just remember that nothing is set in stone. We can only take one day at a time.

I trust you will continue to have hope in such difficult circumstances. May tomorrow bring you better news and the knowledge that you still have a great purpose.


I’m so sorry to hear about Liz’s nursing home. I hope that they will allow you to visit if it comes to that. My wish of course is that a vaccine will be available before more people are exposed. I’ve never in my life experienced anything like this and I feel so naive about it all, but staying isolated from everyone and being safe just the same. I’m “almost” not as lonely as I was before because now people have more time to call or they text me more often. That’s really selfish though, because it means that they are probably not working right now. Everything is just extra difficult!

Keep on keeping on.

❤️ SewBears

Kevin, so sorry to learn the virus is in the nursing home. I will be thinking of you and praying Liz will be kept safe at this very difficult and worrying time for you.

Sending a big hug and love, Nanny857xx

So very sorry to hear this Kevin. Such an awful situation. My heart goes out to everyone during these uncertain times.

Thinking of you Kevin

Sarah xx

Thinking of you both Kevin. There are no adequate words really. Big hug from Jean xx

Kevin, so sorry to hear C-virus is in Liz’s nursing home. Prayers go out to you & her. PSP is awful enough.

I just go out for walks since Sam passed & trying to be safe. What does He have in store for us.

Stay safe! Hopefully you’ll get time to see Liz.

Thoughtfully, Kathy

So sorry to hear this Kevin. I wish I had something reassuring to say but I am lost for words, as if you didn’t have enough to deal with currently

Sending lots of love Tippy

Sorry to hear about Liz's nursing home being infected. I can't imagine how frustrated you have to feel . Please know that we are thinking of you both and that this is.

Out of everyone's control

please take 1 day at a time and keep on keeping on .

stay safe 😘

Maria Elena

Sending you back some love as you wait in this stressful situation!!

Dear Kevin, it gives me a real heart ache that you even have to think about this... as if there wasn’t enough grief in the reality of Liz's decline and separation in the care home.

I can only send virtual hugs ❤️❤️❤️

Anne G

Kevin, I have no words to trasmite my feelings.

All the people on the Earth is conmotioned about COVID19.

PSP is an add not well welcommed. Take care. Be prepared for hard times.

Daniel Defoe wrote in S XVIII a book on an epidemic in SXVII. I'm reading it just now.

Despite the centuries, there is no much difference.

Warm regards



So many tough choices. Just when I decided to go ahead and move John to a care facility, they closed their doors due to the C. virus. So, I still have John home with me. We are doing the best we can, during what seems impossible at times. No one is having it easy these days. The disease is bad enough but adding the virus brings new meaning to the word "challenge". I pray Liz and any others that are in nursing facilities stay healthy as possible.

Hugs, Alice

Love and hugs to you Kevin xxxxx

All good points Kevin!

I’m sending love to all here as well~ we’ve all got so many ch n our minds don’t we?!



Thinking of you Kevin.Hope Liz stays safe but if she gets it that you can be there for her.

It’s just what you were dreading that the disease got into the home. You must be so stressed Kevin. Just try and stay strong and fingers crossed Liz does not get it. Xx

Dear Kevin

My thoughts are with you both at this difficult time. So sorry to her that the virus has infiltrated Liz's home and praying she doesn't get it.

Stay strong, you have all our support behind you.

Keep safe and well

Hugs from afar


I meant to ask about Liz in my last reply to you.

So sorry to hear your news. Love and prayers. Ken.

More stress. The last thing you need.

I have no words of wisdom to offer Kevin. I wish I had. Just know that we are all praying for you and Liz for a "good" outcome. 🙏🙏🙏

Oh Kevin, I am so sorry. Like others, I have no words of comfort for you. To others I say, no matter how hard everything seems, you have to take life one minute at a time. Make the most of your precious time together. None of us know when it's going to be snatched away from us.

Kevin, I hope and pray Liz doesn't get this even more evil disease. Silly comment, I know, but try and keep calm. Keep safe.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Very sorry to hear this Kevin. I think end of life, should it get that far (hopes and prayers it doesn't) is one of the allowable essential exceptions other than hospitals. Which is one at my mum's retirement homes. Think this is also an area up for clarification at government review next week. Sorry, it sounds so clinical.

I know its not the same at all but could you craft a pair of matching hearts of pretty paper/fabric/wool and post one to Liz and keep one yourself to remind yourselves that you/we all will get through this somehow. Maybe spray it with her favourite perfume. Though I know she's constantly on your mind and in your heart anyway.


I so hope you can get in to see Liz soon whatever is her situation - that exclusion is the worst of it. Personally I am not worried about getting the virus (except how it could impact Ruth) as I think we will all get it sometime. But I do so worry about the horrendous social and economic effect this lockdown is doing. Keeping fine here but no alcohol- free days on the horizon!


Katiebow in reply to Richard33

It must be really tricky having to navigate through this minefield, we all know that PSP/CBD are terminal illnesses but COVID 19 is not what we wish for our vulnerable loved ones. It takes away choices and wishes that have often been made. As you say Richard you need to stay safe for Ruth's sake and it's almost inevitable when lockdown is lifted that the virus will wind its wicked way before they get a chance to develop a vaccine so stay in isolation as long as you can. Get more wine in and enjoy the sunshine.

Love Kate xxx

Thinking of you both at this time of unknowing. Sending hugs to you both... Granni B

Dear Man, this disease is causing all sorts of pain for people. I think it is especially difficult for someone in your situation who has been there for Liz all of this time, to not know if they will be able to be there to hold her hand and talk to her should she succumb to it. I know what you mean about getting the virus at some point but I guess you want to stay well so that you can be there for Liz as She approaches the end of her life.. It's a Catch 22 scenario isn't it.

Sending you both love and hugs

Kate xx

I'm sooo sorry to hear this Kevin. Your worst fears realized. So glad I made the right decision to bring Trish home from the hospital when I did. No words of comfort my friend... only heartfelt prayers,

Tim x

Chin up , put your best foot forward, and keep going , your doing well...Brenda xxx

So sorry to hear Kevin. Hope and pray she does not get the virus but I am sure if she was at end stages, the Nursing Home would let you be with her. Talk to them now about it as no telling when this virus will be beat . Thoughts are with you both. xxxxxx


What a tough place to be in. My heart goes out to you. You will be in my thoughts.


Kevin, one inquire. Does Heath Authority order a PCR testing for all the residents and the employees?

Perhaps you could demand such test for Liz.

Big hug


Hi Elena

For right or wrong I see little point. From the States to the EU they are finding that the testing kits are unreliable.

And, if she has it she does and were it to be a bad cold then she will recover.

The testing kits used early on would have provided good data for tracking the spread and informing policy and the likely demand on resources. Lock down is, I am told, a better form of control.

I don't know.

Thanks for the thought thogh.



I have a DNR in place but not ready to use it yet I was hoping I could last the summer.

It is too early to see what affects the virus has on a CBD patient it would be good to know how you come out the other side........... Our Home is working hard to try and not get the virus and at the moment it is succeeding.

Kevin_1 in reply to Bargiepat

Hi Bargie P

Hope things are going OK for you.

I will keep you up to date with developments.

I expect it all comes down to the way the individual cope with the virus, if infected.

Wishing you all the best and hoping you are getting some of this sunshine.



Hang in there Patrick - we don’t want to lose your voice here! ❤️

Anne G

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