It's almost midnight.

I'm tired.

I should have gone to bed an hour ago.

But the house is quiet... Liz sleeps peacefully.

Our elderly cat is sleeping on the couch. Waiting for me to go to bed when she knows she will get strokes before she sleeps at my feet.

The apples are in bloom and the seedlings in the greenhouse are strong. Amongst them are those for the flower bed which Liz will enjoy when she sits out in the sunshine watching me do the garden and the cat stretching out on the warm stone paving.

When Liz stirs in the night her cat will climb on top of her and purr affection. Liz will wake and stroke her, Liz will smile and feel at home and loved.

I should be in bed, getting sleep before the small hours toileting.

But, tonight the world is good.

We are at peace.

For all this PSP we have something beautiful still.

Good night all.

I hope you too have moments like this.



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  • Beautiful my brother.

  • Goodnight Kevin

    Hope you and Liz has a lovely day to do garden tomorrow if it's good weather

    Sue x

  • Goodnight Kevin, I feel asleep on the chair, then woke up, tidied the kitchen, in bed now. Glad you are feeling happy, and you had a good day.

    George has been out today with me to the garden centre, had a good day, but a rotten evening, would not eat his dinner, would not take his medication, told me it was my fault he was sick, and that I did not care about him. Career came in to put him to bed, guess what he took his medication of her. He tried to get out of the wheelchair and walk, lucky careers where there. He said we were really happy yesterday, what did you do to change it. Feel confused. Night night all Yvonne xxxx

  • Hi Yvonne

    That's what I get. Things might be going well and then suddenly its like Liz's evil twin takes over. She does not mean to be nasty. In fact when I doing it out to her she get's perplexed.

    Love to you both



  • I am so sorry you are going through this. The personality changes, for me, are the most difficult to deal with. Dan gets feisty at times , but nothing like George. It sparks a reaction in me that I am sometimes not proud of. However, I am devastated by all he has lost and cannot imagine how he is able to greet each day. I sympathize with his frustration and admire how he silently finds the strength to handle it. We do still have moments at night when I hold his hand and reassure him.. When I am frustrated I always let him know it is PSP that is making me angry not him.

    It sounds to me as if you have already lost so much of your George. I think it is common to strike out against those you love. You are the one he wants to be enjoying life with and you are the one he does not want to leave. You were supposed to be a team , and now he is the patient.

    Please take care of yourself . Glad you have a chance to get away. You cannot live and help George without sleep. He is important and deserves great care, but so do you.

  • Kevin that's so lovely!

    Can't think about gardening here yet, it's been snowing today!

    I know I should be in bed too, but if I go too early I can't sleep, if I go late I don't want to get up in the morning! I can't win either way!

    Take care of yourself and your lovely Liz, she's so lucky to have you....

    Hugs....Pat xx

  • Goodness, Pat! Spring has arrived even here in Maine. Where are you that it's still snowing?

    Hugs, ec

  • I live in Buxton Derbyshire, it's about 30 miles from Manchester. We are very high up so we get the worst of the weather here. It's been known to snow in May believe it or not!....xx

  • Hi Pat. Lovely Buxton! We live in Sheffield and I got up on Tuesday night to see that the lawns were white over with snow. Its still freezing, but sunny. Apparently its going to be in the 20s next week.

    ( Can't wait!)

    Incidentally, do you know of a chocolate shop called, "Charlotte's" in Buxton? It is named after my grandmother, and is owned and run by my cousin's daughter.Just wondering....

    Hope you are managing. I guess your little grandson is quite a big boy by now.

    Big hug. X

  • Hi ec we have an Arctic wind stream sweeping down over us. Here in the south we were one degree above freezing the other night. Very unseasonable.

    Waiving and wishing you both a warm and sunny spring


  • Good night K_1 May you all 3 have a good nights rest


  • Hugs to you AVB


  • I miss my cats.

    Thanks for the lovely bedtime story, Kevin. Good luck with the gardening.

    To you and Liz, Love, ec

  • I'm crying again Kevin! You are so right there are these moments when there is happiness, my theory is that there is an acceptance and that there is a bond that is beyond understanding. We had a giggle the other day, well a snort from Rog and a giggle from me!

    I tell myself I am doing my grieving now who am I kidding? Like you I have a love of nature, maybe that helps, I have had my allotment for over 19 years and my goodness has that got me through some tough times, off there this afternoon when Gary arrives. Hope the frost has'nt got the top of my spuds.

    Have a good one, I don't mind if you make me cry honest!



  • Hi Julie

    I hope your spuds made it.

    You know I often shed a tear reading posts here. It actually seems to help me cope.

    The ground is very dry here I'm having to water things.

    I hope you have a good time gardening today.




  • Ah sounds a lovely quiet reflection time before you climbed into bed. Hope you had sweet dreams and today you feel a smile on your face as you wake up to face another day.

  • Good morning .its 645am nice sunny morning, been awake since 3.30 , got fed up tossing and turning so I got up at 5.30 .we have had breakfast , and washing done , now people watching the early ones off to work, poor things, soon the school children will be off to school, peace and quite for the rest of the day, thank goodness for retirement. ....wait a minute psp can run faster than me (well anyone can) so I must get a move on , hope you all have a good day this beautiful spring day....Brenda. .x

  • Your post brought a welcome smile to me this morning. Thanks.

    I had to retire early to look after Liz. I lived for my work, but gosh retirement is great.

    Waiving and wishing you both a good day.



  • cherish the moment

    thank God for cats

    Love Px

  • Just read this lovely post sitting up in bed with cup of tea and cat on my lap!

    Thank you Kevin


  • How beautiful Kevin! Sounds very peaceful! Long may that inner peace continue! X

  • Beautiful post Kevin brightened my morning after the usual " not so good a night' Amidst the exhaustion and frustration of PSP we too cherish these moments. Our cat is wonderful company for both of us such a.comfort. Hope you had a reasonable night and a lovely spring day today


  • Lovely to be reminded of good moments.

    Glad to hear you can relish them.


  • Thank you Kevin. Your writing brought tears to my eyes. There are still good things in life, you have helped to remind us of them. X

  • Wishing you have many more special moments like that.

  • Thanks daddyt

    I wish you many good moments too.


  • Thank you Kevin. Your post made me smile!

  • Those beautiful peaceful moments can keep you going until the end Kevin. May you have many more.


  • Hugs to you NB

    Your in our thoughts.

    Liz and Kevin


  • Dear Kevin,

    Must be the cosmos, today we had a lovely one as well.



  • Great - Don't they make a big difference?

    When there is love in this house nothing is hard.

    Wishing you many more.



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