Down to the quay

Down to the  quay

Down to the quay at Topsham this afternoon - a powder blue sky and the warmth of the sun on our faces . V slept and I watched the curlews and godwits stabbing the mud flats in the estuary with their elongated beaks in the eternal quest for food . I shut my eyes for a moment and the world seemed almost normal - things as they were not as they are .

By the way -I managed to contact the Panel officer for CHC on Monday, she actually apologised for the delay and said the clinical someone or other had the file and would phone me on Wednesday and would you believe it she did . She said she needed to arrange a meeting and would phone me next Monday to arrange it !!!! I suggested that since we were on the phone now why not do it now . She got very flustered and said they needed to collate everything and I might need to add stuff - I pointed out that they had had all my "stuff" since 12th January - she then said well they would need to look at the assessment which I pointed out to her they had had in their possession since 28th September 2015 . I got the distinct impression that the file had only just arrived and she hadn't got a clue what was in it . She then asked where would I like to meet so I said why not come to my house then you can meet Veronica as well and see for yourself - she said she didn't think that was allowed but would ask her line manager . She also suggested we have the so called meeting over the phone which I declined - this meeting is definitely going to be face to face .

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  • Oh Georgepa, what a lovely peaceful picture. I didn't know what a godwit is so googled it. I've seen them many times but didn't know what they were, well I thought I did but have never called them godwits.

    Isn't it frustrating dealing with professionals? I hope you get the meeting soon. I know you have submitted your contribution but I suggest you read everything again to make sure you agree with everything they have put down. When I completed the info for C's CHC I added a lot about his safety issues, falling, choking, doing dangerous things which could cause him harm. V may not be able to do these now, I don't know but anything that emphasises she cannot be left alone for a minute, especially choking.

    I do hope you are successful.


  • Rather reminiscent of my last meeting/ I do hope everything goes well this time. You and Veronica are certainly deserving of it


    And thank you for painting such a pretty picture with your words,

  • Good luck for your meeting. Our stork arrived very early on Wednesday morning on his own. At least we presume it is the male of the pair. Now we anxiously scan the nest at regular intervals awaiting the other one. They mate for life so who knows what will happen if the other half of the partnership fails to turn up. I think the fact that one bird has arrived and settled on the nest indicates the other one cannot be far behind. But yesterday afternoon he was still alone up there - I haven't been out to look yet this morning. This is earlier by a good fortnight than they have ever arrived before.

  • I hadn't heard of godwit either. I love it. I'm going to the coast at Easter and I can't wait for the opportunity to say it ! My family are bird watchers so will probably not say anything or will tell me its called something else in Yorkshire !

    Hope your appeal progresses. Certainly face to face is essential.

    Fingers, and everything else, crossed !

    love, Jean x

  • Hi George, think it might be time to throw all your toys out of the Pram and tell them to look after her for a while. Make an appointment at their office, take V with her case and then run like mad!!! Or leave her in the supermarket with this woman's name and address on it. I know we are talking about V, but I'm betting, before PSP, she would be the first to suggest this!!! Make sure it's just before said woman, goes off duty for the weekend, so totally screws up her plans! Yeah, I know, I saw that little pink pig flying across the sky as well!!! Just think of the pleasure you would get though, to see the look on their faces. Worth quite a few bottles of red wine, to get that sort of enjoyment!!!

    Sorry, still feeling so exhausted, had to ask the OT to come today, need a load of new equipment, to help cope with S. Getting far to close to my final red line, for my comfort, so feel very capable of doing any of the above!!!

    Nice to hear you got a moment of peace, they are so precious, aren't they? I am looking forward to my next respite in a couple of weeks time. Even though, I will be spending it, with the house in uproar. Building work starting.

    Keep taking the pills!!!

    Lots of love


  • Hi Georgepa, you have painted a lovely picture in words again. Wishing you good luck with your meeting, you go for it with that so called professional'.

    Lots of love, Nanny857




  • Lovely picture Georgepa - wish we were there! Sorry the CHC is still so difficult.

    Vicki x

  • Lovely description. Thank you , it lifted my spirits. As to the other, keep on punching! X





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