First Subdural hematoma

Just got my sister home from the hospital. She had a bad fall Sunday morning. I took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with small brain bleed and a broken nose. This was around 1pm. Now, this is where bad news gets worse. She was supposed to be admitted to NICU. It took until 9 pm to get a room. She got another CT scan the next morning at 4 am and neurosurgeon stated it was small did not need surgery. Good news!!!! Now, she was to be transferred to regular bed in Neuro dept. We waited 24 hours, no bed. Find out 3 to 4 people are waiting too. At this point, PT has not been offered to make sure she doesn't get any weaker. I make a request and have to wait until next day. So now, we've waited 3 days for a room. Mind you I haven't seen hide nor hair of her doctor. NOTHING!!! Even after numerous requests. He always makes his visits at the time no one is allowed on that floor. Not even family. So I pitch a small hissy fit and threaten if I don't hear from him or his assistant I would check her out of the hospital myself. We get check out orders the next day (day 4), to have home health with PT. So, I brought her home so I could care for her myself. What a nightmare!!!! However, I will give credit to her nurses. They were very attentive and gave great care. But, I reached a whole new level in frustration.

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  • Do you think these doctors have special classes on how to think they are God?????? Only I was always bought up to think he was a nice chap and extremely caring, that bit obviously gets left out of the syllabus!

    Hope your sister is on the mend. Try to release your frustrations quickly, won't do you or your sister any good.

    Lots of love


  • I know this is a big thing to ask. I suggest you aggressively get the PT to recommend fall prevention measures. My husband also had a small hematoma. It was in the process of resolving itself when he fell again, and again hit his head. He had been using a walker when his leg gave out to ataxia. The result was burr hole surgery . He has been using a wheelchair every since and wears a bump cap to protect his head.

  • Gracie


    Your Sister is so lucky to have a loving fighting you.

    I am terrified of Lizzy falling... She is so vulnerable and helpless.

    I guess you are the same. However when I read about falls from so many good carers I am filled with dread for my usual clumsiness and sometimes inattention.

    I wish you both the best exit from this nightmare incident.



  • Kevin, Nobody can totally protect their loved ones completely from falling. I tried and failed miserably. Even if I had managed that wonderful 100% coverage, Steve would still have found a way to floor hug.

    Lots of love


  • I know Heady, sadly I know.

    I read your posts on your struggles and your extraordinary care and preparedness to make things safe.

    It can't be done.

    I have seen Liz's head miss sharp corners by inches as I have tried to soften the fall.

    Our turn will come.




  • To put things into perspective, although we daily hear horror strories here, near misses, broken bones, nasty gashes, how ever serious. When was the last time, somebody actually died from a PSP fall? I personally can't remember one and I have been on the site for over three years.

    Keep those corners padded though!!!

    Lots of love


  • You couldn't make a story up like this if you tried, unbelievable that in this day and age your care and wellbeing comes to this point. I hope that your sister is on the mend and you are coping with the responsibilities that this awful disease brings, she is a lucky lady to have such a caring sister.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Today I listened to a talk on J.J.Virgin's website. The doctor (Michael D. Lewis) who was interviewed is a specialist is traumatic brain injury. He uses massive amounts of Omega -3's to help the brain heal. I think he uses 3000 mg 3/day then reduces it to 3000. It is an interesting talk. It might help your sister. JJ Virgin was also interviewed on Dr. Permutter's website on how she helped her son after his TBI.

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