CBD - What was that comment about rollercoaster ride?

Have had a rough few days with my man, very sleepy and not eating or drinking much. Nursing staff decided not to monitor fl ids or food intake and I knew his fluids were well down on what they had been. Problem seemed to be his ability to suck, swallow or even to take through a spoon! I persevered and yoghurt has become his favourite food! And it helps get the tablets down.

I asked for review of foods, utensils and plates and found there are a variety of those to help get food off plate into mouth without it going everywhere else! However my rewuest for soft food would be reviewed on Monday. This was on Thursday!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were similar to Thursday with increasing sleeps. Sunday he decided to sleep extra deep and by evening pill time he was out to it. Took 3 of us an hour and half to get his tablets inside his mouth and swallowed. At times bits of yoghurt went the wrong way and he had several fits of coughing and sneezing - then went back to sleep!

I cut his finger nails that evening, so easily when before he complained i hurt him. Did not draw blood once! Nor did he wske up. I had no response to my hand grip, and he was asleep in the sling hoist on way to bed. I went home wondering if he would eat his breakfast in the morning.

Monday he was as bright as i have seen him since he got pneumonia! He had esten cornflakes, milk, 2 yoghurts and a bottle of fortified milk! In fact throughout his stay in hospital he has downed cornflakes for breakfadt, even during those days when he could not eat, chew or drink at lunch!

Good! Today we had a meeting to decide what care he will need when he gets out of here and release date set for Tuesday 14. Was told it was sure to be okayed! It was! We can go to that lovely private room that is set aside for him.

I stayed all day Monday as we were having a lovely quiet day together. I thought of miracles as he drank tea holding the cup, with and without a straw, ate a good amount of food, and did not fall asleep, and was quite cheeky at times. I left with the social worker at one point saying 'i'll be back soon', only to hear a quiet comment from his bed 'And we never saw them again!' It's something he often popped into conversation when we were courting; I think it comes from a skit from "Beyond the Fringe" or something similar! Anyway, stayed late and was tired out when i got home.

Tuesday morning i got a call from the ward doctor after seeing my man. He was sorry to

report that blood test showed signs of infection and he wanted to get his chest x-rayed. If as he suspected, it was another bout of pneumonia then he would not be leaving!!!!!! And yes, it was and he has another IV antibiotic! Quite a drama getting a line into a vein as they are very fragile!

So he is still in hospital!!!! And not likely to be coming out for possibly another 2 weeks, which is how long it took to recover last time.

There is a shadow on left lung, as before, and i sense it is bigger than last time. Therefore we are back on that rollercoaster ride.

Actually went on one in Vegas in about 1998, a pink one at the Circus Circus. I loved it but my man was terrified! The attendant put us in the 5th car and loaded the rest from the rear. Result was we hung over the abyss while the back half decided to come with us. Think that is where we are at present. Sitting at the top waiting for the dive! Won't be fun this time!

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  • I never liked roller coasters and like this one even less. I do hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and he is soon out of hospital and in that lovely room.


  • me too nannna b i never liked roller coasters either v frighten ing when i usuffere d from vertigo fm being a child i

    llol jilll


  • How are you doing Jill? Good to see you are still posting.

    Big hugs


  • hi nannab

    guess the best i can say is I'm managing

    off on our hols on sat for 1 week bonnie

    Scotland again hope weather is better than a few weeks ago too1

    we nearly got frostbite!

    ;lol jill#


  • We've had the heating on as well and we are down in the warm south, ha ha! I do hope the weather is good for you. When we had the heating on, Scotland had a heatwave so I hope they get another one when you are there.

    Try and relax and enjoy your time away.

    Lots of love and hugs.


  • ta naannb 4 ethat lljJl


  • Were you in Yorkshire at Whit ? I was and it was freezing !!

    Our friends in Scotland had heat-wave !


  • Enjoy Bonnie Scotland, they have had better weather than us the last few weeks. Where abouts are you going Gill? Xx

  • Thinking of you both, keep your chin up xxx

  • I've read that fizzy drinks are also easier to swallow for patients, my dad never tried though

  • God bless you x

  • Close your eyes, scream out loud and hold on tight, I hope that things improve quickly. Take care, rooting for you both. Love Kate xx

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