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Frank now at peace & free

Just to let our little community know that my husband Frank passed away peacefully at home on Monday night. He was literally surrounded by family & friends. We couldn't have got many more in the bedroom !!!! We were all singing along to 60s music & he left with our dulcit tones ringing in his ears, singing Morecambe & Wise's version of Bring me Sunshine,one of his favourites. We could all picture him dancing round the house to it. As none of us can sing very well, he probably thought he'd get out of the way !!!!

Unfortunately our son didn't get here in time....he was on his way home from Salford Royal hospital after visiting his wife. She's been in since early March, having had 9 ops in total in connection with a brain tumour. He had seen his Dad twice during the day & sent our daughter a text message on his way home to read to his Dad, more or less telling him he didn't have to wait.

He's now free from this sh**** disease which has robbed me of a wonderful man. There's now a whopping big hole in my life which can never be filled.

A giant of a man & an all round good guy, as many of his friends have said.

Sorry I've rambled but once I started!!!!!

Take care everyone & keep smiling

Love Hazel B xx

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Hi hazel

So sorrry to hear of franks going

It will be so dxiffcult 4 you and your fanlilym to deal with

Plea se sfax on these site we do need you

Lol Jill,



There are so few words to say other than my thoughts and prayers are with you. What a comfort it must be to know that friends and family were with you and Frank at the end.




Take comfort that Frank is now free from this horrible disease.

Take time to reflect on all the good times you had together.

Take time to rebuild your life and do all the things you have had to put to oneside

and most importantly

Take care of yourself

Love Roger



I'm sorry for your loss. It must be bitter sweet. Now it's time for you to take care of your self. Stay strong.xx


Dear Hazel,

My heart goes out to you - I always thought that Frank and Geoff were so similar in their paths and your sense of humour and way of coping was so humerous and the same way as I cope.

I wish you happiness and peace and TG Frank need suffer no more ... I really do believe that there is something better waiting for us on the other side.

God Bless

Love Sandra xx


Hazel, you describe a truly lovely send off for your beloved husband. What a way to go as they say. But behind the picture we here all know the dreadful journey to get there.

I hope your daughter in law gets well soon. Your family is certainly going through it. Stay as strong as you sound.

Take care



So very sorry to hear of your loss, Hazel. Frank sounds such a wonderful husband and father.

Love and thoughts to you and your family.

Fran & family x


Dear Hazel,

How sorry I am to hear of your loss. My heart aches for you and your family. It must be a comfort to you to know that the end was peaceful and that Frank had his loved ones around him. I'm sure that 's the end we would all wish for our loved ones suffering this wretched b***** of a disease.

My love to all of you

Love Kathy xxxx


Hi Hazel

It has been a while since I have been on the site so I was sorry to hear that Frank had passed away. Sounds like he had a great send off and I am sure like my dad he would have loved knowing everyone he loved was with him. Time to take care of yourself as well now, knowing the he is free from the terrible disease. Take care Hazel

Lesley x


Hi Hazel. I am sad to haer about Frank. I am hoping that you are doing well. You seem positive in your message and I can see that Frank had a peaceful journey. Is the grief terrible like when you were going through the illness or do you feel peace. I am sorry to be bringing up such difficult questions but I too will be losing Dave soon. He is my very young husband of 32 years and we were very much in love when PSP entered our lives in 2004. He is only 58 and still so lovely and handsome and sweet. He is endstage and we never know what to expect but things progress daily. I hate this disease. I worry about life without him. My thoughts and prayers are with you.




Hi everyone.....thank you all so much for your kind words. We said our final farewells to Frank last Thursday & the sun came out at the right time. I was amazed at the number of people who came to his funeral...he was 72 & had been retired for 13yrs but so many old work colleagues were there as well as 3 old school friends who he'd lost touch with 20 odd years ago. We did him proud, I think. It was a lovely service & not a dry eye in the Church when our 8yr old Grandson read a poem to his Grandad...bless him !!!

As you've all said, I now have to get on with life & start thinking about myself. That's going to be very hard while Allison is still in hospital.She is now at the rehabiliation stage & has been moved to our local hospital which is only 10mins away which makes it easier for visiting.

Judy....although there is immense grief, there is also tremendous relief. I miss him like crazy but know that I will cope. I'm a strong person & always did everything anyway...( finances etc ) so can handle it all. I do have my moments of anger & frustration still but then remember that he is now at peace & free. That helps.

Sandra....thanks for the phone call...sorry I wasn't able to speak to you.

Take care everyone. I will be checking in every so often to keep an eye on you all. Keep smiling.

Love Hazel B xx


Dear hazelb

I was so sorry to hear of Frank's death but his passing sounded 'as good' as my late husband's was, early last year.

Back then, our eldest daughter had flown in from her home in Greece to visit Pop before their busy tourist season started and whilst she was over, Richard suddenly deteriorated. We were with him everyday for his last days; myself, daughter Julia and our little Jack Russell "Millie" at his Neurological Care Centre. They allowed us to all to stay over in a spare room too (even the dog!!). We played Neil Diamond music and sang along (rotten voices just like yours) and we laughed a lot recalling some of Richard's pranks of the past. We sang filthy Rugby songs which we used to do when we all belonged to our expat running club The Hash House Harriers. And we were still laughing sitting either side of his bed holding his hands, as he quietly 'slipped away'. We too would like to think could hear us as he left, thinking maybe we wouldn't notice his going.

Richard too was such a character and we were all heartbroken at his passing. His carers said there had never been anyone like him. He was so lovely, a real gentleman with a wicked sense of humour.

The first few months without him were so dark and sad; I felt as though I was in a bad dream. Suddenly, in the autumm I was invited out to dinner by a dear friend of the family. We had all known him since 1987 when the men were working on contracts in Nigeria. He now was a single guy and been through sadness too - and hey, here we are months later both enjoying a wonderful relationship and 'new life' together. I should add we are not youngsters, we are both in out sixties!

I'd like to think that Richard has had a hand in all of this; from the other side. He would not have wanted me to be alone for long and knowing Richard so well after 37 years together, I think he would have been delighted.

It is a tough road living with PSP but stay strong - no one knows what the future may bring. -sometimes it's tears but often there is joy at the end of heartache.


Maggie xx



I'm sorry to see of your loss; it's wonderful that you were all able to spend time with Frank, and I'm sure he enjoyed the fun and the singing :)

Best wishes



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