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Respiratory Distress - PSP

Hello All! Just looking for some input as we have experienced something new this wee with my Dad - 70yr old, diagnosed with PSP a few years ago. For the second time in less than a week my Mum was unable to wake him this morning and his breathing was very laboured. In fact, it seems like he as almost choking on his tongue as he tries to breath. On both occasions, the paramedics were called and he was taken in to emerg. He seemed to snap out of it the first time (on Monday) with some assistance of oxygen. He stayed in hospital until Thursday and now again this morning, he was found in the same condition. He is now is hospital again, in ICU on a respirator as they try to determine what is happening.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what can we expect? Just not sure where this is heading....


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Hi, my husband, who is the same age as your father, has only done this once, four years ago. The morning, when I have always presumed he had his silent stroke. The first obvious sign that something was wrong. I had a terrible job to wake him, no sign of arousement at all. Was just about to start screaming for help, when he woke, jumped out of bed and carried on as if nothing had happened. I guess this was the stroke, but who knows! Anything is possible with PSP.

It's horrible to witness, my thoughts go out to your Mum, having had to go through this twice now. I hope the doctors find out what is causing these episodes, could be, he is having mini strokes, which will be difficult for them to diagnose.

Sending you all lots of love



Mini strokes or seizure??? and no my husband, 72, has seizure like episodes but does not effect his breathing. Possibly it might help to not let him sleep on his back but turn him on his side..??? Possibly wear a heart monitor when see if it is his heart.



We've had something similar with mum, where we think she's stopped breathing and suddenly wakes. Mum's oxygen levels are now monitored, and she is given oxygen when sats fall below 95% saturation (although this will vary from person to person, depending on age and how far PSP has progressed).


hi i ha ve PSP but ha ve nto come across this problem atall- and hope tha ti do not have this problem later on in my life

lol Jill



My brother had PSP he was very well looked after. You have to watch when he walks I hope they walk with a walker because they tend to do everything fast. My bother fell at least 21 times & one of us were always beside him. Like they said u don't die from PSP but from a fall & that's what my brother died fr a head injury. We could end catch him. So just try to watch when he walks?


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