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My Dad has passed away...

My dear dad died yesterday afternoon, peacefully with my sister and I by his side.

He became very ill, very quickly on Monday afternoon, when we were called in urgently by the doctor. His obs were all over the place & as he had an advanced medical decision not to be admitted to hospital the nurses made him comfortable in bed & gave him Morphine for the pain. The Dr suspected a blood clot, sepsis or maybe heart failure. It was hard to tell with no scans etc. He was very poorly & wouldn't have long. 24hrs so it turned out. He knew we were there, at times he wouldn't let go of my hand, other times his grip was limp. I know he was in & out & the main thing was that he was so comfortable & painfree. There was no trauma unlike previous times he had become ill. I thank God that he went quickly & gently. With us there which meant everything to me.

The nurses & carers were amazing, they gave me huge support whenever they could see me having a hard day with my dad, they made us laugh, they were patient & caring with him & he was very fond of them.

The end hours of his life was so much kinder than I ever thought it would be. xxxxx

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Hello LookingafterDad

Though he is a great loss - How wonderful that he slipped away with you both around him.

So sad, but so pleased it was an easy departure.

Wishing you all the best at this awful time.



in reply to Kevin_1

Thankyou so much.x

I’m so so very sorry but pleased it was peaceful, hugest hugs x

in reply to Satt2015

Thankyou x

Its the best ending we can hope for with this disease.

You have done everything you could. My condolences to you all.

love from Jean xx

in reply to doglington

Thankyou so much x

Hi sorry about your dad but he’s in a better place now instead of this crappy illness

Thought and love to you all

Sue xx

in reply to Suebatt

Thankyou x

So sorry to hear about your loss, what a wonderful thing for you both to be there xxxxx

in reply to Yvonneandgeorge

Yes, so glad x

so sorry for your loss but he is now free from pain and this nasty disease. I am so tearful, feeling for you and knowing that this is in my future. Stay strong


in reply to daffodil48

Awww thanks xxx

LookingafterDad I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. He had a nice death however and that is something to take comfort from. He is also free of PSP and that is a great consolation for you all.

Take care of yourself. Hugs to you.

Marie x

in reply to Marie_14

I do take great comfort, after all this to go peacefully meant everything x

I'm so sorry to hear that you have lot your Dad, but it's good that he went quickly and without too much suffering. Even better that you were all there.

He is now free from the evil PSP, and you now need to care for yourself for a while.

I wish you all the best for your journey.

in reply to Ratcliffe

Thankyou x

So pleased it was so peaceful, the best thing we could all wish for.

Love and hugs xxx

in reply to Helen119

Thankyou x

Dear LoofingafterDad:

My condolences to you in the loss of your father. From your posts you looked like a very dedicated and diligent child and carer. Although it must be a relief that his suffering is over, I'm sure it will leave a hole in your life for a time to come. I hope knowing you were so good to him and that you made his last years as good as possible during this awful disease, will bring you some solace.

Anne G.

in reply to raincitygirl

Such kind words, thankyou x

Oh wow :{ ~ Wishing you peace and a smooth healing time.

in reply to aliciamq

Thanks x

My sincere condolences to you and your family.

in reply to Christine47

Thankyou x

Sending you much love and strength.

It is beautiful that you were able to be by his side and he knew you were there for him. Sounds like you were all well looked after .

Take time for yourself with lots of tlc x

in reply to Spiralsparkle

I'm thankful I was with him x

I am so sorry to read your post and send my condolences to you and your family. A peaceful and pain free end is all that can be asked. My very best wishes to you. Jxx

in reply to Zeberdee

Thankyou xxx

So glad your dad had a peaceful passing, sending our condolences ,and a hug x

in reply to allotmentartist

Thankyou xx

Sorry to hear that your dear Dad has passed but he is now free from the torture of PSP. How you describe it sounds to me that it was a good death, painfree and surrounded by love.

Love Kate xxx

in reply to Katiebow

Yes, it was just that.


My sincere condolences to you and your family on your loss. Take consolation, as I did, the the end was peaceful and pain free. PSP has and is robbing so many families of our loved ones. The fight for a cure must continue. Prayers for you all.

in reply to georgeg25

Thankyou x

So sorry to hear of your loss but now is free of this terrible disease xx

in reply to Dickenson2

Thanks x

Thanks for sharing.



in reply to LuisRodicioRodicio

Thanks x

So sorry for your loss. It is now time for looking after you. Peter.

in reply to Pantopete

Thankyou x

So sorry to hear this but glad it was a peaceful release from this awful disease.


in reply to NanBabs

Thankyou x

So so sorry for your loss. At least the end was peaceful and you were there which is comforting. Xx

in reply to Robmatlol

Thanks xx

Wishing peace and comfort for you at this time.I know you will miss his presence here on this earth but at the same time know that he is now free.

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I'm so sorry to hear that your Dad has died. As Kevin says, how wonderful that you were both with him and to know that his last hours were kind to him. Thinking of you.

in reply to EricaE

That meant everything, it was very peaceful x

So sorry to hear this news. May his soul rest in peace and I pray God gives you and the family the strength to carry on..

in reply to leyana

Thankyou xx

So sorry to hear of your loss but relieved for you it was so calm and peaceful after the horrors of PSP

Take care of yourself

Love Tippy

in reply to Tippyleaf

Huge relief, thankyou xx

So very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you and your family. Love to all xxx


in reply to ladyalone

Thankyou xxx

I am sorry for you loss, but thankful for his peaceful passing. I hope you feel the love and concern from this group.


in reply to Beads0122

Thankyou & yes I do xx

So sorry to hear tha your Dad as passed away. May he rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

Lots of love


in reply to Heady

Thankyou x

Thank you for sharing your most precious last moments of your father's life,most of us are scared of the what will happen in the end and to know he had a peaceful passing must be so comforting to you and your sister.

It is now your time to grab life for everything its worth.


in reply to

Yes, I too have been scared so many times so glad it was peaceful for him x

I am so sorry your father had passed but my goodness it is over for him!!! And you!

Rejoice in his freedom! He is praying for you now!!

in reply to Kylie4951

Yes! He's at peace x

you have done so much for your dad, and he knew how devoted you have been. I hope you find solace in this and that fond memories come racing back. I'm very glad his passing was peaceful and that ye got support too xx I hope the positivity of life returns xx

in reply to catherine_h

Thanks for your kind words x

That was good that the end was kind to your dad thank good and that helped you and his sister. RIP.

in reply to Trillo

Thankyou x

That must have been so comforting for you both. Thinking of you, hope it ends similarly for my hubby when his time comes and it doesn't drag on. Hugs to you and your family xxoo

in reply to margh2468

Thankyou xx

So sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort in that you and your sister were at his side and he knew you were with him. Take care. Best wishes, Nanny857 x

in reply to Nanny857

Yes, that meant a lot x

I am so sorry for your loss but glad the end was peaceful.

Vicki x

in reply to vlh4444

Thankyou x

I'm so sorry for your loss. May God's peace and comfort be with you and your family.

in reply to teresa1988

Thankyou x

Thinking of you at this saddest of times. Xxx💔

in reply to Careenh


So sorry with the loss of your father, a blessing he went peacefully, so bittersweet PSP such a dreaded disease at least there will be no more suffering, take care. Nettie

God bless your family :')

Good Morning

I just want to check in with you and send my condolences . . . I know it has been 5 months since your dad passed and your life is so different now. My mom passed in 2012 and she is of course in my thoughts daily as I am sure your dad is with you.

Hope all is going well - be Happy - Granni B

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