CBD - the end? Not just yet!

My man rallied overnight with masses of antibiotics in the drip. He apparently quite happy to play with call bell in morning. He did so a few days ago too, and when I asked why he wanted a nurse to come, he said he pushed it so they would know he was there. Bit out of left field - but not totally silly!

So todsy, he had a reasonable morning, ate a small yoghurt and drank a 200ml bottle fortified milk. Complained it was difficult to coordinate his sipping or sucking with breathing. Nurses washed and dressed him and sat him in chair for lunch. He was not too impressed by this and went to sleep for half an hour. When lunch csme he wanted none, and was ready for bed again.

New nurses did not seem to be aware he had an off day yesterday, can't understand why! and expected him to stand for transfer. Maybe because they had not looked after him for a week or more, and were not expecting him to be so much weaker than before. Doctor was attentive today, checking food and fluid intake, and to tell me that in spite of being contacted by assessment team this morning, they would not be doing an assessment until he was in better health as it would not reflect his true ability!!! So much for putting the skates under them! Oh well. Did not really surprisr me, as I had wondered whether his off day would affect things. Thought myself it would not be fair or sensible to try a transfer in his state yesterday.

So we are back to Square 1 on assessment.

Afternoon went a bit downhill too. Despite all the antibiotics last night, he complained of being cold. He had been wsrm on getting up and refused his jacket. Put on socks, then blankets, polarfleece and jacket, thinking he should warm up. He did ! Temp high now and given blanket bath, and changed for bed. Sensibly refuused to get up for dinner, grnerally clenched teeth when soft food offered by nurse, then decided to have a few deep sleepy moments in the middle. After checking trmp again, nurse asked for bloods to be tsken. Spent an hour trying to find suitable vein to take 2 large samples to culture to check for bacterial infections,! So, all done now and tucked up in bed, no dinner, little fluids and still no IV fluids in when I left.

So he lives to fight (albeit somewhat feebly) another day. How long can this go on for? And will i ever get him to that lovely room I have booked in the resthome? Will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Oh boy! It was lovely to see him awake and a bit sparkly this morning! But he is SOOOO tired and restless tonight.

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  • The roller coaster continues to roll!

    Stay strong.


  • This sounds exhausting! I hope you are eating and getting lots of rest. Your husband needs you strong and this won't happen if you are not looking after yourself.

    Big hug as normal coming your way!

    Lots of love


  • Yes, eating. Rest - no so much! My son is spending a w/e with me so hope that will help. Will be a long haul. Not something i have not anticipated, but hoped it would be quick and painless - in my dreams!

  • Thinking of you, as heady said look after yourself sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxx

  • Given myself the night off! Went shopping today and only then, when i had to deal with thinking and sorting list of things to do, that i realised how really touchy, edgy, and drained I feel. My man got an inflatable mattress and a Rolls Royce lazyboy in hospital today! He looked so comfy and peaceful all day, even when he was meant to be trying to concentrate on eating something! Not sure the pneumonia has gone away. Still has slightly raised temp and very slight rattle when he breathes. Was hard to give him his meds tonight as he would not open his mouth and eyes at same time!

    So home and had dinner and bed shortly for what I hope will be an undisturbed night.

  • S has had two short bouts in hospital. The stress and strain is unbelievable! Last time was only for 24 hours, but I was like a wet blanket for the rest of the week. We are all living on fresh air, our tanks are empty, that's on a good day, so add the complication of hospital, the stress, all the visiting, sitting around waiting for doctors, not eating properly or not at all. It's a wonder I didn't end up in the bed next door. So don't spend all day and every day, by his bedside, if he well enough to leave. Make sure you eat regularly and properly.

    Hope he is feeling better and can come home soon.

    Lots of love


  • These are the reason it's good to be able to live at home with the people who know and understand . It's difficult enough even for them isn't it .

    That was good that he Can still explain about the coordination between the breathing and swallow. My John has never been able to help by explaining anything. So a lot of guess work in my part .

  • Today we have had an armchair air cushion delivered. So far no complaints from John , not that I ever expect any , he doesn't ever complain . Or very rarely .

    I have tried sting in it and it's hard . I expect it's something you have to get use to . He v soon got used to the air mattress .

  • I must say, that in all of this you seem to take quite a positive attitude.

    It does sound like nurses , no matter what shift, should have access to his last 12 to 24 hour history!

    You continue the positive and keep yourself healthy!


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