CBD - a roller coaster ride today!

My man seemed quite bright todsy, not quite as up in the clouds as past few days, and speaking more clearly and holding cup and drinking well.

His lovely chair wecsecured yesterday was sitting in corridor and he was back in the uncomfortable chair! I asked why and was told Nurse in Charged had decreed they were only for night use. Where was she on Monday till now? - certainly not here, nor read notes I guess! Requested it be returned.

Meanwhile watched my man writhing gently in his chair! In between 2 minute naps and a startled awakening with bad dream. When i questioned him he said quite clearly he had sore balls. Gentle investigation by me csme to conclusion he had on a very tight pad. Also seemed to be wet. Grabbed a helpful nurseaid who did further investigation and found his uridome catheter had been completely pulled off by his seating position! Lazyboy chair and hoist arrived about then so ALL SORTED!

My man yelped as moved into sling. Sore knee, same one as yesterday. Doctors had slready been round, and obviously not looked below his chest (hope they at least looked there as he is still on antibiotics!). When I felt his knee it was very tight and bigger than other - so I called the doc back for another consult.

Long story short, she agreed with me and apologised. She first sent the intern who then fetched her back. It could be gout which is easily fixed. Or it could be another infection floating around in the blood. Solution to that is invasive surgery with anaethetic, clean joint. But first they would take off some fluid. That occurred within an hour, and I held my mans hand while they took off 20ml fluid for testing. Said there must have been up 100ml there! So wait and see there. After back in bed complained his hip sore - same leg!! Keeping fingers crossed! Will have family consult this weekend.

In the midst of all my dsughter-in-law rang ward to speak to me, her hubby rsng on cell, and my other son rang too! Mum you have not sent us an update. Is everything OK? Good to know they care!!

Heled my man with dinner but cos he sitting in bed, jelly was falling off spoon. After he grumped at me I let him get on with it and tidied up the jelly off his bib after!!!

Been brighter all day when awake and more alert. While he was being aspirated though, his conversation was weird, think it related to work trip to Austrslia years ago! I said 'Behave yourself' as i left and his rejoinder came right out of student days in '60's. 'Maybe -if they don't tske thrir knickers off'!!! And this from a man who has been truly faithful to his marriage vows for 50 years. Just pure boy studrnt bragging! I cracked up and he seemed to appreciate the joke too!

He sure is back - for the time being!

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  • It certainly is a roller coaster. I had to laugh at his comment when you left. It's good to see was was feeling better than earlier in the day and I hope it continues.


  • Oh my, you and your man have been through it! Lucky you were there to rescue him on so many fronts. Where would he have been without you? You must be done in, although you sound ferocious! Nice of him to give you a laugh at the end of such a day. He has amazing powers of recovery, it seems. I hope his knee doesn't give him any more trouble. Best of luck, ec

  • I am on a roll! Haveswitched beds in 2 rooms so my son can sleep in a comfy bed in a least cluttered room tomorrow! Choccie, drink and bed now. Fight next battle with reinforcements tomorrow! Whatever it may be!

  • What a lovely thought to walk out of the hospital with!!! Just proves our loved ones are still in there, when this damned illness lets them communicate!

    Lots of love


  • So happy he made you laugh xxxx

  • Just when you're feeling mad , sad. exhausted, they go and crack you up enough to get you back on track. Thanks for sharing it's good to have a laugh!


  • Fired y up again now. Need a caring nurse/doctor with half a brain to look at my man and SEE how he is - laboured breathing, in another century, and get some meaningful feedback. Obs are fine does not cut it if they do not include checking his knee or his chest! No doctors on ward st w/e and no reply to emergency number so nurse says! So maybe Dr may come. Hope we can wait till Tuesday! Its a holiday w/e here!

  • surely there will be a dr or two on staff! Ask his dr what to expect . Is his breathing supposed to be so laboured; will the antibiotics he's on now, help any other infection that may be sneaking around. Must they do exploratory especially when he has a lung infection! Remember you are your man's greatest advocate.....go ahead and inquire even to the point of supposed tedium. The drs won't think about it unless your bitching about it. oops sorry but it's true

    Good luck


  • No, don't apologize! I agree! Seems few docs for whole hospital over long weekend. Take son back with me and will rattle their chain!!

  • Whilst you are waiting for the cavalry to arrive glad that he is feeling brighter. Your post made me smile, good to see the funny side of life sometimes. Kate xxx

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