I had just left to go home and he said he had to go potty. It seems, they brought him to the bathroom, took him out after he finished and left the room. They found him on the floor on his tush and his arms. They have no clue what happened. His room mate called the nurses and they picked him up. I had just called them after it happened about a Dr apt on Monday, I had told a nurse earlier and was checking to see if she had noted it. That would be no. He was on the other side of the room, not his side. They said that he had no injuries that they could find but will be monitoring him all night. This is a 24 hour, 7 day a week facility and they obviously screwed up. I think pads will be ordered when they finally let him out for any part of his body I can cover at home. I am so very upset, tomorrow is our 56 anniversary and all I can do is cry for him.

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  • The nursing home lockdown someone had the flu so we couldn't go . On the day that we could I didn't go m husband went . They had a nice visit so they walked back to his room he went to sit down moving backwards missed my husband couldn't catch him ,he hit his head went in a coma & passed away in a week but he had fallen 21 times because just move to fast.

  • When my mum was in hospital, following psp diagnosis, she fell every day. 14 times in 2 weeks. She only ever fell twice in the 2 years that I cared for her in her home. I walked her every day that I could, but she never walked without assistance. Safe movement, or wheelchair exercises are important in order to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, but solo walk-abouts are too risky. A walking aid such as a rollator might be helpful in the early days, but the patient will soon need someone walking either side, linking arms. Hospital staff appear to be too busy to offer that level of support. I don't know how long you have known he has PSP, but I would imagine you already know much more about him, and his condition than they do. My advise is get him out, and home. Summer is coming, let him feel the sun on his skin, rally the family. Time is short. x

  • He is in a rehab facility and they just walked away after he went to the bathroom, left him in his wheelchair. When I get him home, he will not be walking around but rolling around and if I feel he can, maybe using a walker. Unfortunately they will not release him until they feel he will be safe at home. Joke they let him fall there and it is the first time he has fallen. It is a short time that someone was able to diagnose him.

  • I can't believe they won't let you take your husband home. This does not seem right! Once I contacted our local health system the occupational therapist came out an assessed L and helped us get our home safe with grab bars etc. But once I told them he wanted to be home for as long as possible they have done everything they can to make that a priority. Since a lot of them do not know much about PSP we are all learning about this together. They also say that anything they tell us is just a suggestion and we are the ones going through this so we can use there suggestions or not - up to us if we feel comfortable with them. I hope things get easier for you soon and I hope you can enjoy your 56 th anniversary somehow.

  • Nana-j he is coming home Wednesday. Took a lot of calling from me and my daughter for them to let him go. Have grab bars in place in both baths. I even took out the sliding glass doors that covered my closet and had a 6 ft steel rod put in so hopefully he can hang on to that. That will take him almost to the commode where I had 2 more grab bars put in on ether side. I am nervous, any suggestions will be appreciated,

  • Thank goodness you are getting him home! What an ordeal you have had. I'm afraid my husband uses a walker all the time but I end up walking behind him and keeping him on track because he tends to hit the walls from one side to the other as he is very unsteady. His eyes are so bad he cannot see very well so he listens to audio books in the mornings. I also help him in the bathroom most times. We had to have extra cushions made for our couch because it was too low for him. We also had a vertical pole installed by the side of the bed and it helps him get in and out of bed. Hope some of this helps you. Not an easy road ahead I'm afraid. One day at a time! Cheers, Jean

  • Jean, Don't know what he can do until he gets home. He says I can walk but not alone since his balance is bad and he tends to lean back. I am thinking bed, to wheel chair to bathroom. When I was with him at rehab today, I made sure to observe how he moves into a sitting position bed and he started to fall back. The bed I am getting is a hospital bed. Vertical pole, not a bad idea. Thanks Jean

  • Sounds like you have done your best to get everything ready for your husband. I am sure you will both be much happier. Take care and hoping all goes well. Jean

  • TY Nana-j

  • He is coming home Wednesday. Nervous but I know with the hospital bed, 2 walkers and 2 wheel chairs. We found out his condition about 3 weeks. Before that no one could diagnose what he had.

  • It's so very hard isn't it. My husband had to go into a care home for two weeks as I was immobile due to a painful back. He fell 6 times. I think it is a fact of life that care homes can't do the 1-1 care we can and those with PSP forget they can't do what they used to. I told the care home they could borrow my camera and monitor but they said they are not permitted to use it. I hope he goes home soon so you can give him the care he deserves.

  • Me 2 NannaB


  • He is still there

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