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Well he has been discharged, last nurse came in the afternoon, last drip given, we have to give him antibiotics liquid for another week, his body must be overflowing with antibiotics. He is still very poorly, chest is making horrible noises, loss of appetite, can't weight bear on his legs, but he has been sleeping all night, which has been good for me. The nurses that came in three times a day were wonderful, so caring, and there time was spent just looking after George. Feel this kind of treatment would be good for a lot of patients, consultant phoned every day, to see how he was, and if I was happy, really good system.

George is sleeping, but I can't did not sleep until 3.30 last night, nurse was coming in at 7.30, felt so tired in the morning, laying I. Bed know not tired, listening to George coughing, can't believe how bad pneumonia was, horrible to see him like that. Hopefully he will get better in time to enjoy Christmas. Big hug to you all. Yvonne xxxxx

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  • Yvonne I'm sending you and you George lots of love and hoping things will now calm now somewhat

    You my darling, must try and sleep when you can, says she awake at 11.15pm and probably still will be in 2 hours lol

    But I do get the odd sneaky lie in

    Big hugs from me x

    Ps I'm so pleased to hear the nurses that came in we're wonderful, good to hear x

  • So glad he is improving, Yvonne. Hopefully being home will help. Try to sleep though. Wrong thing to say - trying hard never gets you to sleep, its being able to relax into it !!! Its all been such a worry for you.

    Lets hope this portends a good Christmas.

    We're just setting off back from Yorkshire. The break has done us both so much good. Hope for a good journey home.

    Love and a big hug, Jean xx

  • Best wishes to you and George. Please remember to rest yourself too.

  • Oh poor George with the pnuemonia....and poor Yvonne for everything else....I am saying prayers of comfort for the both of you. When the nurses come you go! maybe just take a walk It may be cold out so be sure to put your jacket it on.....I know for a fact, based on many of my 3 am nights, that lack of exercise of mind and body does not allow for good rest....take care of yourself so that you don't get what George has!

    i am so glad that you have a good team who seems so concerned and thoughtful to his needs. You take care ...and your vitamin C! ;)


  • So sorry to hear about your husband. It all sounds horribly distressing and your own lack of sleep doesnt help. Ive yet to have anything like that happen to ger. He has escaped so far. Fingers crossed. Mind yourself. Marie

  • So pleased you are getting support at such a difficult time. If you can't sleep at least try and rest never as good bit better than the horrible feeling of watching the clock. I listen to audio books at night , lights off which helps me relax and non off. Take care of yourself. Hope George feEling a little brighter soon.

    hugs xxxx

  • Hi Yvonne, glad George is on the mend. It will take time, even a fully fit person can take a couple of months to fully recover from the effects of Pneumonia. Like others have said, you MUST get some rest. This will have taken a chunk out of your reserves as well. If you are having trouble sleeping, get the GP to prescribe a very mild sleeping pill. I take one now and again, I do hear S if he wakes and can get up to him, if he needs me. Also the one I am on, has no nasty side effects in the morning. Or if you can't do that, ask for a night sitter, so it does give you a break, at least whilst he is recovering from this.

    Sending big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Pleased to hear George is home, this will be so much better for you both.

    Everyone has said wise words about you getting some rest. It will be hard to switch off I know. What do you find helps you relax?

    Will be a long road for recovery after such a bad infection but hope you can see some improvements as the days go past.


  • Pleased to hear George on the mend, hope he carries on improving and you can enjoy your Christmas.

    It's not always easy trying to go to sleep at 'bed time' is it? Try and have a nap if you can during the day

    Love Debbie xxx

  • Glad to hear that you are getting some good care for him. I agree with all the above that you must get some rest. There was a comment from someone about taking a walk. That's probably a great idea. Take a walk, spend some time by yourself and take a deep breath and release all the stress, well at least some of it). Maybe this will relax you a little so that you can get some sleep while one of the carers is there will him.

    Hugs and prayers to you both.

  • Good morning Yvonne, haven't been on for awhile sorry George has been very sick pray for his recovery. ❤️. Nettie

  • Yvonne

    I am glad that George is recovering. My husband had pneumonia in September and it knocked him for six! He is only beginning to seem better now. Like George he lost his weight bearing ability. So don't expect him to be well quickly.

    Please take care of yourself as this is so difficult for you. I struggle to sleep too. So now when I find things going through my mind I tell myself to stop and go to sleep and I will think about whatever is on my mind tomorrow. Most of the time it works!

    Rest at night and try to switch off.

    Love to you and George.

    Marie x

    By the way what system did you have with nurses and consultant? Don't know if I missed an email as I don't know what you mean.

  • Glad to hear that he is home and getting the care that he needs and deserves.

  • Dear Yvonne,

    We were an antibiotics for a week but now he's failing again, just like George, the coughing and restlessness are so hard to manage.

    Hospice comes today but Charles is a little better so I am looking forward to the Holidays which I really don't like much but a reprieve for a day or two.

    Funny how all of us here appreciate a little break and then it starts all over again. I'll be thinking of both you and praying things improve a bit.



  • So glad George is back home. It takes a while to recover. Try to get some rest yourself. Pray that by Christmas all this will be better and you all have a wonderful time. hugs to both of you.

  • Thank you all for your kind wishes, he looks much better today, big hugs to you all xxxxxx

  • Had a family meeting with the children tonight, it was very sad, talking about George not being well, how he is going downhill, talked about were he wished to be buried, which we need to talk to him about, so sad when the children spoke about George, some good things some not so good, all the old memories, come flooding back, some good some sad, just can't get my head around, when he has gone, don't really want to think about it, but I need too. Children saying I should get some outside interests, but I don't want to, what do you do, after when you have been left alone, after all the years spent together? Sad evening with my three beautiful children, they are so sensible, we did something right xxxxx

  • Its good that you were all able to share good and sad memories.

    It pulls you all together.

    They want you to prepare for the future. Perhaps its enough at present to start thinking about some interests you could follow or old friends you could contact. No rush.

    They sound very caring and, as you say something you did right together !!

    A comforting hug from Jean xxx

  • Thank you jean hope all is ok with you? Xxxxx

  • At present we are in a settled period. Making most of it !!!


  • Good it's so good when things just go along smoothly, GP came into today to see George everything ok, he is really getting tired, so just taking it easy, Christmas is going to be here before we know it xx.

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