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Well after our hospital visit George is really done in. He had a test on his bladder, they took out the catheter, put in a smaller tube and a tube up his back passage, he was so uncomfortable, they found that his bladder was twisted, that is why his is getting the pains in his groin, he has to go into hospital, and they are going to put in a super pubic catheter, and inject Botox into his bladder, to see if the can straighten the bladder.  Since they put back the catheter it has been leaking, another phone call to the community nurse.  Has anyone got constipation? George has not been for a week, tried all different things, any suggestions? Yvonne xxxxx

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  • When my ex was very poorly after an op he had, we gave him hot orange juice which seemed to do the trick! Just be careful not to boil it. Hope that helps xx

  • Hi Yvonne

    My dad has this problem

    Hasn't been for 10 days!

    Try 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice, it often works for dad although this time it hasn't

    Beware though it could be very runny poo

    Oh the conversations we have....

    Good luck

    Big hugs x

  • Yvonne

    Oh gosh, a twisted bladder? That sounds very, very painful. For constipation we do apple sauce, prunes, activia, miralax, magnesium citrate (less then a 1/4 cup and only if he hasn't been in a few days--last thing I try), spinach salad, apples, OJ, etc.

    Good luck with the next procedure.


  • For D I do movicol in orange juice you could give up to 8 a day chilli con carne for his meal followed by stewed apple.I had this problem while having chemo and found Big Tom tomato juice with chilli did the trick but D doesn't like it but I found it really nice.Good luck Px

  • Can't help with the bladder but B. had the other problem. Was prescribed Movicol but proved to be a bit atomic! Physio then suggested daily cod liver oil and flax seed capsules which seem to be helping.

  • Maximum dose of Lactulose cleared C's 7 day supply!!!!!!!   Now he he's gone the other way, every day, several times a day 😫


  • Ground (or milled) linseed(flaxseed) sprinkled into porridge, gravy, or any other likely food.

    Physillium seed husk is also good, as is bran fibre.

    Once the constipation is resolved, I would suggest getting some of the above into his diet every day as a maintenance dose.

    Those tests sounded horrid. I hope it works x

  • Poor olde George!  Hope they can sort him out quickly.  Never heard of a twisted bladder, is it yet another thing that can happen to immobile people?

    As for constipation,  S now has Lactulose, twice a day and the district nurse comes in three times a week to give him an enema!  Also, I give him loads of prunes, figs and apricots, plus mixed seeds with his porridge.  Speak to your GP and get your DN's involved.

    Lots of love


  • Ouch!  That has to be painful.   Poor George.  Give him a big hug for me.  Just don't squeeze him around the waist.

    I thought seriously about the the super pubic catheter, as Kim gets a lot of UTI's from having a Foley inserted or from me straight catheterizing her.   She's actually got a UTI right now and we're treating her with antibiotics.    Decided against the super pubic, as they said she could still get a UTI and then she'd have one more tube permanently dangling from her waist area, as she already has a PEG.

    Kim gets REALLY constipated.  Her norm is to go about every 5-8 days, with the longest stint being 18 days.  I've tried everything.  Often switching to something new would work the first time, but then never consistent.  I give her Senna twice a day, along with a fiber supplement.   Hospice provided me with Lactulose, but it is so sticky and gummy that she can't swallow it and when I've tried putting it through her PEG, it stops it up and is almost impossible to clean it out.

    So many things with this disease.   I don't know which one is worse!   I think the inability to communicate is the one that affects me the most.   How I miss our talks and sharing what's on our minds.

    Love to all.


  • It's hard for Charles to take capsules so I try fiber in Oatmeal, but some of these other ideas are worth a try.

  • Cc.

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