Relaxed and ready to continue

I've just had a great 5 days of being waited on and spoilt. My brother and sister in law have just left after staying with us since last Thursday and it has been so good. Cups of tea and coffee made for me, meals cooked for me when we didn't eat out or order a takaway , washing up done ( they don't have a dishwasher so were happy to wash and wipe up), sitting with C so I could pop out for a while to a friend and also spend uninterrupted time gardening to come in when my dinner was on the table. When we went out they put down the ramps and folded them up again, locked up the house and helped me strap the chair into the car, reversing all actions on our return. We had proper conversations and lots of laughter. Before they left they stripped the bed and put the laundry in the washing machine.

I still did most things for C although they were happy to hold the tissues when he coughed, wheel the hoist in when required and numerous other things. They have probably gone home exhausted but I feel great.

I would highly recommend having helpful people to stay. I didn't have to worry about packing, everything we needed was here, C could sleep in his own bed and I don't have a weeks worth of washing to do. Another bonus, it didn't cost the earth.

When they were here I gave them a key and they went out several times to visit my sister in law's relations so we had some time to ourselves.

When they left they said if I'd have them, could they come in November. Of course it was a great big YES!


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  • Don't suppose they would like a trip to not very sunny Devon would they ?

  • Hey, I could be their agent and hire them out.


  • I thoroughly agree NannaB! My son tries to come and stay every few months. They don't do anything for S, but, the washing up gets done. People to talk to, and my son is an expert at opening the wine, even before I ask!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh yes! I forgot to mention the wine and as my brother likes to cook with it, you can't have open bottles left around for long can you?


  • Silly question, of course not!!!!

    Lots of love


  • How sweet to hear! I'm very glad for you - and a bit envious, of course. What a lovely brother and sister-in-law. (Your parents must have done a good job raising you both.) Thanks for the day-brightener! Love, Ec

  • Good help like that is so valuable. Can feel the relaxation and happiness in your words.

  • Very happy for you!!

  • Me to NannaB my brother and sister in law are lovely, I really miss them when they go home, glad you had a rest. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • How Idyllic , so pleased for you ,xx

  • How nice ! We have a similar situation in Yorkshire. It is our house and my family visit and support us. It is a relief to just be there although we are so far from London so we miss all that.

    Glad you are feeling so good. We won't be at the meeting on Weds. but perhaps we could meet ?

    Love, Jean x

  • This is how I cope. Or have done til now. My daughter arrived late last night so I now have 'permanent' help on hand and feel so good. Past two months with no guests has been really hard. Helpful guests beat paid for carers hands down in my book.

  • I quite agree. May you feel a new you now your daughter is there to help.


  • After a mere. 24 hours I do feel like a new me. We bought a wheelchair for C today and he has been trundled around his garden several times already. Tomorrow night a French female friend of my daughter arrives and next Monday we'll celebrate her birthday. So life is definitely looking rosier now I am no longer alone.

  • I'm so pleased you have someone else with you now. It's so much easier to cope when you have others to share your daily duties and someone else to have conversations with and laugh with.


  • That's much like when my brother and sister in law comes to stay Bev , it's like having a kitchen fairy . I bet you really enjoy those meals , I know I do .

    I often think if I had the money I would employ a couple . build an annexe wher they could live . have use of a car which they could use as long a if and when needed would take me somewhere . I wouldn't b pe difficult to work for for .

    They could help with the garden or any odd jobs . when all those things are done you have more time and energy to do the things needed for your loved one .

  • I have a friend with a very large house. Before PSP a group of us all decided when we were old we would all move in together and help each other. We had a laugh about it and what we would get up to. Not sure they would want us with PSP though but it would be so much easier with others around.


  • yes I often think I would like that .

    our local council were going to build a complex with two bedroom apartments with wide corridors and wider doors for over 60s I believe .

    everyone had a chance to tell them what things they would like to have . not a big place . A dining room a room for nurse or Go visits ,

    It all fell through .. They were to buy , in a really nice place would have been perfect own front doo with patios etc


  • It appears that I have deleted a post that came up yesterday morning concerning CHC . I can't find it anywhere .

    Would you have seen it and know who it was so that I can look it up please .

  • Sorry, I can't find the post you mean. Will keep looking though.


  • Ok thanks .

  • Heady posted that she has "passed " the first stage of getting CHC and is hopeful

    Jean x

  • Yes, it's good they have got to the next stage. Here's hoping they get it eventually and it doesn't take too long. I'm awaiting a call from one of our son's who will be coming soon. As soon as I know when, I'll be in touch to see when we can get together. There were lots there today and several new couples?

    See you soon.


  • Glad the meeting is prospering. Let me know when you can make it. #love, Jean x

  • good on yer nanna b im really glad that you had a good time you really deserve it

    mate its nice to be pampered now and again matey isn't it ;;; well mate did you get pampered as well i certainly hope so col you are most important without you there would be no need for anyone to come around and pamper you would there ;;;;;;;;;;; see yer mate take care peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke

  • Yes, Peter Jones, Colin was pampered as well and I think he enjoyed listening to our silly conversations. He certainly laughed at some of the things we said.

    I'm back to making my own tea and cooking my own meals again but it was great while it lasted.

    Nanna B and Colin 👍👍

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