69th birthday yesterday

69th birthday yesterday

My darling was 69 yesterday and we are both exhausted after a hectic but very enjoyable few days. His celebrations began Sunday lunchtime with the arrival of our eldest son, wife and two sons, 4 & 6. The boys came in with gas filled balloons, "So grandad can see them when he lies in bed". They let go of them above his head and all laughed as the strings were a bit long and touched C's nose. C made his laughing noise. We cut the strings a bit shorter. By this morning, unfortunately, they had lost all the gas but it was good while it lasted. On Monday we all went to a play park and it was so good having others to help transfer C to his wheelchair. I took the PEG pump with me so was able to enjoy the posh picnic bought by our youngest son and his wife who joined us in the park.

When we got home my brother and his wife arrived as well as a very dear friend who brought C an early birthday present of a tub of ice cream which he has already sampled.

Yesterday 2 of the boys and families were all here when we also had four other friends arrived, my brother and wife called again and we had 5 phone calls. The comment from one of our sons was, "And we were worried you would be alone".

I was really touched at the thought that went into gifts. As well as the ice cream he had a very nice body spray and shower gel. The boys clubbed together to get a photo put on canvas. It was of all the family which was taken at the recent wedding we couldn't attend. They also gave him "The beach in a box". It was a variety of pebbles of different shapes and sizes so C can hold them and feel the shapes, a perfumed sea salt candle, a wooden starfish, again very tactile, 3 CDs all with music and songs connected to the sea, and a stick of rock they said I can put on his tongue so he can taste the mint...not sure about that but will try. He also had new hand and bath towels and a bottle of Bailys. Several of his cards were sound cards, birdsong, and music. I didn't hang them up. He also had 3 ecards I was able to show him on my iPad.

By 3pm yesterday everyone had gone as our eldest son and family had a 3 1/2 hour journey home and we both flopped and slept for two hours. Our middle son telephoned on the evening and was on the phone for an hour. I was sitting outside C's room on the patio in the moonlight and our son was sitting in a field having erected his dome for yet another festival.

So the birthday celebrations have ended for another year and everything is back to "normal" and it was great while it lasted.


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  • That sounds like heaven NannaB. A very happy belated birthday wishes to Colin. It lovely when people pull out all the stops, to make a day special, glad they succeeded!

    Lots of love


  • That sounds like a perfect day, what is it about men and ice cream !


  • i agree nannna b



    pa o i forgoh bout online p arty last night until it too late

  • Let's schedule another one, please! It isn't a party without you, Jill!

  • Ditto


  • Thanks Jill. We both missed the party them. Never mind, next time!


  • I did too! Did we actually schedule one? Cuz I did not no about it till it was happening.

  • It was mentioned some time ago but I missed the confirmed date.


  • It sounds as if you made Colin's birthday very special. Bless you and yours NannaB ! You are a true warrior and I pray for the same courage๐Ÿ˜‡

    Hugs from Rita & Joe in the Big Apple

  • NannaB sounds such a lovely treat for Colin, so nice when all the family make an effort, sounds like you all had a busy few days, ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  • Yes I definitely needed that afternoon snooze.


  • Hugs to you too Rita and Joe


  • Meant to say belated birthday wishes to Colin ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  • Thanks Yvonne


  • Awe sounds lovely NannaB

    I'm pleased everyone made the effort to make Colin's birthday celebrations memorable


  • oh thank you for sharing your birthday with us Colin! Your wife did a fine job describing what a lovely, fun day you had. So is there any Baily's left!!hahaha

    Bev It sounds like you and C had the perfect day with a perfect family and friends celebrating inn absolute merriment. I can imagine how exhausted you were at the end of the day ; but a good exhaustion at that. It's days like these that help us get through everything else...

    Thank You again for including us in Cs party!


  • Yes, still Bailys left as we still have 1/2 a bottle already opened. He will have some on ice cream tonight.


  • Wonderful :)

    Liz n Kevin

  • Sounds like a birthday full of fun and love. X

  • How great to have so many sensitive presents for Colin. It sounds lovely and warm !!!

    love, Jean x

  • So glad you all had a wonderful time and so many happy memories were made. It makes me feel happy reading and sharing in all the happy posts. xx

  • yummy!!! Baileys and ice-cream! Yum, Yum!!! Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. And what fantastic memories with your family - I must admit, I love it when all our children and their families come over here - its the noise level, the laughter and the talking that makes it all seem really good!!


  • Same here BindiLeech, it takes me back to how our house used to be every day when the boys were still here.


  • Didn't get chance to read the messages yesterday, happy belated birthday To Colin, sounds like he had a very special day xx

  • Thanks Debbieann. It was good.


  • Wonderful to read about such a happy time. Thanks

  • Yes, we do still have them and I appreciate them more now. Last Thursday C had another "neurological blip". Erratic breathing, unresponsive and with a temperature of 103. It lasted 48 hours. So when he came out of it on Saturday evening it was such a relief knowing the family were coming the next day. By Sunday he was totally back to "normal" and indicated he was OK and enjoying himself. That roller coaster again.


  • I am catching up with all the posts . So sorry Its a, all over the place Bev. Do you temember John was getting no response blips. would have then for days .

    It's a bit like lapses only for much longer .there are a few in Johns family who suffer with seizures. I do wonder how closely related they may be to Parkinsons ,

    Seizures can make you very tired can't they . Although is Colin really sleeping when he is like it John isn't ...at least not all the time ,.

    Does Colin have jumps and jerks when he is in that state ..

    At least with the peg u can continue feeding and hydrating then. I am assuming you can . .

  • Yes I still feed and hydrate when he is out of it. Occasionally his legs jerk but not always. Like John, Colin isn't always asleep when he appears to be. Today friends came round and thought he was asleep but I asked him to lift his thumb if he was away and he did.


  • Happy belated Birthday wishes to Colin, sounds like a wonderful day xx

  • Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend, with a a thoughtful and caring family, more lovely memories to keep. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  • What an awesome birthday! Please wish him a belated birthday from your friend in Kentucky.


  • Will do, thanks.


  • How lovely, how wonderful and what a great memory to hold on to.

    You are strong and special to all of us here.



  • Thanks Cuttercat. This is a very special site. I don't know what I'd do without you all.


  • Absolutely! In every way, every day.

    Thank you!


  • A day full of memory making... wonderful. Happy Birthday (:

  • Thanks Daddyt.


  • How lovely. I love thoughtful gifts that show you people care enough to think what might eSe you. Ron got a Kodak picture frame . The children email him pictures from their smart phones of the grandchildren what they are doing. some older pictures of when Ron could still ride the little ones on his shoulders. The way he looks at them and notices that there are new ones never ceases to amaze me. I keep it plugged in next to his easy recliner and he loves to hold it and watch the pictures go by it can be

    Timed to the speed comfortable to watch and paused at any time by tapping the screen.Glad you had a great birthday. Time to gear up for the next event .

  • Those electronic photo frames are brilliant aren't they.


  • Can colin see. , John doesn't open often the can see very little part from spacial awareness I thi his sight is blurred . .

    He is even struggling with the sound from the TV now .

    I often turn I off apo R down v low .

  • I don't think Colin can see very well. I do show him things when he opens his eyes. He does appear to watch the TV sometimes but I put radio 4 on for him a lot now.


  • Noella, What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing it

    Best JGC

  • How lovely, NannaB and what thoughtful gifts indeed!

    My darling will be 60 in October and I am in a quandary in what to do.

    I may have an open house so that anyone who wants to, will visit.I am sure people will want to see him but be very unsure as to what would be appropriate so this may be the answer........I think!

    Best wishes to you both


  • I think an open house will be a brilliant idea DenB. Colin's turned into one although it wasn't planned. In the past we have had lots, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or just because I wanted one. I think that is why folk called in on C's birthday but as it wasn't planned, they just got drinks and biscuits instead of the food I have provided in the past.

    You have a couple of months to think about it but it sounds good to me.


  • Wonderful, I have tears reading this so beautiful xxx

  • So lovely to hear about C's birthday celebrations, what a wonderful family you have , so many thoughtful presents. I know we all have tough times so itt is good to have happy times creating new memories. A rest must now be required!!!!


  • I had an afternoon doze 2 days running Tippyleaf.


  • Nanna, Belated Birthday wishes to Colin from us! You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family! This is one you will hold on to forever-I know I will. Thank you for making all of us a part of his special day. It made my night!

    Wishing you some much needed ZZZZZZZZ's!

    xo Jayne

  • Thanks goldcap.


  • Sorry I'm so late with this but Happy Birthday Colin! Glad you had a lovely day with lots of special treats from all the family.

    Vicki x

  • Thanks Vicki. I hope you are OK.


  • thank you so much for sharing with us, glad it was such a good time for you all. We really make the most of these moments with family don,t we?. love may b.x

  • O I missed Colins birthday so sorry , pleas e wish him belated birthday wishes from us , X hugs .

    I a, still losing my place with the last. Post .

    John gets the same problem with breathing . He gets anxious and had panic attacks when it happens. . He does get frightened .

    They started a long time ago . I would lay beside him and find myself copying his breathing ..

    I googled parkinsons weird breathing patterns . There it was ,

    The breathing is quieter these days but he gets the attacks of panini too often .

    His drooling is awful and he keep clenching his lips with is making him even more tense as if he is to trying to stem the flow of drool . It appears he is clenching then freezing . But what do I know . It's all guess work isn't it .he cannot explain anything . X

  • Colin clenches his lips if I want him to open his mouth to clean his teeth or use the suction machine. He is ok if he is eating his yoghurt in the morning. Weird isn't it?


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