A good time was had by all.

A good time was had by all.

A couple of weeks ago I rang our local garden centre to book a Christmas meal with my 2 brothers and their wives. I said I wanted a table for 6 but only 5 Christmas meals as my husband has to have everything liquidized. "No problem" I was told. We can do that for you.

Yesterday we arrived at the crowded restaurent. Amongst all the tables there was one with a gold and white tablecloth, crackers and napkins. They had left enough room for the wheelchair so we didn't have to worry about disturbing others. Colin had pumpkin soup with soaked bread to start with, no choking, and then the main course arrived. Everything had been liquidized separately and made to look attractive on the plate. For pudding he had lemon posset with raspberries and they had strained the raspberries through a sieve to take out the pips. Nothing was too much trouble for them even though the restaurant was full. We appeared to be the only ones having the Christmas meal but it is a bit early in the month. Our meals were superb as well. We were so impressed that my sister in law, who isn't backward in coming forward, walked up to the kitchen door and called out, where is the head chef. He appeared looking startled and she complimented him and said what a difference he had made. He said, "Thank you so much. What a relief, when you called out, I thought you were going to hit me".

So, a very good time was had by all.

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  • Brilliant! What a "good news" story!



  • You gave me an idea, so I have just sent a letter of thanks to the local newspaper via email.


  • A lovely post to start my week..Thank you,



  • Wow, I think you be naming this place! Sounds a real gem! Although, you might not want too many people knowing your secret place. Definitely a place to revisit!!!

    Lots of love


    Ps sorry about typing errors, I wish HEALTHUNLOCKED would hurry up and find this fault!!!

  • I agree with you about correcting the fault. It's so annoying reading a post I have written and finding a fault near the beginning. I'm not deleting it all to correct one mistake. I think I'll contact the tech people again.


  • hi nannab

    a great story

    many thanks for that

    lol Jill


  • Wonderful. Re my earlier post, Chris still eats 'normal' food although I now ensure it is all 'wet' - a sauce with every dish - and have to restrain him from overfilling his mouth. I dread him losing his mobility as I do not know how I will cope with a heavy man and a heavy wheel chair.

  • Colin was and still is a heavy man. I had to buy an electric wheelchair as my back kept letting me down. If Colin could have controlled it himself, the chair would have been provided by the NHS and then I could pay for it to be converted to carer control once he couldn't drive it any more. We went for the assessment but he couldn't do the diving test so we were rejected. The chair cost a fortune but it has given us a new lease of life so well worth it.


  • How wonderful! Sometimes you surprised bu the thoughtfulness of others. What a special gift and spirit! Merry Christmas! God is good!

  • He is. Sometimes when things are going really bad, when I am tired, when Colin decides to try to walk and falls over, when we don't make it to the toilet on time etc etc, it is easy to forget the good things He gives us but then something will happen to really brighten our day and it makes me want to say thank you.


  • What a lovely story and good start to christmas. We are frequently warmed by the responses of people. There are many people who care but don't necessarily know how to respond. We have a grandson with Downs and people on the whole are very good. What a wonderful restaurant to take so much care. Was it the one at Sevenoaks ? Jean

  • Yes, on the whole people do care. It was Notcutts in Pembury, near the hospital.


  • how lovely Nanna b , It's things like that that makes a world of difference . so much less stressful to sit back and be able to enjoy yourself . well done that garden centre .

    as a matter of the fact the garden centre I use to go to with my daughter , it was such a treat for me , it burnt down and has been closed now for a year , One time I had lunch there liver and onions dinner , it was so nice I asked of it was possible for me to have one put up to take home to my husband . it was no trouble at all I paid and they said when I was ready to leave they it would be ready . it was piping hot laid out of foil plate and covered with double foil .hence I didn't have to cook when I got back home .

    thankfully it is reopening in the summer of.next year , O cannot wait.

    patz. try not to worry about the future , you cannot change it . but if your husband does get worse there are all sorts of things that they provide to make life easier .

    I am coming up 78 my husband is 81 and 13 stone . we have portable ceiling hoists over his hospital bed which is now in the dining room , we did have to part with some furniture . but he ho he is still with me . The other hoist is over his chair in the lounge . he is hoisted in and out of bed into wheelchair which I then wheel into the other room and rehouse into his armchair until he needs the toilet and then I can hoist him onto a commode chair .

    I am. Or saying it was easy but I did eventually work out how to handle everything . be confident There are ways around most things . I am sure you have all found out this yourselves lol..

    don't be put off and accept second best . we were lucky in as much as we were given an excellent OT . it took three different commode before we got it right but now I quietly thank her for sticking with us every time I us

    We it ..

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