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The Adventures of Georgepa part 2

Well I am here and not disappointed . Apart from the arrival of electricity and wi-fi very little has changed- so much that I recognise from over 60 years ago . I suppose because of the steep sided valley there is no room for development- a few more tarted up holiday homes I suppose but that is only to be expected .I am sitting in my room with the window open listening to the river as it hustles and bustles its way down to Lynmouth splashing over rocky ledges into shallow and sometimes not so shallow pools . A constant conversation of water .Already I feel great unwinding of tension which I don't think I realised was there- I am in another place far far away . I have walked down the river and found Long Pool and it is exactly as I remembered it -dark deep and slightly forbidding as it carves its way between sheer grey stone walls with overhanging trees which seem to be rooted in rock .I shall go back tomorrow when the light is better and look into its depths and who knows maybe I shall strike lucky and catch a glimpse of Salar The salmon .I have stopped to think how V is managing and I miss having her beside me to enjoy the moment but the I also have a feeling of guilty relief to think that just for a while the burden of responsibility has been taken away .For now it is the song of the river which hopefully will send me into a deep and undisturbed sleep .Tomorrow the adventure continues .

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I am so glad it is all as you remembered. Sounds and looks idyllic. Make the most of this precious interlude and replenish your resources !!

Enjoy, Jean x


That was a beautiful description. I hope you are writing these things down or possibly saving them to write a book. I felt like I was sitting right there and I have never been out of the United States. Enjoy!!


Whoops ! Answered your other post before reading this one. It sounds idyllic. Have a wonderful time.

Enjoy x


Oh my goodness, you write so beautifully! I could almost smell the river water :)

Sleep well.



Oh I LOVE Lynton and Lynmouth area, beautiful , hope you have a peaceful couple of days to recharge the batteries. X


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