Adventures of Georgepa part 1

A strange calm has descended on our household - V seems to accept the need for me to have a break but explaining who is coming in and when has been a nightmare even though I have written it all out .Our main carer who is doing the bulk of the staying with V texted me and said was I all ready to go and had I packed . Packed ? Not yet occurred to me so I suppose I should think about it . It seems so odd to be doing something without V , we have rarely been apart in 47 years of marriage .Packing for one - a new experience - usually I throw a few things in a case and then have to get a bigger one to take all the things V can't get in hers - she was never a light traveller .The cat's been sulking all day- she knows something is up .Well I suppose I should put some things together . Whether I shall be able to keep you up to date I don't know . The last time I stayed in Rockford there was no electricity- the house was lit by gas and paraffin lamps . I think the pub had a generator which went at rather intermittent speeds consequently the lighting fluctuated between nearly bright and very dim - but maybe things have moved on - I rather hope not .Wi-fi ? who knows I very much doubt there will even be a mobile signal .I shall have to rely on my sister who is known as Technogran by her grandchildren because of her love of gadgetry - puts me to shame- I don't even have a smart phone - well I do but it is still in its box and there it is going to stay - upgrade indeed .I think I am writing so much rubbish to avoid looking at the empty grip on the floor beside me - now will I need two pairs of socks or should I take three just in case .

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  • George Enjoy the time out, my second respite is next week hope I can pack

    M properly this time as I had to go back and forth to the nursing home 3-4 times with missing items, and laundry marker. I am off to Madrid with a choir, been trying to prepare her for no contact for a week hope it has gone in. It sounds as though you exmoor retreat is equally cut off. Enjoy the break and hope the batteries get recharged. Hope V relaxes and does not get too anxious.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Oh you are a singer, Tim? What kind of choir is it?

  • Hi I am a second Bass in a small chamber choir, we are about 20 voices but for a remote part of Wales quite international: 2 Italians, Hungarian, Swiss, Japanese, German and Texan (interestingly she says that than US) rest of us are Brit. Mainly Choral music from Renaissance to very modern, but also madrigals. Concerts in Madrid cover music by Byrd, Haydn, Vaughan Williams, Brittern. Choir is my last outside interest and social contact luckily sitting service and friends help release me for rehearsals and concerts M does not like the style of music refers to it as dirges. Music keeps my brain from going mush. Do you do any music?


  • Oh that sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you have that outlet for yourself. I was exposed to many diverse musical genres in high school A Cappella choir. I know eons ago, but it has definitely stayed with me. I wish I had copies of all the sheet music from then. I play the piano although rather sketchy these days. I was a second soprano and alto. Now I'm an alto and tenor in my church choir, the few times I actually am able to make it there. :)

    Yesterday I was humming a song that popped into my head from days of yore. Four Strong Winds. Sort of a "dirge". And She Walks in Beauty Like the Night, from a beautiful poem.

    Will there be any recordings of your concerts we could access online?

  • Thanks I wish I could play the piano, can one finger a part but not multi fingure and certainly not 2 handed. I remember the poem of She walks in of Byron's descriptive love poems from school, being a lad never really understood it. Never heard the song though. Know what you mean about difficulty getting out together. There are a few recordings on YouTube, search for amici del canto mainly from 3 yr ago. Being bass usually well hidden occaisional view of a bearded blunder on back row. I know what you mean about regretting binning sheet music but I have had too not enough space. Especially when I inherited my mother's hoard last yr. anyway enjoy your day.


  • Thanks, Tim, you too!

  • Hey Georgepa - it can't be easy, packing just for you, and thinking of what to do, just for you. But you'll be bringing back stories of adventures, memories recaptured or not, and V will live them through you. You won't be gone very long, now get on with it, get packing, and I would take three pairs in case you fall in that river ;-)

    Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Lieve xx

  • Have a lovely time Georgepa, the break will do you the world of good!

    Love....Pat xx

    P.S. I would take three pairs just in case!

  • Have a lovely lovely time, George. Rest and breathe. We will look forward to hearing from you when you get back. Travel happily, Easterncedar

  • Have a lovely time with your sister Georgepa. Relax and Enjoy. Two pairs will be enough, it will be so hot you can go sock less if necessary....well, maybe.


  • I vote for three pair. Better over than under? :)

    Have a great time Georgepa. I know it must be so hard to go since you two have always been so close. But know that you are doing this for her and you. I know you will come back much relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Best wishes for a safe and happy visit.


    Oh, and maybe some pictures of the area?

  • Take 3 of everything in case of because only 1 person you have more room. Have a good time and don't feel guilty as you need this for her as well as you. Enjoy and come back smiling.

  • George have an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it , when you come back, V will be fine and you will come back refreshed, you need this break. I would also take 3 pairs of socks.

    Enjoy Yvonne xxxxxxx

  • Enjoy your respite, take three pairs as one can double up for mittens if the weather turns! Enjoy your time and come back with a new lease of life. Xx

  • Have a great time. Socks don't take much room but I always am surprised at how few

    things I need on a chill out holiday. I don't know whether that just shows I'm a slob !

    love, Jean



  • good one sha sha mate peter jones queensland austraiia or perhaps I have a funny sense of humour mate C yer matey regards to fred hows it going fred ok I hope;;;;;;;;; have you done anymore wood chopping for the coming winter mate take it easy matey won't you ''''''''' peter

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