Calamity Georgepa

Disaster - I have broken my leg - I have never broken a single bone in my body in my life and I have to go and do it now ! V was being got up by her carers yesterday morning and I took the opportunity to slip up to my allotment to water my tomatoes . On the way back I stepped slightly off the path to avoid a singularly vicious bunch of nettles turned my ankle over and heard the most alarming cracking sound from said region . Needless to say this was the one day I didn't have my mobile phone with me ( actually that's not true I often forget it ) so I had to limp back to the car feeling very nauseous and drive home , fortunately not far .

Well to cut along story short I managed to get hold of Hospice care and they had a space for V , my carers rallied round magnificently and drove V in our wagon to the hospice and deposited me into A& E . X-rays showed I have snapped the fibula and so I am plastered to the knee and am not allowed to put any weight on it for two weeks . What a bummer !! It is quite extraordinary as to what you can't do on crutches with a trailing leg but I am learning to adapt fast . A bootle of wine in a shoulder bag with a glass saw me through yesterday evening ( helped get the paracetamol and ibuprofen down ) but cereals and milk in the morning was challenge .

V's carers now seem to be looking after me- and that's a strange turn around ( I am a very bad patient ) One of them said " well George we have all said you need a break " and then was horrified at what she said - I actually thought it was very funny . Anyway I know V is safe in the hospice and we will gradually evolve a plan but in reality the whole thing is a nightmare and I think I have only just realised how close to the edge I am because I keep feeling very emotional (man description of "tearful" ).

My lovely daughter Kate is pulling out all the stops and arriving tomorrow to minister to her ageing and decrepit parents - I personally think the time has come to put us both in a boat and push us out to sea .

Well that's it , what more can I say- life is full of unexpected turns and surprises - this just happens to be one I could have done without - big time .!

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  • Oh no George! I'm so sorry to hear this. At least V is well looked after at the hospice and it sounds as if everyone is rallying round to look after you too - well done Kate. What would we all do without our wonderful children?

    Perhaps the upside will be that you can put your feet/foot up for a bit and enjoy your lovely garden - and the wine!

    Vicki x

  • Oh no. Not on top of all your other worries. It's probably what they call a mixed blessing. You just need to rest. End of. Take care of yourself. Marie

  • Awh so sorry for the pain but make the most of the rest.You are not that far away so I see the watering is being done from on high! V might be looked after well but she will appreciate you when she gets home I am sure.



    ;LOL JIL


  • Oh Georgepa, what a nightmare. I hope the hospice can keep V for as long as you need them to, quite a few weeks I presume. I hope you keep the pain under control...and the carers. I'm sorry I did smile to myself (just a little smile I promise) when I read you had broken your leg and then said you decided slip to up to the allotment, an appropriate word, slip, I think.

    I hope you have some good adjoining allotmenters that can keep yours under control a bit while you are absent.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers Georgepa and I'll raise a glass to you both tonight.


  • Oh George. I'm so sorry. I'm sure the " break " will do you good but its bad timing really.

    I'm afraid you will just have to lay back and think of England !!!

    Love from Jean xx

  • Now there's thought to conjure with !

  • O so sorry George I hope it mends very quickly. Thinking of you,

  • Dear George, that must have been the most shocking feeling and awful realization at the moment of the break. You did well to soldier on home and get the help necessary for V. What a trouper you are. Now, as everyone says, you really HAVE to rest and let yourself be coddled a bit. I can imagine this was a message from a kindly Providence to that effect, and you might as well take it that way! Read, sleep, enjoy some time with your very lovely daughter. Love and peace, Ec

  • George I am so sorry about what has happened to you and to V. I hope she settles in ok. She will miss you though. The rest will do you good if you will allow it to? Have a cry if you want to. Feel sorry for yourself too! It's allowed you know? Just because you are a man doesn't mean you don't feel awful. You will and angry with yourself too. Have a good cry and lots of sleep!

    It's sods law isn't it that you should break a bone? Also young man I don't know how the hell you were able to drive your car!! Make sure from now on you take your mobile with you too! Typical man!!

    Sorry but I had a laugh at what the carer said to you about needing a break! I thought it was funny too! It's the kind oif thing I would say I have to admit! 😊

    So now you rest and do as you are told!! That I would love to see but you really should. That bone needs to knit so don't do anything daft?

    Really sorry George and sorry for V too. At least she didn't have time to think about it too much? Glad your daughter is coming to see you.

    Lots of love to you. I was waiting for a photo of you trying to eat that red clematis too!!

    You will now have to get a Postal Vote for yourself and V do you realise that? No going to the polling station now but every vote counts? So there's a job for you. Ring the council if you haven't already?

    Keep in contact with all of us? No excuse now as you can't do anything! Relax but don't drink too much, or you might end up with another broken bone!!

    Marie x

  • Sorry to hear a out this, George, but it looks like your need for a rest has been taken out of your hands and no need for guilt. I know you will worry about V but I am sure your daughter will visit her and keep you posted on her progress. Hope you mend quickly. Take care.


  • Omg Georgepa!! What an absolute nightmare!! You poor poor sausage!! I'm pleased the hospice are taking care of V! Now my lovely, please, please, please take good care of yourself!! This is definitely something you didn't need!! When the main carer goes down it's crap, I know! Hugs, huge ones! ❤️ X

  • I love that you still manage to make me laugh despite your bad fortune. It's so quickly done, breaking something - the healing is something else... If anyone wants to take care of you, I'd say go for it! Store the cupboards/fridge/freezer with easy to prepare/eat stuff (wine included) and rest that leg. Best healing wishes to you xxx

  • George so sorry to hear you have broken your leg. Know it is your turn to relax and look after yourself George, V will be well looked after at the hospice. Kate is a lovely daughter you are very luck George. Take care rest and think about yourself for once. Yvonne xxxx

  • I bet the look on your carers face was priceless! Gave me a giggle. George, I know the timing stinks, but I think this is the man upstairs, way of telling you, to take that much needed "break". V will be fine and you will get her back home, BUT ONLY, if you finally do as you are told.✈️🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷✈️.

    See you Monday.

    Lots of love


  • Thank you all for your kind messages - I am the worlds worst patient ,doing as I am told is not part of my vocabulary but I will endeavour to do nearly as I am told . I was visited this afternoon by an old friend who is an ankle knee and whatever specialist theatre nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital . He read me the riot act . His first words were "get that leg elevated higher " . Then he looked at the bottom of the plaster and said "you've been standing on it and I can tell because it is dirty " . I didn't stand a chance " dust blowing in the breeze " did not wash . I think I am going to be nagged to death by my sister and carers . I am surrounded by bossy women - lovely but terrifying .

    I know V will be well looked after in the Hospice but its not the same is it . They find it difficult to interpret what she is saying whereas I have years of practice and understand all her foibles .

    What a mess , my friend reckoned it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I can weight bear so God only knows what we can do . And if it is him upstairs trying to make me have a rest then I think his timing is poor and he needs a reality check !

    I did wonder if I could have a wooden leg fitted like they do in films with pirates, leg bent up behind and then leg strapped to knee then I could weight bear on my knee and could also get a parrot - always fancied one - don't know why and I could teach it to say rude things about PSP - what do you think ?

  • You'd be like Dudley Moore being a one-legged Tarzan !!!

    I'm not sure the femur would be happy being strapped up.

    Just give in to being dominated by bossy women. I'm sure you can learn to like it for a time .

    Love, Jean x

  • Dominated ! well really Jean Lowering the tone here - and by the way poor Dudley Moore had PSP. hmmm dominated food for thought .

  • Yes, I know he did. He was a very talented man.

    Sorry to lower tone but I remember conversations about high heels ! Then you fall !!!

    What conclusion do I reach ?

  • George I like your friend from the hospital. Listen to him for goodness sake!! He is probably right about it being 4-6 weeks before you can weight bear. It will definitely be 6 or more if you don't do as you are told! So please listen to your friend he knows what he is talking about.

    You might be able to see V if you have a wheelchair? Don't know if that is possible or would make your leg worse? Check with your friend again?

    You could always go with V into a Care Home/Nursing Home for a few weeks? It would cost you a lot though? V has CHC funding hasn't she? I hope she has but the way it's given or not makes you wonder what they are thinking? If she has it then that would mean you would be the only one to pay? It would still be expensive but might be worth it for your peace of mind because you are worrying about V?

    Maybe that's a daft idea but at present the only thing I can think of. Feel so sorry for you because you have been a star looking after V and then this happens out of the blue!

    Lots of love to you and please do as you are told George. Otherwise things will be a lot worse.

    Marie x

  • I will ,Iwill but I am looking at my options

    1 to lay down in front of the dustcart and hope the driver doesn't notice

    2 Hire a full time butler

    3 Book a world cruise for a year

    4 plead insanity and leave everyone else to sort things out .

    I have to say 4 is the most appealing .

  • I broke a leg when I was a kid, and it was in a plaster cast from foot to upper thigh for 6 weeks - an eon for a 10-year-old. I learned to whiz about on crutches as if flying, and really thought it was fun. I wiped out once on the school hall tiles, so must advise caution, but will hope you find after a couple of weeks rest that you are not as constrained as you fear. Love the idea of you with a swearing parrot and earring, anyway. Arrrrgh!

  • Already have the earing so halfway there

  • You are just the coolest!

  • I never wear heels when gardening - that would be foolish .

  • Oh my goodness GP what an absolute bummer, as if life wasn't difficult enough without a broken leg. Maybe it's a call to say step back a while and take a rest,. At least V is in a good place where you know she will be looked after and you should lie back and let the carers look after you for a change. You never know what I'd around the corner do you, just as well.

    Lov Kate xxxxx

    Ps have plenty of tissues in to wipe those tears away.

  • Sorry to hear of your enforced break... have been there and done that. I broke mine about 3 days before flying to Switzerland for a family gathering ... even the cabin crew said normally people come back with leg in plaster.

    I found a rucksack was my best friend at that time. Oh and tuperware Everything went in the bag and on my back. Was then able to transport everything to where it needed to be. I was told by an elderly lady that necessity is the mother of all invention.

    Get well soon. Jane xx

  • Hi Jane, good to see you are still reading. How are you?

    Lots of love


  • Yes I do tend to read most days.. makes me sad in a way to see so many new names (more people with the dreaded psp) but glad they have found the site.

    It is now 8 months since I lost Brian and I still have good and bad days. Having the puppy (Rubens) does give me a focus in life.long walks and puppy training. Have gone back to work (only part time).. but it keeps me going. Have to earn my keep now. How are things with you now? Jane xx

  • Still very flat. Keep promising myself to do things, then try and find every excuse not to! Maybe tomorrow!!!

    Lots of love


  • I wish you a speedy recovery and that V is happy at the hospice.

  • Sorry to hear about your bad luck. A bottle of wine in a shoulder bag along with a glass... very resourceful (:

  • Tim good to hear from you. Hope you are keeping as well as possible.

    I agree with your comment. It is very resourceful. Why did I not think oif that?

    Marie x

  • So sorry to hear this Georgepa, but you seem to be coping with all your customary wry humour - and glass of wine (or two).

    Best wishes.


  • Sorry to hear of your break, georgepa! Have done similar myself in long time past. Reason you need to keep weight off in first few weeks is important! Bones heal by rubbing together and producing a 'sap'. This does not get sticky enough until about 2 weeks after break. So if too much weight on bone it may move a bit out of place! Maybe your nurse friend also told you so!! I found out as it took docs 7 days to set my break so I learned then.

    Make sure you put the phone in the bag with wine and glass!

    Our GP recently broke fib and I saw him several weeks later riding a knee high scooter contraption with plaster and knee on it 'pegleg' style!! So may be an option a bit later - as long as you promise NOT to try and do wheelies!

    Hope all going well and that you are getting used to the enforced rest. You still need to behave though. Glad Kate is there to see you do!

    Hugs to you all. Hope V settled in OK.

    Jen xxx xxx xxx

  • Thanks Jen I had thought about hiring a scooter but hadn't considered wheelies .....Ihave now!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

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