Adventures of V and Georgepa The End

Today was an indifferent day weatherwise - it couldn't quite make its mind up whether to rain or not . On the deserted promenade a few solitary couples put up umbrellas and then put them down again donned raincoats and then shed them . One lonesome swimmer crossed the bay and I thought not for me .

Later on this afternoon the clouds began to lift and cracks of blue creased the sky.We set off for the harbour or Cobb as it is known .I expect a lot of you have seen "The French Lieutenant's Woman " which was filmed in Lyme and there is an iconic image of Meryl Streep wrapped in a black cloak standing right on the end of the wall which reaches furthest out to sea .Actually it was one of the fishermen ginger beard and all , singularly lacking in teeth and not what you would call a striking man - health and safety had prevailed .I am not sure his health prevailed as he was stood many a pint on the story !

The Cobb was originally built in the 15th century of timber and was then rebuilt with granite in the eighteenth century and it reaches out its two arms into the English Channel to protect the town from the westerlies and give safe anchorage to ships . In its heyday it dealt with more tonnage than Liverpool did at its busiest . Today is a different story - a small number of fishing boats and a large number of plastic yachts and motor boats are mored in ranks in the harbour . It is still a picturesque sight as often the hulls are different colours and the reflections in the rippling water give a myriad of patterns .That coupled with the tinny sound of the stays rattling against the masts make the it all very atmospheric .

Today the weekend sailors are arriving getting busy on their boats -unhooking things, and doing all things nautical . There is a distinct difference between those who have yachts and those who have motorboats . The yachtsmen are blue roll necked heavy knit jerseys and bleached trousers and the motormen are designer labelled and immaculate deck shoes and they seem to view each other with deep suspicion .

I managed to wheel V to the end of the Cobb where the trawlers are moored and we passed the nets strung over giant washing lines and there was the distinctive perfume of a working port-deisel mixed with a decidedly fishy aroma .From the end we could look across the water and see the town spilling down the hillside to the sea .Along the front I can see Library Cottage waiting for our return .

Our adventure is over- will we manage to return - sadly I doubt it .

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  • Final sentence says it all Georgepa. Keep plodding on.

  • I didn't know Meryl Streep was really a toothless fisherman! Wheeling V to the end of the Cob must have been a challenge. I have memories of our 3 small boys running along the top with me and my husband shouting out to them to stop as I was convinced they were going to end up in the sea. They totally ignored us. It was too exciting running along a sloping uneven surface with waves crashing against the sides and I'm sure they were hoping the waves would crash over the top and soak them, not thinking they may be taken out with the wave. Actually, the waves weren't very high as we wouldn't have taken them onto it if they were but I didn't realise how uneven the surface was until they had run off. If my memory is correct, I think they missed out on their ice creams that day for not doing as they were told.

    I managed to take C away 3 times last year. The holiday homes were totally adapted, for disabled folk including electric beds, hoists, rise recliner chairs etc but when we returned from the last holiday in September, I realised we wouldn't be going again. Once we were there, we didn't want for anything but the physical act of getting him there nearly killed me. Packing everything he would need, loading the car so I could get him out of the back during the long journey, re packing after the toilet break, unloading the other end etc etc. I spoke to our 3 year old grandson on the phone yesterday and he asked when we were going up to see him again. I felt really sad knowing we wouldn't. His dad owns and runs two restaurents but manages to do the 3 1/2 hour journey about every 6 weeks and stays one night bringing our Grandson with him but I do miss our trips to Suffolk. Oh well! No point in dwelling on it, that won't change anything. Instead we are opting for days out and being NT members we do see some beautiful places.

    I hope your wet room is sorted Georgepa.

    Safe journey home and back to your own washing machine.


  • But it was great for your readers, Georgepa, while it lasted. I hope it created a happy memory for Veronica and for you.

    Thank you.



    Never sy NEVER

    ;]LOL JILL


  • sorry about all the typos today i only have 1 hand working - ,my post

    explains it a`ll

    lol jill

  • If you ever need to return and can't drive there, Just turn back to the posts you have created for the rest of us. I am sure all of those wonderful memories will flood you with happiness and boost your day as it has for all of us. Thank you again for taking us with you....and again what is a wet room,a bathroom for the disabled


  • Basically it is a room with `drainage hole in the floor so there is no shower tray so no steps or ridges . The whole room becomes your shower cubicle .



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