Adventures of V and Georgepa part2

Well we have arrived ! Got V out of the car and pushed her up the slope in her chair to the top promenade . Viewed the eight steep steps up to Library Cottage with some trepidation - decided the only option was a fireman's lift.....ok kidding used the newly installed hand rail - shoulder firmly under V's bum and up we went .V now well and truly out of her comfort zone and I could feel Heady's wine hour rapidly approaching . Still things gradually calmed down I think it is the vast expanse of open water which is soothing .

Bedtime was again stressful as nothing was in its usual place and even I began to feel uncomfortable as I forgot the usual order things we do things . But V is now sound asleep , I can hear her gentle actually not so gentle snores reverberating through the baby alarm .

I am now tucked up in bed in the attic room with the windows open listening to the sounds of the waves as they surge and retreat ,surge and retreat on the shingle beach . The sound is so difficult to describe yet it is so familiar and I know that I shall read maybe two pages of my book before I am lulled to sleep by the incessant rhythm of the sea . What bliss- it makes all the effort worthwhile .Tomorrow ...well lets see what tomorrow brings .


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  • What bliss !! Sounds idyllic. Enjoy the change.

    love, Jean

  • Georgepa have a lovely time can just imagine the the water on the shingled beach, hope all goes well for your holiday. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Oh Georgepa reading in bed, how lovely. I share a room with C with two single beds and lots of space to accommodate lurches and falls, etc. There is no power socket near my bed and I daren't use an extension cord so haven't read in bed for almost a year. Used to say I couldn't sleep if I didn't read in bed, how wrong can we be. Enjoy Lyne Regis.

  • Thanks Pattz - sleep often interrupted as I go hurtling down stairs as V has got up and fallen over but she insists that she doesn't want me to sleep in her room . She often calls me at about six to tell me that she is going to let me sleep in to seven thirty !!!!!!!!!!! Patience is a virtue I am told can't say I always feel very virtuous .

  • You forgot the last part of the saying, ..."seldom found in a woman, never in a man!!!!!"

    Lots of love


  • Oh Georgepa, I love that sound as the sea retreats and the pebbles are pulled back, the shushing, the rattling, the clinking. I like it so much that we replaced much of our lawn with shingle, the next size up from pea shingle and when I get too stressed, a walk around our "beach" has a very calming effect. Ok, we don't get the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves or the sea spray but the sound of running water from our pond filter is relaxing. I hope you managed to read before falling asleep and have awoken refreshed without too many night time interruptions. Enjoy the break.


  • Look forward to part 3. Enjoy the sights sounds and smells of the sea, good for the soul. X

  • Hi GeorgePa, enjoy that very precious moment! They don't come along very often! This is why, we all need to get away occasionally. It will the hard times a bit easier. Take V for a long walk on the quay, as long as it's not pouring down, like it is here at the moment!

    Glass of wine, listening to the sea pounding away, mmmmmmmmmmm! That will sort out a multitude of problems!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Meant the Cobb!

  • Enjoy the holiday hope you are both able to relax and recharge. A query what puts me off taking M on holiday is her need to be propped up at night to reduce choking, how have you got round this or does V not have a choking problem?

  • Fortunately V does not have that problem -- yet . Unfortunately the falls are getting more frequent and she has had six in the last 24 hours down here.

  • Oh, Georgepa

    We love Lyme Regis and we stayed a few years ago in a lovely apartment right on the front with a balcony. The sound of the sea first thing in the morning and last thing at night just does it for me every time!

    Have a wonderful stay and I will look forward to your instalments in Lyme so that I can imagine I am there once more!!!!

    Love to you both

    Denise x

  • That sounds like the house right next to ours - we have Library Cottage which is the one with the big lead cistern and ornate drainpipes


  • I know Library Cottage...always admired those drainpipes! We stayed in the apartment next door and had the most wonderful New Year's Eve,a few years ago. We stood on the balcony looking out to sea and thinking how lucky we were just to be there as midnight struck with champagne glasses in hand, when hundreds of Chinese lanterns floated out over our heads.It was just that we will never forget!

    Kind regards

    Denise x

  • Magic

  • Hope the sea lulled you into a nice sleep and the fresh sea air does you both good. Thinking of you with glass of wine in hand. Janexx

  • Thankyou it did !

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