Adventures of V and Georgepa part 5

The sky scape was quite different today , Salvador Dali type flat white clouds which hang stationary in the air as though suspended below a deep blue sky which pales to turquoise on the horizon . I managed to get V down the steps and into her wheelchair and we set off eastwards to go along the newly extended promenade which is part of the sea defences . It is easy walking with the wheel chair and you soon leave the hustle and bustle of Lyme behind .Suddenly you are round into the next bay and the all-pervading smell of seaweed and salt assails the nostrils .Time for deep breaths of sea air . As we go on it is with pleasure ,tinged with sadness as we pass small beaches where in the past we have beach combed . V was always an avid scavenger ,blue sea washed glass, tiny pieces of smooth porcelain , shells , fossils bits of old rope and cork ,fishing net you name and you will probably find it arranged in some way in our kitchen at home .But now all we can do is look down from above -never again will we walk the beach ,head down looking for that illusive treasure to add to the collection.We were both aware of each others loss and it was a very poignant moment.There was only one answer - return the way we had come and have ice-cream -which we did .

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  • ⛅️ 🌊 👂 👀 👃 🐚. 🍦

    And may tomorrow be just as memorable.


  • Yes I hope the weather is lovely and you both have a good day, with more ice cream and more stories from you George, so look forward to them. Yvonne 🎏🚢 xxxx

  • Definitely MORE ice creams. Do you both have favourites? I like Stem Ginger and always feel sick later! Have a Happy day xxx

  • Stem ginger has always been our favourite too!

    DenB x

  • anothe great post georgepa!

    keep em coming please = I bet you don't want yr wet room to be finished !!




    AND 'EM



  • Ah, Jill, never worry about the typos, just keep your posts coming. I know I'm not alone in always being happy to hear from you. My guy can't type at all anymore, so I'm especially appreciative of your efforts!

  • So agree x

  • Nothing like an ice cream to cure what ails you! Last time we enjoyed one, I thought back to all the tears that that small little cone has caused over the years. First as a child, when my wicked mother wouldn't buy me one. Then as a mother myself, my children's tears, as their wicked mum wouldnt do the same. Perhaps that's it, it is a small pleasure that we have all been bought up to appreciate!

    As to your sadness about beach combing. Well, we all understand that, but, if you think about it, everyday, we and everyone around us, do things that we will never do again, or see something for the last time, regardless of age or illness. Most of the time, we just dont know it. Even when we do, it seems and is normal. Unfortunately for us, there are huge labels on everything, mocking us, rubbing in our misfortune! Think we will have to learn to keep our glasses off, so we can't read these notices, or realise, that they are there for everyone, but they can't see them!!! Perhaps we ARE the lucky ones, we can say goodbye to a treasured pass time and appreciate what we are going to miss!!!

    Lots of love


  • I think I appreciate your loss in South Africa more than I did. With regard to loss I have been very aware of all the things V is not able to do any more but I guess it had not really hit home that I had also lost the things we did together .


  • Now I want to cry. Trying to keep positive sucks. But then life does as well!!!

    Night GeorgePa!!! Sleep well listening to those waves.

    Lots of love


  • Night Heady yes I am listening to the waves - no crying and you are right it sucks !

  • Maybe we should remember the things we used to do but be happy we did them. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. but we all have to find our own way I guess.

    Flicka x

  • This feeling of not being able to do things, and never again being able to do them together is all pervading and sometimes depressing Sandra has been in a hospital bed here at home in the sitting room for 14 months She had the choice of watching the television or having a panoramic view of the garden. She opted for her favourite soaps .. with only a limited view of the window boxes and the garden beyond. Before diagnosis of CBD she got up early and sat looking out of the kitchen window, having put out wild bird seed.. The onset of her illness was so swift that there was no 'wheelchair stage' (apart from one hospital visit) and no hoisting into a chair. Despite the loss of all motor functions Sandra still jokes with the 4 times daily carers, and enjoys with some difficulty her e-cigarette! A full time carer will arrive in a couple of weeks as I am having now essential knee surgery which I postponed nearly a year ago. In the meantime I sit at the kitchen window on my own every morning watching the robins, tits and the occasional colourful woodpecker feeding on the terrace. I continue to put out seed and fatballs every day.. Graham

  • Hi Graham somehow its strange

  • Don't know what happened there what I was going to say was that it is strange to live with someone but to have lost their companionship - it can be very lonely I find .

  • Oh, I felt that one, Georgepa. It IS very hard to face all the things we will never be able to do again, and there are so many. It comes to us all, if we live long enough; we lose abilities, and loved ones, opportunities, prospects - but ice cream is a wonderful salve for that ache, isn't it? We have a great home-made ice cream stand near us. Their gingersnap ice cream is glorious. Ice cream makes you live in the moment - can't let it melt!

  • You are right Easterncedar! Ice cream is very much live for that moment. Perhaps, we all ought to forget about the sugar and fat content and eat some every day!!!

    Lots of love


  • I love your analogy about ice cream and life - Ibsen eat your heart out- life melting away in your hand - its wonderful .

  • As with all the other emotions I felt with your beautiful descriptions of your trip, today I cry with you/for you. I know the feeling of loss or of being prohibited from doing the things we loved; skiing in the western mts. or canoeing down the Buffalo River.

    Heck just taking our nightly walk with the dog. Be happy with the memories.


  • Aaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhh!!


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