Adventures of V and Georgepa part 3

Woke at 6.30 this morning and lay there listening to the crashing waves on the shingle - pulled back the curtains and looked out on a sombre sea and clouds enveloping the cliff tops of Golden Cap and Black Venn. The Jurassic coast swathed in a grey mist defeating any sunrise .Startled then by a different crash, V was over and so the day started .

Later in the morning I sat in the bay window watching the clouds scurrying across the bay and the huge white plumes of spray as they cascaded over the Cobb's walls, the Cobb is the name of the harbour in Lyme .Along the promenade bent figures huddled under umbrellas which threatened to take off with Mary Poppins gusto .Even the dogs looked dejected only the gulls wheeled round seemingly oblivious of the wind and rain . Then as often happens in Lyme it all changed - to the west the sky lightened and gradually little patches of blue pushed the clouds aside until they became bigger patches of blue and the sun brightened our day . Brollies were snapped shut , raincoats shed and faces turned skywards to the warming sun .

Then a very pleasant surprise a knock on the door and there was Flicka one of our site friends. She lives not far away from Lyme and was intrigued about Library Cottage as her father had come to this cottage for his holidays after the First World War.What a small world . She was one of the founder members of the PSP association - her sister was a sufferer and Flicka is often on here giving support and encouragement .

Later I managed to get V to the pub ( essential ) for supper .Eating in public fills her with horror but the promise of a large glass of red wine helped her overcome her fears .As I pushed V back home after supper we looked across the bay and one could see the whole length of the coast from Lyme right round to Portland Bill. Golden Cap , the highest pout on the south coast lived up to its name . The late evening sun striking its golden peak as it gazes impassively out to sea as it has done for countless eons and will continue to do so long after we are gone .It's my favourite view and one which I can't really find the words to describe all I can say is that it does something to me inside .


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  • Oh my oh my. We were right there with you. What a wonderful way you have of carrying us along. Thank you, Georgepa. I hope you have many more such days. Love and peace, Easterncedar

  • My knowledge of Lyme is purely via literature: Austen and Fowles; as I have never been there. Maybe one day. But it is clearly having a beneficial effect on you and hopefully V as well. Meanwhile I have started work on weeding our jungle of a garden. C sits on the terrace and watches me toil. Making a big bonfire pile which we'll burn next week when friends from UK will be here. Temp now passing 30 and I still haven't got pool filled. But I did finally get around to emptying chest freezer last night for defrosting - found several meals so that's a result.

  • hi all

    what a great picture you paint georgepa. it truly is a delight to read your posts =long may they continue

    lol jill

    and may V enjoy her wet room on her return


  • Wish I was there watching the waves, funny what a positive effect the sea has on you. Xx

  • Oh Georgepa, I couldn't resist it it, your description brought everything to life and I wanted to experience it as well. I can't be there so I Googled the cottage, found the map and brought the little man down onto the spot. The views are amazing. Is it the pink cottage? Not sure if the little man found the correct one but whichever one you are in, I am very envious. I look forward to the next update.

    Have a great day.


  • If you google Library cottage Lyme Regis there are several listings including pictures of the cottage - it is the pink one with bay windows and ver ornate drain pipes

  • It looks amazing. I did send the little Google map man to the correct house. Very interesting drainpipes and magnificent views.



  • Beautiful description. Next week we will be standing on the cliffs of Flamborough

    [ Yorkshire ] watching the puffins.Can't wait.

    Enjoy. Jean

  • Jean, you must see the gannets at Bempton Cliffs. Peter.

  • Certainly will. We were there at Easter. They put on such a show !


  • well George , There is life after being diagnosed with these dreadful illnesses albeit a different life .

    my sister in law rang me yesterday and I got some things off my chest . she told me "I think your wonderful " I explained then a great deal of wonderful people doing exactly the same as me .

    whenever the Go or Nurse leave they tell me to keep doing what i am doing so I will say the same to you George .

    we all have what I call my moments and wonder how on earth and how long can I carry on , well I hope for as long as it takes the same as all the lovely friends on here .

    o am off now Namma to find that little man . have lovely day George and V xx

  • Well George, that was worth the whole effort of taking V to Lyme! Even if, it goes down hill from here. Nobody can take those pictures away from you. Which has got to good for her!

    I was born and bred, just a couple of miles down the road. The picture of the cliffs, is in my soul. Thank you for your description, it was perfect!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay, remember to take it easy. Very hard not to do to much, therefore undo the good, that this trip will be giving you!

    Lots of love


  • Such a beautiful description Georgepa. You're quite the writer! Glad you are both finding some rest and peace with the change of scene. I did giggle at your first post saying it's like an expedition though, I feel like that whenever I take mum away. So much to pack and remember and routines all disrupted. But for the right places and trips it is totally worth it :)

  • This is a quickie ( story of my life) 😃😃

    I just wanted to say that your story was so well written Thai didn't want it to end !

    An i think that'. You live in an idiliclk place,l

    Many thanks

    Wth kind regrets

    Jaylew xxx

  • Wow You should be, (or are you) a writer. I could see the cold wind blowing on people and dog in the morning and the hope of a warm blue sky in the afternoon. And I could also feel the terror of public eating. My poor B your poor V. But again to the view no matter our lives, the view will give us hope help us cope and let us put everything into perspective. Continue having a wonderful time and continue sharing. Your words took me all the way to a place far from my worries! Thank You.


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