Six hours of freedom !!

Today I had six glorious hours of freedom . As some of you may know I am an antique dealer , although I have done precious little dealing over the last two years or so . My business partner has been holding the fort but I have just started going back to work for a half day on a Monday and that feels really good . But today I booked some extra time with the carers and set off on a mini buying trip .

It was a beautiful autumn day , a pale blue sky with mist hanging like giant gauze curtains in the valleys . As I drove sometimes I was above the mist and it was as if I was driving above the clouds and then I would drop down only to re emerge into bright sunlight .The trees were magnificent , burnt copper ,gold ,dark rich red ,pale yellow , a veritable feast for the eyes .I could hardly contain my delight . I left Devon on my way to a small market town in Dorset , a lovely county left behind in the modern rat race ,no motorways , small picturesque thatched cottage hamlets and villages . Who would not want to live in Piddlehinton or Puddletown . The dealer I was going to visit has similarly been left behind by the modern era , no computer or internet selling , no mobile phone no credit card machine just a small premises tucked down a quiet alley . Come winter or summer he is always dressed the same , baggy corduroys , a woolly jumper with bits of veneer and wood shavings ( he is also a restorer ) over a check shirt with a tie which is knotted just to the left of his chin . He usually has some tasty bits of old English oak furniture which is my speciality . I go into his shop and inhale . There is nothing quite like the smell of old wood ,polish and oils . He does not disappoint and we are able to do a deal .

As I set off home , I pass through Lower Bockhampton the birth place of Thomas Hardy and it takes me back to my student days when I avidly read very book he had written , The Mayor of Casterbridge , Jude the Obscure , Return of the Native such happy memories and I promised myself I would read them all again .The sun was now beginning to drop towards the horizon and as I travelled the road along the Jurassic coast I could look across where the great cliffs of Golden Cap and Black Venn in silhouette fell away into the shimmering sea .

Inland the late sun cast long shadows across emerald green fields and giant oaks stood proud and solitary with autumn mist rising around their trunks and swirling up through the branches as it to wrap each one in gossamer .

Tired but happy I returned home , I felt rejuvenated ; take heart my friends there will be something for you too -I know it .

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  • Georgepa, I feel like I've just been on a lovely drive in the West country! Sure you didn't have a sneaky pub lunch as well? think I would have done!

    Sounds like your 6 hours done you the world of good, you deserved the break .

    Lots of love

    Debbie xx

  • Does such countryside really still exist? Oh, George, thanks for taking us along on your vacation. I feel as if I had seen it all myself. You are a magician! Love and peace, ec

  • I thank you for such a beautiful post. Even though there were no photos, I could "see" where you traveled. I felt as if I were along on the adventure. Mary B.

  • Thanks you for that scenic journey. Devon and Dorset are so beautiful. The last time I was there was with my daughter and husband. It was magical. Couldnt do it now as he has moved on so much in his illness. But I have some gorgeous photos and lots of memories. So glad you had such a wonderful 6 hours. Take care. Marie

  • It sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing your lovely day. x

  • George sounds like you had a wonderful day, I shut my eyes and I was in the car with you, it was lovely. I bet you feel like a new person? Hope you had a good night, sending you a big hug Yvonne x

  • You so deserve it George, I hope the pictures stay in your mind of autumn, it has been a lovely year for colours.Love to you both,Px

  • What a lovely day indeed. You have described your freedom as fully. May this rejuvenation help boost you for a while x

  • Beautiful. Can see it all. You lifted my heart.

    Thanks, Love, Jean x

  • How beautiful it sounds there !! What a lovely break for you glad you enjoyed it!

    I felt like I was there when reading your message! X

  • Beautiful post.That brought back memories.We used to holiday down there and loved it xxx

  • Georgepa, it's so good to read your interesting, descriptive posts and this one brought back many happy memories. A few years ago, when we had a dog, we booked a holiday with her at a did friendly hotel in Piddletrenthide. It was described as being ideal dog walking country with access to miles of footpaths over rolling hills. It was a truly glorious place. Only one drawback....the foot and mouth epidemic had started and all access to green spaces was closed. Everyone had to walk their dogs along the road each morning, no footpath so we risked life and limb but a short drive to the beach gave us all freedom. We went back a few years later and it was a truly wonderful spot.

    Someone told us Puddletown was originally Piddletown but the name was changed when Queen Victoria was going to go through it on one of the new trains. They thought she would be offended by the name.

    Jude the Obscure...I wept buckets reading that. I grew to love Hardy's books reading Far From The Madding Crowd for O level. Do you remember when the sheep got in the field of clover and were so bloated they were dying. If one of us had eaten too much, Colin and I used to say, "Get the spike, I need debloating".

    Happy memories. Thank you for kindling them Georgepa. May you have many more freedom hours to enjoy your work and your beautiful county.


  • My pleasure NannaB .

  • That's sounds brilliant George. Just what you needed after your weekend.

    Lots of love


  • George, you are indeed a poet. Your descriptions brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad you had such a beautiful and productive day. Keep your lovely posts coming.

  • i agree g[[pa

    lol jill


  • Beautiful post!


  • Thanks George for your beautiful word picture reminding me of my geology and surveying studies autumn months on the coast between Lyme Regis and Portland in 1970's.


  • I like your writing, Georgepa. I felt like I was riding along in the car with you and saw all the beauty of your day trip. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Love your posts George x

  • me too



  • A fabulous part of the country Georgepa and thank you for sharing!! I'm so so so pleased you got some time out!! ❤️

  • Georgepa

    I just read this to my darling dad who cried and got very emotional at your post, we asked why he got so upset, because you had such a lovely day out!! And I think the thought of seeing that beautiful countryside really chocked him knowing that he won't see that again! Thx you for this post, you should definitely be an author, we'd all buy your books!! X

  • I am so sorry I made your dad cry that wasn't my intention at all.I hope he got a bit of pleasure from it despite being upset .My wife gets very upset too when she sees people doing things ,like walking on a beach,which she knows she won't be able to do ever again .

  • Noooo Georgepa don't be sorry!!! The silly old sausage is always getting emotional now!! It was a truly lovely read and I personally thank you for it!! X


  • Hello, Peter Jones in Australia !!

    I often wonder how you are doing. Chris is soldiering on and I remember you telling me to let him take risks when he falls !!!

    He does, too.

    Lots of love from Jean and Chris xx

  • Good to hear from you again Peter ,how are you doing ?

  • Hi Peter Jones, what a lovely surprise to see that you have posted. Hope you are doing well. Got any holiday trips planned now the sun has returned to your hemisphere, not that it ever showed it face much here in England this summer.

    Lots of love


  • hi yer heady me old darling hows it going ok I hope well mate the sun rarely leaves our hemisphere of courser we have the odd accasion but its usually lovely winters a few westerly winds from the artic around august but it generally is pretty good and I love it but I do feel the cold when it does decide to turn it on mate but that's not often enough to worry about todays temp is 34 the summer starts next month 1STof dec the sun shiNes in my bedroom and wakes me up with a grin on its face I just wrote you a 567898765544323 page letter but ive lost it somewhere any ideas mate I'm still a one fingered typist and very slow so don't reads this to fast will you JOKE MATE ============= AN OLD JOKE AS WELL ANYWAY HEADY I WILL SAY SEE YER TAKE CARE WISH S ALL THE BEST FOR ME WONT YOU PETER JONES Q.L.D. AUSTRALIA I GO INTO RESPITE FOR 7 DAYS AFTER MY OPERATION

  • I read it very slowly Peter Jones! Far to precious a reply not to.

    Hope the operation goes well and enjoy your respite and tell Mrs Jones to get some rest.

    Lots of love


  • 😀

  • Once again you transport us to the country lanes of Devon by Dorset, lovely post G. xx

  • Thank you for that beautifully descriptive, breath of fresh air.X

  • George

    What a lovely poetic letter. No wonder your wife fell for you! Tell me did you get CHC? I know you were waiting to hear. I certainly hope you got it.

    I seem to miss posts every so often then find them days letter. Is it me or this site?

    Marie x

  • What a nice thing to say....and as for CHC ..still waiting to hear ,it has gone before the panel and they are supposed to respond in 28 days.

  • I have to be honest , I first met V when I was 17 and fell hook line and sinker.I wooed and courted her for the next five years quite alot from a distance.I had to dispose of several obstacles in my path namely her various miserable boyfriends -it took some doing I can tell you .There was one called John who was particularly hard to shift so much so than even after we were married V's mother would often call me John .Still perseverance paid off and here we are married 49 years .It was well worth the effort and during those five years I did practice my courting techniques with one or two other young ladies just to see if V would notice and be a little jealous ,she didn't and wasnt so I gave that up and took a more direct rout via, her brother .

  • What a sweet little tale. I met S, when he was advertising a flat in his house, I had just spilt from my ex. In showing us around, we came into a bedroom that his brand new dog, (parting gift from wife and children) had been using it as her own private toilet. The look on his face, I still haven't stopped laughing, 26 years on. Fell in love with him on the spot! S##t seems to be the thread of our relationship.

    Lots of love


  • Oh, how romantic !

    So glad it was worth it in the long [ 49 yrs. ] run.

    Its a rum world, isn't it ?


  • Chris and I met at a dance. I tell the grand children our eyes met across the room. [ think " one enchanted evening " ] and we never looked back. 54 years ago !!


  • Well a month has gone by and I am just now reading this eloquent and picturesque writing. As with your other writings, I can read this ore and ore and never get bored. In fact when you walked into the store, I promise I could smell the wood and polish and oils that was soon to create an heirloom.

    When I woke up this morning my landscape was heavily set with fog...I thought "nice"

    And when I read your experience with brume outside of Dorset; well, my virtual experience became much more pleasing than that outside my own window!

    Don't forget to take us with you again when you get a few more minutes of respite...


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