Winter sunshine

Winter sunshine

Back to Topsham again, the palest of pale blue skies and a stillness you could feel in the air . The tide was out and the estuary full of wintering birds feeding on the muddy flats ,Godwits ,Advocets , Curlew to name but a few . I found a spot against a wall and the winter sun strained to provide just a little warmth .V dozed in her wheelchair , blind to the beauty around her , lost somewhere in a world of her own.

I watched elderly couples stroll hand in hand taking in the afternoon sunshine and envied their conversations ,when did I last have one with V ? I can't remember . But I enjoyed my solitude -it was peaceful and undemanding and I remembered there was still a piece of fruitcake left in the tin -life's not all bad .

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  • Memories Georgepa, memories!! A lovely photo and post, thank you! X

  • Oh George so enjoy your posts, I have always wanted to live near the sea!!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed your fruit cake, diet started on Monday, so all the goodies were put in the bin, last 4 slices of Christmas cake, sweet given to the grandchildren, still got mince pies in a tin.

    I also feel a bit envious when I see older couples, enjoying a walk and having a chat, miss that a lot, one sided chat is not the same. Hugs. Yvonne xxxx

  • A lovely familiar scene George. I was at Exmouth last week but very different weather - cold, wet and windy! Keep holding V's hand, she will be holding yours back in her mind even if not in reality.

    Vicki x

  • So beautiful! So sweet your sentiments! I feel the envy too of other couples growing old together. But I have today, and I've had the love of my life! That will have to be enough. Thank you for your post.


  • I look at that picture and feel the salty coolness with a slight aroma of low tide. lovely picture....First story I read of yours seemed to be one of the last accounts you gave taking V out for a walk where upon you carried her on your back up the brick(?) laden roads of memory of details is bad but my memory of your ability to give details never fails me.... thank you.


  • Oh, how I enjoy your posts. Thank you for every word and feeling.

  • Much love x

  • Love topsham! Glad you had a nice day X

  • Did you make the fruit cake? Best to you both x

  • It is allowed, you know, for you to be able to enjoy trips and outings, even if you don't think V is having a good time. Life isn't all about her, you need to get out into the world as well.

    Lots of love


  • How are you doing Heady ?


  • Lovely picture. We have had some beautiful afternoons here, round the lake in park. I find it really difficult seeing couples - and I can't allow myself fruit cake !

    love, Jean x

  • What a lovely photograph GP there is something rather lovely about a crisp cold winter's day by the sea. Your post is very bitter sweet, enjoying the time out but feeling the loneliness as you watch other couples going about their business. Tugged at my heartstrings as I read it and thank goodness for the little treats in life, would have been a blow if a seagull had swooped down and taken it from your hand as it did in St Ives for me! You have to be thankful for small mercies eh GP

    Love Kate xx

  • So restful enjoy the cake. Tim

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