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Prostatectomy and Ejaculation


Hi. I'm having my prostatectomy tomorrow. I asked my doctor if it was ok for me to have sex before surgery and he said no problem.

But I'm wondering if I should have an ejaculation 24 hours before surgery. Does anybody know if it is a problem? I know that I wasn't supposed to ejaculate the day before my PSA test. So, I'm wondering and possibly over-thinking things.


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LOL- yes, you are overthinking things. The reason you avoid sex before a PSA is because it artificially raises your PSA. Get in all the sex you can, it may be a long time before you are able to have an erection again, and you will never be able to ejaculate again. Be prepared for size loss too. It's hard for me to believe that any gay man would have a prostatectomy.

...unless you were at a point where your health and/or life was at risk

No - Fortunately, there are many better alternatives. That kind of panic mentality is not a good place to make decisions from.

Whatever you can fit into your schedule. Do it!!

Ejaculate and cum as many times as you can. The ability to do it again is about to be taken away from you. Go forth and cum.

I would give you same advice as others. Jack and cum as much as you can. Will never be the same again. Not that it's bad. Just different and no more cum. I did the day before. Also, do the kegels. The do help with not being incontinent. Hopefully you already started these. I did 6 months before surgery due to other medical issues that required me to wait before could have it. They helped and still do to keep away that issue.

Go for it! Enjoy while you can. It will never be the same after the surgery. And follow Longlines8's advice about the kegels. They are important.

Thanks for everyone’s great advice. Also, I have been doing Kegels as often as I can.

billd9946 in reply to MJPH

Kegels are so helpful... that’s great! As for climaxing... do it often, do it HARD! You’ll miss being able to ejaculate, so go etch that feeling into your brain! Hell... maybe even take a video so you can revisit the good old days... SERIOUSLY! 😉I hope all goes well with surgery... I’m sure it will. The adjustment afterwards is probably the more difficult, but you’ll be fine. We’re all here to support you.

I would say GO FOR IT! Like the replies you have certainly read responding to your question, I recommend it. Work it as much as you can. You won't regret it. Just read JDP13 and Tall Allen's replies. Good luck on your surgery!

Don't worry and make the most of it. This is the weird thing about prostate cancer, everything works fine, we have surgery and overnight no erection and the semen that we will never see squirt from our penis again. I had masturbated very often the last week before the surgery and I still remember the last time I ejaculated after a very long masturbation the evening before the surgery and I miss it a lot

Funny but I made a few short video of my ejaculation so I could remember and see clearly what it use to feel like. It will be lost forever. 😂 BTW no face shots but sound effects included!

Pierre71 in reply to Jordache

I thought I was the only one who did it and I see that I am not the only one lol. I did a few in the weeks before my surgery and when I look at them it reminds me of those good times. For sexuality I find it very different not to be able to ejaculate.

😂 I made a few as a reminder....maybe strange for some but I wanted it to be vivid in my mind and not fade over time. I was lucky that until 52 I still had wet dreams and loved them. Didn’t care about the mess and never tried to curtail them. I will miss them. Today is my final day of external radiation and I’m still able to ejaculate, clear and not much. Probably due to the hormone therapy but that may fade over time.

Nerka in reply to Jordache

I had SBRT and within a week I experienced decreased ejaculation and a change to clear ejaculate. Also less. It amazed me it occurred so quickly. Statistically speaking, they say I will probably lose the ability to ejaculate for 3 years. We will see.

Jordache in reply to Nerka

Are you on hrt? And for how long?

Nerka in reply to Jordache

hrt? No hormone therapy for me. Used MRL radiation machine, not cyberknife. The statistics are that something like that 80% will completely lose the ability to ejaculate after 3 years. Your chances depend on age, size of prostate, hormone therapy etc.. Can't do much about it though... Happy erections are fine.

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