Post prostatectomy when to start having anal sex?

My doctor didn't talk about when I could start having anal sex again post prostatectomy. Any guidelines guys know about?

Also, Gleason 8 with capsule and one seminal vesicle involved, nodes and metastatic screen negative. What does everyone think about radiation alone vs. hormone therapy.

Have been able to get a mini-erection and bring myself to orgasm with limp penis. Incontinence slowly improving at 3 weeks post surgery.

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  • The most common response I see is to wait at least six months. There's a fair amount of healing that needs to happen, and it's all right next to the colon.

  • thanks Yost

  • While the seminal vesicle involvement and the Gleason 8 are risk factors, they don't prove that they didn't remove all the cancer. You're not risking anything by waiting 3 months to see what your PSA does. If it's confirmed higher than 0.03 ng/ml on an ultrasensitive PSA test, you probably will want early salvage radiation. Whether to add some hormone therapy along with the radiation is a matter of judgment. If your PSA is high (over 0.5 ng/ml) or seems to be rapidly rising, hormone therapy is certainly beneficial. If it seems to be indolent, you may be able to get away without it.

    It's not too soon to begin penile rehab (low dose ED meds, daily pumping, and periodic injections). Ask your Uro about anal sex - mine recommends at least 3 months but warned that if you feel any pain at all, stop what you're doing.

  • Thanks so much for the quick response. Really appreciate the suggestions!


  • Dhi550906, I think I would wait at least 8 months minimum before trying any kind of intercourse of that nature. I also would make sure that whoever is going to do the penetration that they do it very very slowly and the thrusting should be awesome very slow. You do not know if there is any injury to the anal Canal due to the operation. And you do not want to have a perforated bowel

  • Thanks for the response!

  • I agree with Vitruviusman. Take it slow.

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