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got my surgery date

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Well here I am at the next part of my journey, I was called yesterday and I will be having surgery on 19th September, this Friday I go for a pre assessment then a covid test and the day before my opp I get a blood thinning injection, hard to believe only about 3 months ago I had a routine blood test that showed my PSA level was high, If I hadnt of had that then I would of just carried on as normal.

I actually feel relieved to know that I have a plan in action and I actually slept well last night for the first time in ages,

I will keep you all updated with my progress



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As long as you've evaluated all of your options, you should feel good about your decision. I only see treatment regret in men who haven't.

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ukpete in reply to Tall_Allen

Hi, I’m 100% behind my decision, suppose it’s easy for me to say that now but I understand the problems I’m about to face and I’m up for the fight x

It’s a Good thing that you caught the Psa before this got much worse . There is nothing fun about anything we do for pc . But the hope is that you’ll be cured of this mess by early detection . Good luck in stopping our unwanted friend in its tracks . Keep active as possible . Please update us when you can? Take care 🙏

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ukpete in reply to Lulu700

Yes my PSA reading is 14 now, the cancer is localised in the prostate, Gleason score of7(4+3), My consultant said I possibly could of carried on for another couple of years without even knowing, then it would of been a diferent story, I feel so lucky that I actually had a random blood test about 3 months ago, Im feeling a bit worried about having the surgery but I will deal with that when I get there, seems Ive got a lot of challenges to deal with over the next few months x Thanks for your reply xxx

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Lulu700 in reply to ukpete

Thank God Sir! I think your consultant is correct. I waited until I couldn’t pee and almost died if k failure . You’ve done better than I. We was a sublime fool thinking that I was invincible.. I got dxed at 53 but I figured I had pc fir many years to get to the point it did. I was beyond surgery due my prostate exploding with of tumors. I can’t say that the surgery or any of this is any fun. It’s a hell for a man and his loved ones. That is the key . For me . If I gave love then I can go on . When you least feel like getting up . Get up and move . Once t is stopped we just don’t have the umph we one did. Ask questions. We will tell you what the docs won’t. I recommend a heart healthy diet and ex program . Even if you didn’t workout my ch before. To your great benefit fit to start routines now. To maintain bone strength also . Welcome aboard healthy and enjoy life as much as possible. My high PSA was 20 but I’ve been at or near a PSA < .1 for six yrs now. I’m still on adt . My Joints s are now shot and neuropathy pains can drive crazy at night. Besides that I’m lucky to be alive after a bad start with APC . Love life and love yourself. You will be finished in many ways. Keep you spirit strong you reason to live in the forefront. Good luck . 👍🍀

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ukpete in reply to Lulu700

Wise words my friend, and thankyou xxx

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Lulu700 in reply to ukpete

Good luck Sir! Peace and love to your family .

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London441 in reply to ukpete


You do know you are in a quite favorable situation, as these things go. I was very similar to you in that I was 4+3 with PSA 15. The difference is mine was pressing up against the capsule and the concern was it escaping microscopically.

Which is exactly what was happening. This was in February ‘19-forever ago in the shortening arc of medicine these days.

I might have declined surgery if I’d known more through sensitive scans but it was barely being done at that time and definitely not easily available, affordable or SOC.

I went ahead with surgery in June ‘19. As anticipated I had seminal vesicle invasion, ECE, and a positive lymph node.

In the ‘old days’ (as little as a few years ago) I would have just been on surveillance until it (inevitably) returned.

Instead I enrolled in a aggressive clinical trial to try to eradicate the remains-even though margins were negative and my PSA was undetectable post op! Again, this is a relatively new approach.

I tell you all this because I am a year post treatment (the ‘kitchen sink’ is what I called it) and I’m doing great. PSA still undetectable and testosterone mostly returned post ADT.

Will it last? Always the big question, but I’m living well today and I doubt I’ll ever regret hitting it so hard early.

That’s because unlike you, I DIDN’T ACTUALLY HIT IT HARD EARLY AT ALL! I was probably where you are now 6-8 years ago.

This disease is all about getting to it early. You have done so, and with all the controversies about treatment options etc this remains THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Therefore your prognosis compares favorably to mine (and so many others on this site).

That said, how well we live each day of this shorter-than-we-want-to-admit life is what makes us winners more than disease stage, treatment etc. ONWARD!

I predict you will do very well and be rid of this. But as I always say on here, you must eat healthfully, and probably less. And exercise! The more the merrier! Cancer or no cancer! We are like classic cars, we must treat the machine with loving care, for it is classic…that is, old. 😝

Good luck with the treatment.Stay safe,

Fran 😷

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ukpete in reply to Fran57

Cheers Fran,

Hope the treatments go well. Prayers

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ukpete in reply to blueseas45

Thankyou means a lot x

Hoping for the best. I know of several men who have had no evidence of disease, after surgery, years later.

hi, Suppose thats the ultimate goal I'm after.

I hope that you have considered carefully that the success rate for nerve sparing is only ~33%, from what I've read? I scanned your previous posts and didn't see any discussion of that vs. ADT+radiation; all I saw was that you are currently functioning well in that regard, thus have a lot to potentially lose.

In any case, best wishes for successful treatment!

Good luck,,,,

Wishing you the best possible outcome, I don’t pray in the conventional sense; but I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Take good care of your self and take it easy in recovery.


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ukpete in reply to Aodh

thankyou, certainly means a lot x

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Lulu700 in reply to ukpete

Well Pete sir , you now have 13000 Peeps pulling for you .❤️🙏

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Lulu700 in reply to Aodh

Well wishes from another holds weight here . Conventional or not . Wishing others success can make someones day a bit better . . ❤️❤️👏👏✌️

I guess I don't understand a 'blood thinning injection' prior to a surgery, but good luck anyway.

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ukpete in reply to WSOPeddie

Think it’s just to stop blood clots during and after surgery

good luck ...It's going to feel sooo good to get this behind you .... you'll be fine ....☮️💖and fast healing !

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