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When to take medication?

Hi everyone

Please could you advise me when to take my medication. I normally take Lansoprazole about 7 - 7.30 am, breakfast about 8am with 5mg Pred, Calcichew about 12am before lunch, then again about 9pm, then Simvastatin about 10pm. No problems.

However, I have now been diagnosed with Angina and given 75mg Asprin (told to take mornings with food), Isosorbide mononitrate 10mg twice a day. My problem is how to add these 3 extra items in so that they don't conflict.

I would appreciate any help please.

Thank you.

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I took my aspirin at same time I took Pred with no problem, and although I never took Iso-Mono my late hubby also had Angina, and he took his with breakfast and dinner - along with his other multitude of tablets.

If you're not 100% sure just check with your pharmacy.


Thank you DL, I asked the pharmacist and he said I could take anything with anything but I thought I would check on here - I have more faith in you Aunties.


All sounds fine to me - you have the pred and calcium separated and that is the most significant for PMR. If you have any problems with adding the aspirin to pred that may need rethinking. They no longer advise aspirin for GCA - but I'm not sure about their views using it for other things.

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I was already on it for blood pressure pre GCA, and once I'd come off Pred GP suggested I stay on it along with small dose of Ramapril.

Originally was on 4 different meds for BP (seemed to be the fashion in the 90s) but after coming off Pred I managed to get rid of Atenolol and Amlodopine. Have to say I feel better for it too!


Thank you PMRpro. When I go back to hospital for the treadmill test, I'll ask at the Pharmacy there.


Can you manage the treadmill test? They are supposed to ask... Here they use a static bike - I nearly got there but my legs said no. When I needed the next stage up of treadmill test I had the medication version.


He did ask me and I pulled a face and said I would try. It's 6-9 minutes so I hope I can. I didn't really want to refuse a test. He said I'd be carefully monitored and would stop if necessary - it may be very necessary!

Thank you for your concern.


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