when to take Lefluonomide ,with Pred, with Thyroxine

Thanks to all who advised me on my new Lefluonomide intake. I have separated the PRED- take, some time ago, to early am -the Thyroxine to evening meal time- because of interaction(I had no problems) and advice (this column- indirectly) .I have looked everywhere for info when to take Lefluonomide - the consultant did not advise-they do not seem to advise generally 'Holistically' .On the morrow am I have my 1st blood take and will be taking the LEFLU. when - guidance would be welcome please. John

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  • hi. hate to chuck a spanner in the works. Is it levothyroxine you are taking? If so it should be taken first thing and no food or other meds for at least 30mins. I leave it an hour if possible. if not levo please ignore and good luck. watch for walnuts and other foods that should be avoided within a couple of hours too.

  • There are studies that show it sometimes works better at night:


  • thanks. Will check that out. will help my pill Rota out no end.

  • yes. will defo try that and pass to friend who has been having probs maintain stable condition..may help her too.

  • Thank you PMRpro ,would you suggest Pred -early am, Thyroxine- evening with supper and the Lefluonomide intake say at lunchtime ? Thank you John.

  • I was just scrolling through some of the posts and came across your advice re Levothyroxine. I have been on 25mg for the past fourteen years, always take it first thing but then eat my breakfast and take my Pred. Nobody has said leave a space between taking and food. What is your reason for this?

    Thank goodness for this forum.

  • I read on drug website and had friend who kept having heart episodes until she left space. not really completely clear why just think supposed to absorb better. . But check out 're things like walnuts and other foods can effect.

    Having read the research article pmrpro suggested I will be trying it last thing at night from now on. with thyroxinr and steroids and insulin ace inhibitors pain killers etc etc I was running out of room in the morning.

    check leaflet in tablets...has some info 're foods.

  • Seems to be variable

    "The absorption of levothyroxine in the gut is decreased when taking the hormone at the same time as calcium, iron and some foods and other drugs. Because of this, patients are usually instructed to take levothyroxine on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before food intake to avoid erratic absorption of the hormone."

    BUT this is the study showing it possibly doesn't matter except in specific situations:


  • No instructions on when to take Lefloudomide given by doctors. I take mine an hour or so after I take my Pred. I have my Pred with three quarters of my breakfast ( yoghurt, fruit, honey and toasted almonds ) about 6.30/7.00 and the Lefloudomide with the remaining bit of my breakfast. Haven't had any problems with that.


  • Hi, I'm taking Leflunomide as well as steroids and levothyroxine. I've been on thyroxine for years, and have always taken it before breakfast, but have never left 30 minutes before eating. Then I take the steroids and Leflunomide together after breakfast. This works for me as I don't feel that I've had any problem with this way of taking the meds.

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