Catchup on Autoimmune Condition that I may have

Catchup on Autoimmune Condition that I may have

Dear All

I've got GCA-Reading through the posts that so many of you sent in answer to mine, I realised that there are some questions that I should have answered.

To PMRpro-Only a blood test was done on Wednesday 24/05/17 because the Nurse on Tuesday couldn't find which blood test to do in any of her reference books. She said she would go on looking and if she found an answer another Nurse would see me on Wedesday to change my dressings and do the blood test as well. My average consultation time at the surgery is 10 minutes and by the time I've had my CRP blood test and my Testosterone injection and got dressed, 10-minutes has gone. Testosterone is injected into the back of my thigh, so there isn't time for anything else.

The dressings that the surgery and I use are called Mepore and when on my legs a liquid seeps through the dressings and stains my socks. Different sores have been weeping since 1st December 2016, so if I've got BP only another 5.5 years to go.

My Dermatologist said he couldn't do a biopsy as I didn't have any blisters. I had blisters in December but all I get now are holes in my skin which sting when the nurses put iodine strips on them. This is an experience second to none.

To SnazzyD- No advice has been given by any of the nurses or any supplies of absorbent dressings, or skin barrier advice. Though the one that I think of as the senior of the three who lanced the big blister has not given any advice as to what it might be. Though she did ensure that my G.P. saw it before she punctured it with a scalpel. He hasn't given any advice either. Perhaps your average GP doesn't see BP that often, just like GCA. My CRP result from Tuesday was 16 so I'm staying on 4.5mgs of Pred for another 28 days.

Picture is another favourite spot Needham Lakes well worth a visit. Janet and I usually took photos of each other heads and usually from the back

Best wishes to all

Colin x

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  • Hello,

    There aren't any dressings specific to BP. The idea now is to keep the normal skin in good condition, manage the leakage and prevent infection getting in.

    There is an excellent lightweight very absorbent dressing called Kerramax that is available on prescription. We used it on all heavily exuding wounds because it isn't sweaty and doesn't stick.

    Mepore is a type of tape. Are you thinking of Melolin which is available to buy. It isn't ideal because it has a plasticky layer that goes against the skin to make it non adherent but tends to make it wet and sweaty.

    The iodine dressing is probably Inadine which is used as an antiseptic. It can be used under Kerramax but if you are getting wet socks, it is probably not getting into the skin very much because it is washed away.

    You can ask for Cavilon barrier cream to help the skin, if it is showing signs of being 'in the bath too long'.

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