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Help! Forgotten Sunday's dose

Hi All

I have been using a weekly pill container since I have started tapering 9/8 at the moment. Today (Tuesday) I have taken my tablets and have just noticed I must have forgotten to take them on Sunday. Should I try to fit them in or just keep forget Sunday!

Also whilst posting this, does pred. cause urine infections? I have had 3 lots of antibiotics since Feb and I think the urine infection is coming back.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Forget Sunday - had you remembered during the day it might have been worth taking it, if you have gone the entire 24 hours, no, just take today's dose.

Pred MAY cause UTIs but PMR and pred can also cause something called interstitial cystitis which will cause the same symptoms. Has your GP done urine cultures or just assumed the symptoms are a UTI? If they are recurring despite antibiotics you need one done because a) it might not be an infection b) if it is an infection it sounds as if either the antibiotic is the wrong one or not enough, either in terms of dose or duration.

If it is not a UTI - there are ways of improving the symptoms of i/c.


Thanks for advice to both you and DL. I will contact surgery to discuss my symptoms. I must admit I was rather weary Sunday and Monday but have been busy with our one room B&B over Easter so thought I had overdone things,

Brain fog not too good at the moment!


Hello PMRpro....Your reply to Calvi was SO timely for me ( you are doubly helpful) I have had many uti' s since my "official " diagnosis of PMR 5 + yrs. ago. My Rheum. advised me that it was NOW time to see a Urologist .... all of the bladder problems were too suspicious. So I had a Cystoscopy 2 weeks ago and DX was : Cystitis Glandularis. I am due to see the Urologist again on Thurs. this week for an analysis and treatment discussion. Don't know exactly what the "treatment" will be except after the Cystoscopy was over he said " no cancer, will treat with antibiotics" He is a Dr. with a very good reputation for treating female bladder problems etc. I have often considered that all of the many bladder , UTI issues that I have had could be another extension of or caused by PMR. It has been quite a miserable journey with my bladder problems. You gave me some ideas of what could possibly be occurring. Could you please expand on your thoughts and opinions about i/c and the relationship to PMR ? Also , any info that you could pass on to me concerning my diagnosis would really be appreciated ! Thank you so much in advance... all of you on this Forum have been SO helpful ! Suzanne


As far as I can see, the diagnosis of cystitis glandularis is made on the basis of the histology - the appearance of the cells under a microscope. There are a few potential causes they quote - and the most likely is repeated UTIs which irritate the lining of the bladder and cause the changes. If you have had repeated UTIs I would say it is very remiss of your doctors not to have sent you for a cystoscopy sooner. Whatever, what's done is done - or not done.

A Chinese study claims they found a higher incidence of c/g in patients with a history of i/c. One potential cause of i/c is an autoimmune condition - which could be the connection to PMR. Side-tracking a bit, I have atrial fibrillation - the cardiologist is confident it is due to the autoimmune part of PMR having damaged the electrical cells in the heart that trigger the heart to contract. And i/c is said to be more common in patients with a chronic pain disorder - and I think you could class PMR there couldn't you?



I have had problems with UTIs for years - and they were first investigated after Baby No 2 was born in Germany. The cystoscopy established the urethra was unusually narrow - and that was preventing complete emptying of the bladder. That is one thing that can lead to UTIs, the "old" urine encourages the infections. They stretched the urethra and the problem disappeared for several years. They returned, I requested a urology referral and they did the same again in the UK. Rinse and repeat - I had a return of symptoms and a repeat dilatation here in Italy. All good again - and at least they have all agreed on the diagnosis!

Another problem I've noticed is with the calcium supplements - have you been on them? If I take them and then don't drink enough it seems as if I form grit in my urine. Someone else I know actually formed stones as well. If I take my calcium on a day when I'm travelling for example. I have a lot of discomfort in the later part of the day - just like with a UTI but no sign of bacteria. That I imagine could also irritate the bladder lining.

It's all so complex isn't it?


Thanks for the above info. Have been getting up every two hours, often 5 times a night. Put up with it for months as I kept thinking it would be gone by the time I got a doc appointment. . Fed up with little sleep so Phoned last week and no apptment for 6wks! 🙄 Long story short I took in a sample that day which they dipped and no infection but got an apptment for 31/2 weeks time. Just want to make sure it's not kidneys. Really don't want I/c, a friend has it and controls it with oxalate free/reduced diet which is really restrictive but according to her is a doddle compared to life with symptoms. Must go get some sleep. On the plus side I do get to take the pred at 2am no trouble. Night cc 💤💤


Hello again PMRpro.... thank you so much for sending those very informative links , for passing on your knowledge and your opinions to me as well. I have also considered a DX of I / C , the description seems to fit but my Dr. did not mention it to me after the procedure. I am due to see him tomorrow . Hopefully , he will take the time to explain to me why the cells in my bladder wall have changed. The thought of these changes in my bladder is quite scary . But I have a suspicion that all of the bladder and UTI issues are likely connected to PMR...you indicated that also , it just makes sense. I do not take any Calcium pills , I make a real effort to choose foods that contain it. I have not noticed any "grit". I did consider stones also but a C. T. Scan did rule that out.

Coincidentally, I also have had urethral stretches in the past. So far , that procedure has not been suggested to me again. I am glad that those "stretches " have been successful for you ..should I assume that you no longer have those annoying and painful UTI,s ?

Thanks so very much again . Suzanne


Not at the moment no. It is nearly 5 years since the last one - so on past experience should get another few good years!


Good !!!



Forget Sunday it's gone! Surprised you didn't feel the effects then!

Immune system is compromised so liable to get infections- many get urine infections, mine was oral thrush! But if it keep returning suggest you get it checked just in case it's something more.

If it ain't one thing it's another!


Each time I have forgotten to take my daily dose I am in agony which reminds me I have forgotten. You are very lucky, perhaps the PMR is more in remission than you realised.


Hi Piglette

I hope you are right about being in remission. I was lucky not to get any pain but did feel like a zombie for 2 days!


You never know. I must admit I have thought I was in remission in the past and think Oh great, then the PMR symptoms come back to remind me that I was being over enthusiastic. Oh well, one day.

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That was probably the lack of pred dose and adrenal glands being asleep! Do you feel OK now?


Yes thanks I am ok now


If you have had such frequent antibiotic treatment I hope you are taking something to counteract the effects of the antibiotics? Prebiotic and probiotic and fermented foods... In the long run this may also help prevent further infections as you will be populating your body with helpful microbes and rebalancing your system, which antibiotics will have disturbed.


Thanks, I will take your advice.


Hello again

I have just had a quick look on the internet. What is the best way to take prebiotics? Any advice would be welcome.


I'm new to this myself. Recently read a book called The Human Superorganism by Rodney Dietert (Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York).




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