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We lost our lovely Dobie just before Christmas and missed her terribly. Looked at getting a rescue, but they can be a bit risky when you have grandchildren. So we thought what about a puppy. Should we take on something so full on - my husband works 4 days a week - and although I am retired, have this beastly pmr. Since the last dog died there seemed no reason to go for a walk, and therefore missed a lot of my friends. After much deliberation decided to get a puppy, obviously a challenge, but might as well be in my box if I give in to pmr and let it rule my life! Now I feel in charge and in a couple of weeks can take Sasha out for walks and catch up with friends, most of them have begged to come and see her, so a Positive right away. All have fallen in love with her as we have. She has energised me (also worn me out at times), but I have felt happier and pmr is running my life any more - I am!!!!!

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  • A "challenge", yes, but nothing like "man's best friend" to lift your spirits. Have lots of fun with her - hopefully your PMR will be on the wane before she gets to full size, although I'm sure you will have her well trained long before that! A photo would be lovely.

  • Yes, even more important this time round for her to be well trained! They are a very easy breed to train, though can question your commands at times if they don't see the point! I will post a photo but have to get on the laptop to do that.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your dog, but happy for you that you have a new puppy to love. We lost our 11 yr. golden retriever last August, and since he was like my kid, I was devastated. The stress of the cancer that came out of nowhere and took him within a week certainly didn't help my PMR. We decided to wait until summer to get another puppy to help fill the void, and to allow me to get some rest & hopefully start feeling better. Weeeeeeell, I couldn't do it, so in mid-January, I brought home an 8 wk old golden, who is the sweetest thing on earth. Boy, had I forgotten how much work a puppy is, and how little sleep you get for a while! That's been my biggest challenge since prednisone really affects my sleep to begin with, then having to get up frequently to take Desi out, really did a number on me. I had started the dead slow taper from 6 to 5.5 mg, and had to go back up to 6 for an additional month. Now that she is housebroken and almost sleeping through the night, I'm feeling better and starting my taper again. As much work as a puppy is, she's given me something to focus on again other than how I feel, plus who has time to focus on myself right now! lol I too, was missing my friends, but in the first few days after we got Desi, we had 12 different people stop by to meet her and bring her toys. I think that puppy has a busier social calendar than we do, but at least that means I get to have the conversations since she doesn't talk! Enjoy your new baby and get some sleep

  • I am lucky that my husband takes on some of the night shifts, so those nights I sleep better than I have for a while! Puppies are popular little things aren't they? We have had to hang on to her a few times when people have left after visiting! I too had forgotten quite how much work they were, but it is already getting easier. I am glad someone else was brave (or daft) enough to not let this rotten illness define our lives! Take care and enjoy your new baby too.

  • Sasha looks cute - no doubt he'll soon be eating you out of house and home! Enjoy every minute......and you, too, SweetSue - we've had two 'goldies' who have left us with very lovely 'golden' memories!

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