Supplement precautionary thoughts


Just a precaution to those if us in pred

Looked at the supplements listed.from another post.

It sounded like he was under the care of someone who knows supplements and also his health history, I wish him all the best lt would be lovely to not be on this pred, but we GAC recipiants have no choice, the price is to dear, as those in the PMR clubs with no quality of life without it

Be careful of milk thisltle if you have any environmental allergies, hay fever in particular, It can produce allergic reactions . (Of course pred may mask that ) but have be just as careful with supplements and reactions as we do meds.

Apple cider vinegar, was all the rage for weight loss in many recent studies now is being proven to not have any benefit,but I will look into it in regards to anti- inflammatory benefits Note though it can be very hard on the upper digestive system, which already is an issue on pred.

My husband was put on Co q10 to ward of side effects of statins, fir which much positive research is out there, by his doctor who also manages his Coumadin, but neglected to tell him it can alter the effects of the Coumadin, When we asked about it later Doc said he wasnt aware. And changed him to a lesser dose to see how he does. So need to check with other meds you may be taking

I am not big on pharmecuticals, and always prefer not to take any. And you better believe with this possible MS dx in the picture, I will be looking carefully at alternative support but with the same caution I do all medications

I wish all of us the best of health, with the least side effects and collateral damage But we need to have a healthy respect and be discerning with anything we put in our bodies.


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  • Have you looked into the LDN links PMRPRO posted today? Interesting stuff about MS being helped by LDN. Also there was recent rs arch into fasting and autoimmune disease, MS in particular. I hope you never need these resources.

  • I'm always looking up drug interactions. My biggest problem is with omeprazole and drugs that require food, read stomach acid, to be properly absorbed. How much time has to pass between the medicine and the omeprazole? Which should you take first?

    I was taking red yeast rice some years ago to lower cholesterol. My doctor recommended it when I balked at taking a statin. I noticed when I started omeprazole my numbers really dropped. If I stopped the omeprazole they went up again. It took some searching but finally I found an article mentioning that omeprazole can make statins more potent.It was only then that I learned that the active ingredient in red yeast rice is a statin. Duh.

  • The active ingredient in red yeast rise is the same substance as lovastatin - just not in measured quantities or under manufacturing controls. I'd rather have the pharmaceutical version if I had to, at least you know how much and it is safe!

    And omeprazole has a 12 hour period of activity - so that should mean no acid present most of the time. That's why it can lead to osteoporosis as calcium isn't absorbed well enough.

  • Yes, Red yeast rice has a statin in it. But wasn't told that when my MD rx'd it. I took it thinking it was an alternative cholesterol substance. I didn't question things as much, or enough as it turns out, back in the day.

    I didn't know about the osteoporotic effects of omeprazole either, though They might not have been established back then. I didn't have much choice. It was Omeprazole or a pretty bad quality of life. I guess I could say Omeprazole was my first Pred. In a way, but with fewer tho significant side effects.

  • In fact all statins use red yeast rice. I read an article a couple of years ago that taking red yeast rice was as good as taking lovastatin for reducing cholesterol. I do agree with PMRPro though that if I had a choice I would take statins rather than a red yeast rice supplement as the statins have had rigorous testing. On the other hand I think I would ultimately prefer to improve my diet and lifestyle and not take either!

  • With you on this one. One hundred percent. PMR has forced me to do just that. All my numbers are wnl, but my MD still wants on a statin. Wants me beating the cvd odds I suppose.

  • So far no one has suggested statins to me, perhaps they are frightened of me!!

  • Been suggested to me and I did try them briefly. But the real cardiologist didn't turn a hair when I said I'd stopped and, since the evidence is that statins do not benefit women who have not yet had a cardiac event, did atrial fibrillation count as a cardiac event. Apparently it doesn't - and she agreed that is the situation re statins as she understands it. So - excused boots!

  • I am always amazed the number of people actually on statins. They mentioned it on the news regarding the US recently and it was a huge number.

  • Makes the companies a LOT of money...

  • They are going to put it in the water next. My probability for a cvd is absolutely normal for my age, 20% over the next ten years. But the guidelines tell the MDs to prescribe at ten % probability. This is the website my MD referred me to. One can enter all their own stats a generate a probability.

  • I think they have been told not to put it in the water, mind you that does not mean they will try!

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