Taking pred on an empty stomach

I am having both a Gastroscopy and a Colonoscopy on Friday afternoon

As I always take my Pred with food, would it be better to miss taking it on that morning on an empty stomach, ? I will also be taking more of the MoviPrep to clear the bowel, not very nice.

By the time both procedures are done and I get home from hospital [20 miles,] it could be around 5.30/ 6 pm . before I can take my pred, with some food, I'm currently on 20 mgs. any suggestions.



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  • Hi. How about taking half your dose the night before. Presumably you can eat before going to bed, hopefully you have been told the latest time you can have food. That way you will have some in your system, then take other half when you get home.

    Hope everything goes ok.

  • Thank you for your quick reply,

    I have to start taking the Moviprep the day before on the Thurs. evening, so I can have my pred on the morning of Thurs, 7am. with a light b/fast then 12 noon I can have a light lunch, then NO MORE FOOD TILL AFTER THE PROCEDURE on Fri.

    I'm reading this off the info they sent me.


  • Hi again. Suppose you could take an extra 5mg lunch time Thurs, or s PMRPro suggests talk to unit conducting procedure. I'm sure the question of tablets comes up quite often. My husband was diabetic and had chronic heart problems and they usually accommodated his medication somehow.

  • Hello again DorsetLady

    If I decide to take my pred on an empty stomach I may do as you say and split the dose, perhaps 10 mgs in the morning and 10 when I get home, that way I wont have too much in my stomach at once, Not looking forward to it, but they did say I would have a mild sedative, so that's something less to be stressed about.

  • I'm sure you'll be ok. My late husband has a couple of procedures that you're having and he was fine. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you DorsetLady

    I have just had minor surgery on my face, [ Bowens' disease ] so been in the wars lately, I will be glad when this other procedure over, and will let you know how it goes.

  • Hello Dorsetlady

    see my reply to PMRpro [ below] re my colonoscopy and gastroscopy

    regards bowler

  • When do you have to stop eating "real" food? My colonoscopy was in the morning and I was only allowed "clear" foods up to the afternoon the day before but I was fairly OK with just swallowing my pills with a glass of water and you are allowed to take medication. Really something to ask the doctors - why not ring the unit and ask them?

    At one time I used to take double the dose on alternate days - but 20mg is quite a lot to do that.

  • see my reply to DorsetLady

    i was told I could take my meds, [ I also take b/pressure meds] but I was worried about taking pred on an empty stomach, if I was only taking a low dose it wouldn't be so bad but 20 mgs seems a lot to miss, perhaps I will just have to take them with plenty of water and hope for the best, my digestive system isn't too good, with gall stones, diverticula, irritable bowel, hiatus hernia and possible ulcer, due to long term use of pred. thinning the stomach lining.

  • That's what I meant - I know you can take your tablets and with water. I wouldn't think that one day of taking the full dose with water would do any harm - it is longer term use that leads to damage really.

    Didn't think of it yesterday but the ideal might be 20mg of enteric coated taken the night before (they take longer to be absorbed much further down the gut) ? I'm sure the pharmacy would oblige with 4x5mg pills if you asked them and explained. They can hand out emergency supplies if you run out and can't get to the doctor.

  • When I had a colonoscopy I didn't take pred for two days. It didn't do any harm at all.

  • Thank you Bethy,

    Can you remember if you was on a high or low dose at the time.

    I have been taking pred for 16 years and 2 days without pred may be a shock to my system ha ha.

  • Hi I was on a low dose, I think it was just 2.5 mg of pred. As you have been on steroids for a long time, and still on a high dose you maybe should get some advice from your GP on this problem. Good luck and hope that the procedure goes well.

  • With all those upper GI issues aren't you on a proton pump inhibitor? You do need something to coat your stomach in my opinion. I take a proton pump inhibitor and sometimes get break through heartburn from the pred. with medicine and a meal.

  • I tried proton pump inhibitors but they caused malabsorption of Vitamin B12 [ which I was borderline low anyway ] causing anaemia. I understand they are not good to take long term anyway ??

    I feel all those taking Pred and proton pumps should be tested for anaemia / B12 deficiency, just my opinion. I take Gaviscon when needed.

  • I have got to have a colonoscopy soon. It was suggested that I had a steroid injection for the fasting days

  • The hospital new I was taking a highish dose of steroids, but no suggestion

    of an injection, and I would never have thought of that, Oh well a bit late now,

    I have just had my " last supper" and no more solids till after my procedure tomorrow afternoon, 2.30 pm I start taking the dreaded Moviprep tonight at 7 pm, then again 6 am tomorrow.

  • Just popped in to say I'm thinking of you this afternoon!

  • Thank you PMRpro

    The procedure went well this afternoon, the sedation worked wonders, and I went right out with the fairies, It took about 3/4 hour but I did have to have a " Double Dipper" and some biopsies taken, then 3/4 of an hour in recovery, cup of tea, and home.

    The nightmare was the Moviprep to take before the procedure, I had to take 2 lots, and kept my fingers crossed all the way to the hospital hoping that I didn't have any mishaps !!!

    In the end I decided to take my tablets on an empty stomach, once shouldn't do much harm.


  • Tell me about it!

    I had mine done and the very nice doctor said "see you in 7 years for the next"! It isn't the thought of the colonoscopy, even without any sedation that was fine, but the prep. That was truly awful and I really don't fancy that again!

    I quite enjoyed that actual procedure - fully conscious and watching the TV screen! Recovery? Cup of tea? Not here...

  • Well done,

    Bet you're pleased that's over with! Let's hope the results are good. Take care. DL

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