Adcal-D3 caplets

Hi everyone again.

Grateful thanks for yesterday's input. Today my query is about taking Adcal-D3 which my surgery has changed from Calcichew. The Calcichew was not a problem to take as they could be sucked or chewed, I kept mine by the bed and had the morning one before I got up and the evening one with yogurt. I queried with the dispenser about taking the Adcal caplet with my breakfast bearing in mind it mustn't be taken within two hours of food containing oxalic acid or phytic acid and my breakfast is always porridge with almonds, gogi berries and blueberries, she said it would be OK. When I looked up about the two acids I find that almonds and porridge are mentioned what do you think about this? Should I be taking the Adcal two hours before with a glass of water or is she right in saying it would be OK?

Sorry if it seems I'm fussing over nothing.


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  • Lillegirl, the important point to take on board here is that Prednisolone itself could interact with any calcium supplement by way of the supplement reducing the absorption of Pred. Therefore, it is Pred and the supplement that should be taken a few hours apart, our mantra being Pred for breakfast and calcium for lunch and supper, so you can happily continue with your porridge breakfast!

    Also, if you didn't have a Vit D blood test prior to diagnosis, do ask for one. Any deficiency can lead to pain in similar areas to those of PMR. If very deficient, Adcal alone won't be sufficient to increase levels to normal - such deficiency will need a 3-month course of high dose Vit D3 (Colecalciferol) to restore levels to normal, after which that level can be maintained with the calcium supplement.

  • As Celtic suggests - move the calcium supplement to lunch and you won't have a problem.

    Someone else asked a question about the caplets the other week - you need to take 4 per day of the caplets to get the same dose as the previous version so I hope you meant "caplets with a glass of water". Do check with the pharmacist that you still have the same dose.

  • Thank you both once again for your invaluable help.

    PMRpro, I am prescribed 4 caplets twice daily so have got that on board, and Celtic, I didn't realise or had forgotten about prednisolone and calcium together and had checked with the dispenser if it was ok to take the Adcal with my morning medication of which she new the pred was one and she said yes so that was a bit naughty. Good job we've all got you girls to look after us and our queries.

    I hope the postings of the last two days will sort me out now thank you. 😊


  • Good - all good! Naughty naughty dispenser! Was it the counter staff or the pharmacist? Never ask the dispenser but there are pharmacists AND doctors who get it wrong!

  • I take Adcal-D3 1500mg - two tablets a day. My instructions say 'take one twice daily. Suck or chew this medicine'. The packet says Chewable tablets, chew the tablet - do not swallow whole.

    You mention caplets so maybe yours are different. Maybe you could get the ones I have, they are quite pleasant to take.

    Thanks to the valuable advise on this forum, I knew not to take them in the morning with the Preds, but I have one at lunch and one at teatime.

  • Thank you Patricia, my previous ones (Calcichew) were to be chewed but the instructions for the caplets are to be swallowed with a glass of water.

    I have just looked online and I see that the Adcal-D3 chewable tablets are 1500 mg whereas mine are caplets 750mg so maybe the different strength is something to do with it, but I guess I could have had one twice daily if that was the case.

    Anyway I'm in a new routine with my medication now, two at lunch (Adcal) and two in the evening with a yogurt as I'm sure I read on this forum that yogurt helps them to do their job!

    As you say this forum is invaluable!

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