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North Hampshire or Hampshire Support Group

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone happen to know if there is a PMR /GCA support Group in North Hampshire or Hampshire at all? New to all this so wondering what help is around locally.

For various reasons this is a condition I have come accross in my working working life and it is quite an experience to find myself on the receiving end. It must be terrible for folk who start off on this journey totally new to it all, so thank goodness for this website.

Best wishes,


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Apparently there is one in Basingstoke

I was going to go but missed the last one , so hopefully will catch the next one



Oh great - thanks for the prompt reply. I will do a bit more googling to see if I can find out some more details.



Nras will have all details

I will have all at posts I got, sure there was info on therec


NRAS is for rheumatoid arthritis - PMR is not RA and while some of what applies to RA also applies to PMR there is a vast amount that does not. Not least the medications used - PMR does not respond significantly to any of the DMARDs but responds dramatically to prednisolone and that is what is used long term on its own to manage PMR.

Celtic has posted the details for 2 groups dealing specifically with PMR and GCA. I can recommend them both - but especially the Chertsey group which I have been to.


Yes I don't have RA but it is the PMR group I was interested in.


Central 40, Chineham Park, Basingstoke RG24 8WG on a Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:00pm unless otherwise stated. For a site map of Chineham Business Park or for a local area map of where the business park is located, please contact NRAS on 0845 458 3969.

Next one is 14th October

Just google

nras Basingstoke meeting

It comes up

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Thank you that is hugely helpful.

Best wishes



Hi Maxine, I think Dobsey may be referring to a different group (one covering rheumatoid arthritis) as at this time there isn't a support group for those with PMR/GCA in the Hampshire area. The nearest would be the Surrey group that meets in Chertsey (daytime), and the Sussex/South Coast group that meets in Worthing (daytime).

Do please send me a personal message with your contact details if you would like any further information on these two groups.


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