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Hello everyone, hope your all doing well, I could do with some advice please, I have had PMR for 10 months now, am on all the usual meds, am down to 15 mg of steroids, and still trying to reduce slowly, in the last few weeks I have developed a DVT in my right leg, I have two blood clots, and now am on warfarin and have recently stopped having daily clexane injections, I have been told to avoid vit K as it makes the blood thick and sticky I am having blood tests every few days, I also have to now wear a compression stocking, I am getting conflicting advice, from medical people, some say rest more, some say walk more, I don't drink or smoke, but would like to help myself more, either with diet or exercise, or anything anyone else can suggest, the doctor says blood clots could be the result of taking steroids, but others say no, one medical problem is enough, two is confusing,

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You could try an anti-inflammatory or a Mediterranean diet? Both can be found on the web and might give you the added bonus of losing a little weight.

I also had a DVT but mine was after several years on Pred. It just came out of the blue and a very nice doctor at the hospital informed me that for about 40% of patients they never do find a cause, so could be steroids, or could not be. I was also advised to avoid Vit K, which is a shame as it helps with calcium absorption.

As far as exercise is concerned I just carried on with my day-to-day life which did mean quite a lot of walking, I wasn't advised against it, so simply carried on and I was able to come off the Warfarin after 6 months. I've been monitored since, but don't show any signs of any further problems.

At the last count, I've got 9 different medical conditions and yes, I get confused on a regular basis!


Hi, I have been told that vit D helps with calsium absorption


Quite right, it does and a lot of us are found to be Vit D deficient. You can ask your GP for a test but I know it is expensive and a lot of surgeries just won't pay for it.

A good Vit D supplement can be bought OTC readily. I use Boots own brand but there are several available.


Thank you polkadotcom, I will do as you suggested and carry on as usual, with my walking and usual routine, one doctor said no walking, another said walk often, I hate being hemmed in, so will carry on as I normally do, a diet might be a good idea as I could do with losing a few pounds , I will look up the Mediterranean diet and see if that helps, am happy to try anything once, am trying hard to take control of things, rather than let medical problems control me, best wishes to all on here, stay positive x


Thank you will look into vit D, am seeing my doctor Wednesday so will talk to him about testing me, if he is not keen on testing me I will ask at boots what they can offer me, thank you, it's really helpful to talking to you all,,,Jan xxxx


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