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Take a Tour of the Pelvic Floor

Take a Tour of the Pelvic Floor

We talk A LOT on this blog about the pelvic floor. But lately, we’re not the only ones hanging around the pelvic floor. Today everyone seems to be going there!

New moms, not-so-new moms, and Baby Boomers—two groups famous for their proactiveness, are beginning to get focused on their pelvic floor health—specifically, on matters of incontinence and prolapse. Meanwhile, health buffs are suddenly being clued into all the benefits of paying attention to the well-being of this part of the human bod. And thankfully, the subject of pelvic floor pain is now coming up loud and clear on the medical community’s radar.

With all this talk of the pelvic floor, we’ve been getting a lot of basic anatomy questions. How many muscles are in the pelvic floor? Where does the pelvic floor begin and end? How is the female pelvic floor different from the male pelvic floor?

Now, thanks to the folks at The Anatomy Zone, the pelvic floor anatomy no longer has to be a mystery. In fact, you can now take two brilliant 3-D tours of the pelvic floor, complete with British-accented tour guide. Just click on the videos below to begin your tours! Enjoy!

Click the following link to watch AMAZING 3-D video of the pelvic floor:

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